LG 47LX6900 47 inch 3D LED TV 1080p HD Ready Freeview HD £769.94 w/5 year guarantee @ richersounds

LG 47LX6900 47 inch 3D LED TV 1080p HD Ready Freeview HD £769.94 w/5 year guarantee @ richersounds

Found 19th May 2011
The LG 47LX6900 is part of the first 3D range of TVs we've stocked from LG - and it's a stunner!

If you've never seen 3D TV in action then you're in for a treat. In addition to the images appearing to come towards you they also give the impression of being created behind the TV, giving a depth of vision that's unparalleled by any conventional TV. With the LG 47LX6900 using Active 3D technology you can be assured of the very best 3D effects possible.

Of course, 3D technology would be pretty pointless without a high quality screen specification to match. Fortunately, the LG 47LX6900 just happens to have one of the very best screen specifications we've yet to come across. With a contrast ratio of 8,000, 000:1, you just know this is going to be an impression TV. In addition, this LG LED 3DTV comes with 200HzTruMotion. 200Hz TruMotion increases the frame count and, as a result, gives much smoother motion flow. Ideal for sport and action film, you'll notice less blur and enhanced detail with fast moving images. This is especially handy when there's an extra dimension to the images! With a response time of just 2.2 m/s the 47LX6900 is one of the fastest to respond in its class. This makes it more responsive when gaming and also helps reduce motion blur - especially when used alongside the 200Hz TruMotion technology.

When experiencing 3D TV we would really recommend a separate sound system to match. As standard, the LG 47LX6900 uses an invisible speaker system with Clear Voice II and LG's Infinite Sound, the 47LX6900 sounds crisp and precise. Furthermore, the 10w + 10w power output gives it enough drive to fill larger rooms, too. Just don't expect to be as impressed by the sound as you are the picture!

With a Freeview HD tuner on board, you can make the most of the LG's HD screen. Fast spreading around the country, Freeview HD gives you access to the main TV stations in glorious High Definition. In terms of connections, the 47LX6900 has everything you'd expect plus more besides. Perhaps best of all is NetCast. NetCast brings the best of the Internet, via apps, directly to your TV. Simply connect the 47LX6900 to your home network via the Ethernet cable or use an optional wireless dongle and you'll have access to sites such as YouTube without the need to turn on your computer. Four HDMI sockets allow for the connection of 4 High Definition sources, such as an HD-TV box, PS3, HD camcorder and Blu-ray. In addition to all this, the 47LX6900 boasts a USB connection. This lets you watch digital media from your camera or phone and is even compatible with HD DivX.

Although the picture's 3D, the TV's case barely is! At just 29.3mm thick, this is one of the thinnest 3D TVs on the market. Furthermore, the narrow frame makes for a less distracting viewing experience whether 2D or 3D.

For a stunning 3D LED TV that truly does justice to the format, the LG 47LX6900 is one of the most impressive yet!


sh!t... I just bought a Samsung LCD 46C750.
That's a great price, anyone know how this LG is compared to my Samsung?
Does the LG run MKV via USB? Does it play DTS sound? (My 32" LG doesn't play DTS sound, really annoying).

Dont know the answers to yours questions, but im more than happy with this TV, great picture, LED, 3D, etc etc


47" 3d led at this price... whats wrong with it?!

nice tv great price 3d is to me a waste but the tv is top great pic and sound thanks for the post

Daniel dont worry, its safe to say the Samsung is better then the LG. But the LGs are still great value also.

Also alot of people say the 5 yr richer sounds guarentee is not worth sh!T!
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