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LG 55NANO966PA 55 Inch NanoCell 8K Ultra HD Smart TV with 5 year warranty £549.99 Members Only at Costco

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

- 8K UHD NanoCell with Cinema HDR, HDR10 Pro, HLG & Dolby Vision IQ
- Freeview HD
- 2.2 Ch 40W, Dolby Atmos
- α9 Gen4 AI processor 8K
- 5 Year Warranty Included

LG NanoCell TV. Pure Colors in Real 8K.
Lose yourself in Nanocell’s picture precision and natural, pure colour reproduction. You’ll see every layer of lighting in movies, the smoothest action from sports and the tiniest detail while gaming. All delivered in up to 8K Ultra HD for a spectacular resolution and viewing experience.

Every colour crystal clear.
LG NanoCell TV utilises nanoparticles, our own distinctive Nano technology, to filter and refine colour, removing impurities from RGB wavelengths. This means that only pure, accurate colours will be displayed on screen. The result is a more vibrant, more realistic picture that will bring your content to life.

Wide viewing angle
LG NanoCell’s class-leading screen technology allows for optimal viewing at wide angles, so you’ll get an incredible viewing experience wherever you sit.

Darkness brings out the detail.
LG NanoCell TV isn't afraid of a dark space. With Full Array Dimming, NanoCell precisely controls individual LED backlight units. This results in deeper blacks and minimal backlight bleeding for greater contrast and a more detailed picture.

Why Real 8K?
LG NanoCell TV delivers a Real 8K experience that's up there with the best. NanoCell's mastery of colour, combined with approximately 33 million densely packed pixels, delivers a stunning, high-resolution picture that far surpasses the standard for 8K TV.

TV with more than one artistic side.
LG NanoCell TV is designed with home aesthetics in mind. With a sleek, minimalistic design it hangs tight to your wall like a work of art, adding a touch of beauty while maximizing your space.

Nano Cinema.
Performance worthy of the big screen in Real 8K.
Pure colours and a host of the latest display technologies bring the movie theatre into your home with LG NanoCell TV. Our enhanced HDR, Dolby's upgraded technologies and a cinematic mode that's fresh out of the studio deliver a truly cinematic experience.

Entertainment. Home to all your favourites.
Streaming has never been easier. Get all your must-have apps like Freeview Play, NOW TV, Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and more on LG’s webOS smart platform.

Dolby Vision IQ & Dolby Atmos. Awe-inspiring drama to every genre
Dolby Vision IQ intelligently optimises picture settings based on content genre and ambient surroundings, while Dolby Atmos delivers multi-dimensional surround sound — a powerful combination that produces breathtakingly cinematic results.

FILMMAKER MODE™. The director's vision brought to life.
FILMMAKER MODE™ turns off motion smoothing while preserving the original aspect ratios, colours, and frame rates. This accurately delivers the director's original vision, so you experience the film the way they intended.

HDR 10 Pro. Get the full range of enjoyment.
LG's own dynamic range technology, HDR 10 Pro, adjusts brightness to enhance colour, reveal every tiny detail, and bring lifelike clarity to every image — it also intensifies regular HDR content. Now all your favourite movies and shows will be more vivid and vibrant from beginning to end.

Nano Gaming. TV with a ton of XP in Real 8K.
From the darkest caves to the brightest new worlds, LG NanoCell TV brings your game to life with vivid colours. Cloud gaming technology and automatic adjustments for high-quality pictures deliver a truly exciting gaming experience.

Game Optimiser. Unseen levels of control.
Game Optimiser puts all your game settings in one place. It automatically adjusts the picture to optimise graphics no matter what type of game you're playing.

X box Partnership. An unbeatable combo.
Freedom to play. LG's partnership with Xbox ensures you're ready for next-gen gaming. Enjoy an amazing Xbox experience thanks to stunning picture quality and ultra-fast response times.

Nano Sport. Match winning performance in Real 8K
LG NanoCell TV delivers a thrilling match-day experience. Bluetooth Surround Sound brings the full stadium atmosphere into your home, while Sports Alerts keep you up-to-date with all the latest news from your favourite teams.

Sports Alert. Never miss your team play.
Sports Alert notifies you before, during, and after games. You'll never have to worry about missing the big plays from your favourite teams, even when you're watching other content.

Bluetooth Surround Ready. A clear home advantage.
Easily connect compatible Bluetooth speakers for a true wireless surround sound experience. All the action sounds richer and more realistic, bringing the big-game atmosphere to your living room.

α9 Gen4 AI Processor 8K. 8K upscaling powerful brain
The α9 Gen4 AI processor 8K is the intuitive brain of the TV, with unmatched power and responsiveness to produce the optimal output of your picture and sound quality. Intelligent upscaling means you can enjoy the best entertainment content available at an awe-inspiring 8K resolution.

AI Picture Pro. This is what pro looks like.
Using a vast database of over one million visual data points, the deep-learning algorithm recognises content, removes noise, and optimises picture quality.

AI Sound Pro. Sound turned up to pro.
By learning from more than 17 million audio data points, the processor identifies voices, effects, and frequencies so it can then optimise the sound by genre for a more immersive experience.

AI 8K Upscaling. Elevate every image.
The AI processor uses deep learning algorithms to analyse what you watch and transform non-native 8K content into stunningly immersive 8K. The resulting image is sharper with noticeably higher levels of definition and detail, even when viewed on our biggest screens.

ThinQ AI. Think you know smart? Think again.
LG ThinQ is here to maximise your TV experience. Choose your favourite voice assistant and control your TV with your voice with an all new home screen to provide more convenience and control.

New Home. Welcome to your new home.
The newly designed home screen shows personalised content suggestions, gives you easier access to favourites, and lets you control connected devices all in one place.

New Magic Remote. More like a magic wand.
The redesigned Magic Remote has an ergonomic design that's easy to hold, and its point and scroll system allows faster searching. Built-in voice control provides easy access to services, while hotkeys for major content providers give you shortcuts to all your favourites.

Voice Command. Your central hub of convenience.
LG ThinQ allows simple command and control of your Home IoT ecosystem with natural voice recognition*. With Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa built-in, you can control your LG OLED TV with your voice and access entertainment faster.


Screen Size 55 inch
Screen Technology NanoCell
Screen Resolution 8K UHD
Refresh Rate 8k @ 60Hz 4k @ 120Hz
Colour Silver
Brand LG
Energy Rating G
Type Television
Dimensions With Stand: H 78.1 x W 123.3 x D 27.1 cm
Without Stand: H 71.6 x W 123.3 x D 4.5 cm
Weight With Stand: 21 kg
Without Stand: 19.4 kg
Resolution 7680 x 4320
3D Ready No
Smart TV Yes
Digital Tuner DVB-T2/T/C/S2
Curved Screen No
Connectivity 4 x HDMI (2 x 2.1)(2 x 2.0(eARC HDMI 2)
3 x USB
1 x CI Slot
1 x RF In
1 x LAN
1 x SPDIF (Optical Digital Audio Out)
1 x Headphone out
1 x Line out
Wireless Connectivity Yes
Audio 2.2 Ch 40W
Annual Power Consumption 130 kWh per year
Accessories Included Magic Remote
HDR Cinema HDR
HDR10 Pro
Dolby Vision IQ
Wide Colour Gamut Nano Colour
Operating System LG webOS
Costco More details at Costco
You will need a Costco membership to purchase this item.

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  1. Avatar

    That's through v6 box will check sat feed tomorrow (edited)
  2. Avatar
    Are these “8k” TVs really a beast when it comes to power consumption. Sometime ago read it somewhere, havnt got a clue if it has any basis but somehow convinced me that 8k is either marketing trick or waste of electricity
    They not that power hungry but what u read probably saying their not much 8k content Ie their YouTube Xbox game (wisp) and if one very very powerful pc . Ie do not spend £1.5k to get 8k tv it waste. But for £550 with 4k @ 120hz with 8k as bonus it worth it. Saying that, if u really into movies if use Costco as supplier they got Samsung tv that cost £729 that might be better buy (if one can stretch to that cost)
  3. Avatar
    where does one get 8k content from and does anyone broadcast it? If not then no point in deal
    I actually watch more youtube content than TV content, and am subscribed to over 80 channels ( a lot of car / techy / golfing / retro gaming stuff).
    Almost all broadcast in 4k, and a lot say they hope to go to 8k soon....
  4. Avatar
    Why is this cheap?
    Costco clearing model out cause it's 2021 model, new EU energy rating and also if we are honest with ourselves what 8k content out there . Ie if this TV was £999 many ppl will say buy Lg c2 55" 4k OLED (ppl might still say it when this is £550).
  5. Avatar
    So this compared to a C2 is how much of a difference?
    1l just watch broadcast tv and blue rays films
    2l ps5 game on it

    Basically what are you getting for the extra dollar?
    An OLED screen.

    If you see them next to each other, it's night and day - the biggest difference I've seen since HD content came out.

    I bought a Nanocell (non OLED) a couple of years ago and have regretted it ever since. Next year is upgrade time!
  6. Avatar
    8k marketing... 8k @ 55" is pointless unless you're 3 feet away.
    It's pointless on a 55" screen full stop.
  7. Avatar
    Do not buy this tv.
  8. Avatar
    Whilst this on the surface seems a great price there is virtually very few sources right now in 8k and terrestrial TV is still in standard definition. I'm sure this has been factored and they will increase the upscaling but this would be worser quality when viewing these sources. Additionally 8k is overkill for a 55 inch TV. Really more useful for larger TVs and therefore priced accordingly. Additionally the main difference can be seen via an oled TV rather than this, so I would recommend that over this. This is more marketing and trying to fool people that more is always better when not always the case. (edited)
    Very few equals zero outside of Youtube

    I know these TVs upscale but the only people who think that an 8K TV is a good idea are the company making them and the buyers drinking the same cool aid.

    This plus the fact you have to sit almost on top of a set of this size in order to appreciate the higher res (edited)
  9. Avatar
    I've got one and it's been great. The upscaling is decent. Watching 8k videos on YouTube is satisfying. Sounds is better than most.
    I don't why Costco and others do not say 4k@120 , question if u got sky / virgin what your comedy Central SD look like on it ?
  10. Avatar
    Thank you
  11. Avatar
    Does this have HDMI 2.1 120hz for PS5 & Xbox
  12. Avatar
    This is my main monitor on a HDMI 2.1 port, works out to 4 x 27" 4K with no borders. 8K 60hz FTW.
    4 x 27" 4k can u have 4 video sources on screen at once (if that what u saying? If so how?) Since being setup mac mini tomorrow and got 43" tv next to it thinking couldn't do that.
  13. Avatar
    Am sure others have said it’s not going to like an OLED I have a 55”C1 and the 22 model 55” C2 both downstairs - upstairs I have a Samsung Q67 QLED which was a curry’s exclusive before I got oled thought that was amazing but now when come upstairs after watching oled it’s like watching tv after taking contacts out or glasses off so can’t imagine what a normal LED panel would be like
  14. Avatar
    Any good tho?
    Lg do make excellent tvs
  15. Avatar
    That's a very decent price for that TV with that spec.
  16. Avatar
    Not bad at all
  17. Avatar
    Is this not the mini led model
  18. Avatar
    Can't vote. never seen one.......but I remember this company as GoldStar in the 80's selling cheap tat stuff priced way below what they could have supplied...then changed name to LG....
    I always thought LG used to be Grundig, could be wrong though
  19. Avatar
    Will a Gopro 9 5K video play natively on this TV? How about an 8K video recording from an autel evo 2 drone? I presume it should read 8K video files via its USB…otherwise the TV is pointless. (edited)
    Do not know about GoPro 5k file don’t have, but 8k file plays on it fine. Might be able to test 6k resolution when setup Mac on it tomorrow
  20. Avatar
  21. Avatar
    Good price for 8K TV- Heat.
    Only downsides are no VRR and not a mini LED panel but good TV for the price
    My version does not have VRR but on LG website in comments it seems ones made since June have VRR. Period to send my back has long gone by but I do wonder if "new versions" have VRR. Thinking now buy this model again , put it in bedroom and wait for divorce papers now lol . Going up from 32 to 55" is not much is it.
  22. Avatar
    Hi would this be any good for my son's Xbox One? And is it the best price option if so?
    Many thanks
    I use it on my Xbox series X and ps5 and I have no complaints with it , taking into account price as well.
  23. Avatar
    Yes it has 2.1 and also had my Xbox connected to 1, 2, and 3 and all works at 4k@120Hz but Costco spec does say 2.1 X 2
  24. Avatar
    Just found this article which think relates to this TV with 8k resolution

  25. Avatar
    It out of stock now but might come back in day or two 
    thanks. I'll do my best to stay awake for it..H appy New year.
  26. Avatar
    Expired until come back in stock
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