LG 55" OLED 4K TV deal £1862 @ Selfridges

LG 55" OLED 4K TV deal £1862 @ Selfridges

Found 28th Nov 2015
Use the code selfcce at checkout to get £224.90 off the OLED TV. Go through Quidco as well for a further 8% cashback making the TV £1862.08 with a 5 year warranty and free delivery. Not a cheap TV but having seen the picture on one, good grief they're good. Ordered mine today.
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For the cold voters, please find it for me cheaper than that!!
Out of stock Shame was good deal thanks
out of stock
I just added one to my bag and it didn't show OOS?

I just added one to my bag and it didn't show OOS?

you must have got the one !
LOL. I didn't order it so there should still be one there somewhere. I'd already ordered mine earlier.
£149 Quidco has tracked.
you don't put cashback in the final price as a general rule as it may or may not work. especially with discount codes.

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How does this compare to non oiled TVs for under £1k from Samsung and Sony at 55 inches?
Cashback no longer listed on Quidco?

£149 Quidco has tracked.

Cashback only eligible on Quidco advertised vouchers
This is an amazing deal, even without Quidco (although I still see it listed). I've been eyeing up the £1,399 OLED that I posted earlier. I couldn't justify going for the 4K models at £2,249 - £850 extra.

At a £626 premium over the 1080p model before cashback, it's a reasonably good buy.

OLED deals usually go cold here anyway because a lot of people aren't aware of the technology and compare the deals to the deals they see in their local Aldi/Lidl. I'm surprised my deal from earlier isn't cold too - albeit, it's not as hot as I believe it should be.

I'm on the verge of purchasing, just need to decide which one. In my opinion, the Samsungs and Sony's of today aren't worth even considering if you can afford an OLED.
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Dont know if the cashback is reliable or should be included; i cant even find Selfridges on quidco, but the discount code works fine and takes 10% of making this TV around £2,024. Still a bit dare, if was going for a OLED today the EG910V for £1399 seems pretty good from John Lewis; Not many reviews for it though.

The on LG's official partners which lists the retailers for the EG910V are all around £1399-1499. it has been out a few months and the fact isnt selling too well the price will further be reduced shortly. With new models announced by major TV manufacturers in CES (JAN 6TH), End of line TVS ect.. best time to buy a TV was and always has been January, if can wait till then you’ll probably grab a good bargin for OLED!
Got one in basket and selfcce didn't work when typed in as promotion code

Got one in basket and selfcce didn't work when typed in as promotion code

Works fine mate your doing something wrong
If only it wasn't curved, I would have jumped on this deal
I wasn't convinced about curved TVs. I went to Currys to have a look and the curvature on the LG is very subtle.
Pros of OLD.
Self laminating
True blacks..
wider colour gamut particularly in the red and blues - can and does match plasma
lower power
Even thinner tvs

Blue longevity issues
Its back in stock but code doesnt work
It's unbelievable how cold this deal got but, as above, it's now expired.
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