LG 55NANO906NA 55" 4K Ultra HD NanoCell Smart TV - £799 @ Hughes

LG 55NANO906NA 55" 4K Ultra HD NanoCell Smart TV - £799 @ Hughes

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Posted 18th Nov 2020
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LG 55NANO906NA 55" 4K Ultra HD NanoCell Smart TV

The 55NANO906NA is part of the well-received NanoCell range, featuring the latest generation of processors and LED TV technology from LG.

Patented by LG, Nanocell is a development in image quality and clarity that ensures your TV will stand out. Microscopic particles are added in a layer to the screen, and these filter dull and mixed colours from the picture. LG call this Pure Colour, and it means you get only the most vivid, clear images from your screen, with depth of colours not possible on older technology - no more faded pinks where a vibrant red is shown, see what your shows should really look like.

Another benefit to this development is Nano Accuracy viewing angles making the view from anywhere in your room in front of the TV receives the full impact of these vivid and clear colours. You can decide where to place your NanoCell TV in the room with ease, showing a clear image to all seats.

Further enhancing this LED technology, LG integrates the Alpha 7 Gen. 3 processor in this model. This processor draws on research from LG to enhance any type of image, be it detail in faces, the shading in the stripes of a tiger, or the shadows in a rainforest, to an optimised quality.

Setting this NanoCell range apart from others is Nano Black. The lighting in this panel is built with Full Array Dimming - the TV will judge areas of light and dark and alter the light brightness on a fine scale to show the most of an image. As an example, in your films and shows, the moon in a dark night sky will shine especially bright, while the darkness around it will be accurately dimmed by this feature.

To give you and your household the best content to watch, subscriptions such as your Netflix, Amazon Prime, Now TV accounts will play on this TV too, as well as many more. With Google Assistant and Alexa, finding what you want to do with your TV is faster and easier.

To add to this, this TV is compatible with many of the recent advances in TV tech. The latest HDMI 2.1 standard means any device you plug in to the TV will work to its best ability, helping with lip synch through sound bars, boosted surround sound, and the better motion in video games. Dolby Atmos surround sound compatibility further enhances how well this TV will work with sound bars and surround sound. HDR support means this TV will show the colours in high quality content from Sky, Netflix, Amazon, video games and more as it should do.
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