LG 50PS7000 50" 1080p Plasma TV - CODE50 + 4% topcashback = 782.62 @ Currys

LG 50PS7000 50" 1080p Plasma TV - CODE50 + 4% topcashback = 782.62 @ Currys

Found 19th Aug 2009
This is a very good price. To get this price you have to enter CODE50 + 4% topcashback

The LG 50PS7000 50" Full HD Plasma TV is ideal for watching action movies thanks to 600Hz Sub-field Driving technology. This clever technology means that you can enjoy crisp, clear and blur-free fast-moving scenes.

You can also enjoy completely realistic image quality with true-to-life colours and rich detail and depth with the LG 50PS7000 50" Full HD Plasma TV. It comes with a Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution and 16-bit RGB colour depth.

You can enjoy a huge range of multimedia on your LG 50PS7000 thanks to great connectivity in the form of four HDMI connectors, built-in Bluetooth and a USB 2.0 port.

You can connect up your HD sources such as Blu-Ray player or game console through the HDMI connectors, transfer photos between your mobile or PDA to your TV or connect up your USB devices to view files. This USB port supports mp3, jpegs and DivX HD movie files.

SRS TruSurround XT sound technology in your LG 50PS7000 50" Full HD Plasma TV brings your movies, games and music to life with crystal clear audio played through the invisible speaker system (10W + 10W).

50 inches Screen Size (inches)
Flat Screen
Widescreen Option
SRS TruSurround XT Sound Quality
50 inches Viewable Screen Size
Digital Tuner
1500 cd/m2 Brightness
2000000 Contrast
On Screen Display
2 No of Scarts


Ok and loads of features :whistling:but its no Samsung for £599...

Sorry :oops:


Ok and loads of features :whistling:but its no Samsung for £599...Sorry … Ok and loads of features :whistling:but its no Samsung for £599...Sorry :oops:

Which Samsung is this?

Samsung Plasmas are poo, unles they have done something with them recently, my dad & FIL have 42" ones and they are not very good IMO, poor sound and pic quality isnt very impressive.


Which Samsung is this?

There was a deal posted some weeks back but expired now - Samsung 50" for £599.

I've got the LG 50PS8000 which I bought some time back now for £996 delivered, it is a fantastic unit and I have no issues what-so-ever with the unit. Only problem I do now have is that if I want matching surround sound kit (All in one 5.1) then the LG HB954PB retails at £700 at currys / dixons / PC World (DSG group) and other on-line retailers sell it for £550+ (never heard of the retailers though ... a bit stuck on that part. TV itself it bang on!

2nd hand 5 speaker setup (get subwoofer later) £130 max
2nd hand surround amp with DD/DTS £60 max



You can get one of those puny satellite things for £150ish brand new and pretend that is as loud as proper hifi speaker drivers.
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