Found 14th Apr 2010
So why on earth would it be a hot deal getting a refurb TV for 729 big smackers when its last years model? Well its last years top model with rave reviews and Amazon were selling it for 1100, and this was seen as great value for money. Its a THX Cerified and can be calibrated to give a far better picture quality, which only the Top level Pannasonic V10 had the prior year. In essence a top of the range model for bottom of the range for price.

If this wasnt pick up only, I'd snatch 1 of these up myself but sadly it is. If the refurb turns out to have faults repair or return it under the guarantee, buy on a credt card so you can threaten them with a credit card chargeback if they don't honour the guarantee, but hopefully it'll be A-OK


50 LG 50PS8000 Full HD 1080P Digital Freeview Plasma TV
600Hz : Yes
Graded : Yes
HD Ready : Yes
Full HD 1080p : Yes
FHD Ready : Yes
4 HDMI : Yes
100Hz : Yes
Get Digital : Digital tuner with all Freeview channels
24P Playback - 24 Real Cinema : Yes
Invisible Speakers : Yes
Picture Enhancement : DNIe + Image Technology
Contrast Ratio : 2,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
Pixel Resolution : 1920x1080p
Engine : Yes
SRS Speaker System : Yes
USB Port : Yes
Guarantee Period : 12 Months

Here is the AVFORUMS, where the TV is 1 of the few to be ranked as 'excellent'

So, in wrapping up my findings with the LG 50PS8000, what we have here is really a bit of a bargain, but with some slight problems. The feature list and calibration controls offered are certainly amongst the best in the industry and the THX mode is an excellent out of the box picture preset. Full calibration really brings the best out of the PS8000 resulting in a performance to keep up with the competition in terms of colour accuracy and detail with HD material. SD material from the freeview tuner is average in terms of detail and noise, but at normal viewing distances the image is pleasant enough with no major caveats. HD performance is excellent with Blu-ray and picture processing is improved over previous LG screens with no judder or image jumps. The slight downsides for this TV are a dynamic range and black level which though good, still struggle to pull out the darkest parts of the image, which can looked washed out at times. And image retention which has been an issue with previous LG screens is still an issue with the PS8000. The retention is not overly obvious when watching normal material, however it does eventually disappear and while not a deal breaker, is something to consider when looking at this TV.

The LG 50PS8000 offers extremely good HD images with the most extensive calibration tools on the market. Plus it has an accurate enough THX preset for those who decide that ISF is not quite for them yet. And finally, all this comes with a screen measuring 50 inches for less than £1100 (like we found at Amazon). Even with the minor problems found with image retention and freeview lip sync, I still think this is a bit of a bargain and would recommend you get a demo if youre in this end of the TV market. Its a big screen best buy in my opinion and you have money left over to get it calibrated to its very best performance levels.

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Cold votes - care to post a deal where this TV was within £200 of this price?

BTW TV buyers this TV will beat any LED/LCD for picture quality, maybe it will be use to someone despite the cold voters
seems like a good price for a good plasma 50 inch

maybe the brand is offputting for some?
Or more likely the fact its a refurb.
Moreover, its an unknown site, but if you google them you will find a history of lack of stock when enquired and poor customer service.
cold because they are trying to charge this much for a refurb

seems like a good price for a good plasma 50 inch :)maybe the brand is … seems like a good price for a good plasma 50 inch :)maybe the brand is offputting for some?

or the image retention of these Lucky Goldstar pdp's !
As a Plasma owner, I have investigated this set prior to buying my own. The LG have a horrendous Image Retention (IR) problems. Secondly this is a refurb and as such you have no idea how much 'damage' it has already suffered. Thirdly, buying a refurb from an unknown retailer who appears to have a history of lack of stock etc is not a wise move.

So all in all you can guess why these are getting the cold votes. Sorry.
really good tv, also got a usb in the side and supports a lot of video formats including

Divx / Xvid
mpeg4 h264
also heard of supporting mkv, which i was really suprised of (dunno how true that 1 is)

it also reconnises a 1tb nfts extenal drive with files bigger than 4gb

but dunno bout the price as my nan and gramps only payed £650 at a tv outlet (LTO) and that was in cardiff

also they got the 60 inch version for £1200

Cold Cold Cold
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