LG 50PC1D (50" Plasma TV-HD Ready-Freeview) Last few to clear 799.95 in store at richersound

LG 50PC1D (50" Plasma TV-HD Ready-Freeview) Last few to clear 799.95 in store at richersound

Found 3rd Nov 2007
Welcome to the plasma TV that's got it all! With its 50" screen the LG 50PC1D is quick to make its presence felt. Yet it's not just the size of screen that impresses here, but the quality too. With LG's latest version of their picture enhancing Engine, the 50PC1D offers a stunning picture quality. An amazing contrast ratio of 10,000:1, along with superior brightness figures provides the 50PC1D with a vivid yet life-like picture quality. Thanks to LG's new, "Double Window" system, you can also enjoy two separate pictures side by side.

Making the most of this great screen are twin TV tuners. The combination of analogue and digital tuners ensures that, wherever you live, you'll be able to pick up terrestrial TV. If you're in a digital area, then the built-in Freeview tuner will mean you can enjoy a wide range of digital stations without the need for a separate set-top box.

As you'd expect from such a high-tech TV, every type of connection you could wish for is provided. Twin HDMI sockets allow for the connection of HD TV and an upsampling DVD player. Meanwhile, three SCART sockets, component and S-Video ensure analogue connections are well taken care of. A further benefit of the digital tuner is the fitment of an optical digital output - meaning that the output can be sent digitally straight to a DVD-Recorder or Dolby Digital AV receiver.

If you're after big pictures, quality images, plenty of features and, above all, superb value for money, then the LG 50PC1D is simply unbeatable!

To get the best from your plasma, we strongly suggest you professionally install your new purchase. All stores can recommend a local installer who should be able to help. Apart from the fact that our margins are minuscule, and we therefore can't afford to offer an at home service, sales assistants are neither trained, qualified nor insured to do installations. Having said that, we are happy to give advice in-store or over the phone where possible. For more info please contact your local store.

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I just searched for this tv out of interest as i bought it earlyer in the year. I know its in store pickup only but its one hell of a Plasma for the money. There's the odd so so review but an entire furum of happy customers out there. I use it for SD SKY XBOX 360 and PC and it is fantastic. So many conections. Great sound. No motion blur at all. Football is perfect on it. The picture isn't perfect on every chanel but i wouldn't put that down to the tv. Plus the amount of options for the picture in the menu is incredible.
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