LG 60PG7000 60" HD Ready 1080p Plasma TV

LG 60PG7000 60" HD Ready 1080p Plasma TV

Found 24th Oct 2008
Thinking of buying this can anyone find a better 60" for the money.?

Main Features

Vivid Picture Quality

HD Ready 1080p
Dual Engine
AV Mode
30,000 :1

1080p Input Ready for Blu-ray & HD-DVD
USB 2.0

Dynamic & Deep Sound
Invisible Speaker & Clear Voice
Dolby Digital & Surround Max

Luxurious Design
Full Glossy Finish
Swivel Stand


Resolution 1920 x 1080p
Brightness (cd/m2) 1,500cd/㎡
Contrast Ratio 30,000:1
100Hz YES
Colors Reproduction (R,G,B) 16Bit
Filter Type (Clear Filter Pro / Glass) Vivid filter
ISM (Image Sticking) YES(White Wash/Orbiter/Inversion)
Life Span (hr) 100,000Hrs
Broadcasting System (Analog) YES(PALⅠ/I', PAL/SECAM BG/DK,Secam L/L', NTSC M (AV ONLY)
Broadcasting System (Digital) YES Digital Available (MPEG2)
Broadcasting System (Data) MHEG (UK Only)

Engine Dual engine
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Digital Comb Filter YES(3D Comb Filter)
Black Stretcher YES
Enhanced Line Doubler YES
Enhanced Noise Reduction YES(3D Noise Reduction)
DLTI YES(Digital Luminance Transient Improver)
DCTI YES(Digital Color Transient Improver)
Color Temperature Control YES(Cool/Medium/Warm/User)
Diagonal Deinterlacer YES
Booster ON/OFF (Digital) YES
Aspect Ratio Correction YES(16:9/Just Scan/Original/ 4:3/14:9/Zoom1/Zoom2)
Just Scan 0%over scan YES(HDMI/Component:1080i/1080p/ 720p)
Reset YES(H/V Position, V Size)
Picture Mode YES (Vivid/Standard/Cinema/Sports/Game/Expert1/Expert2)
Expert Mode YES
ACM(Active Color Management) YES(Fresh cololr)
DTV Signal Strength (Digital) YES
Colour Temperature Control YES(Cool, Medium, Warm,User)
Cinema 3:2/2:2 Pull Down

Mono/Stereo/Dual YES(MTS/SAP)
Audio Output 10W + 10W
Speaker System 2 Way 4 Speakers
Exciter YES
Dolby Digital Decoder YES
Surround System YES(SRS TruSurround XT)
Bass/Treble/Balance YES(Balance only)
On Screen Equalizer YES
Clear Voice YES
AVL (Auto Volume Leveler) YES
Sound Status Mode YES (Standard/Music/Cinema/Sports/Game)
Mute YES

Special Features
EPG(SI) YES(8 Days)
1080P Source Input HDMI 60p/50p/30p/24p Component60/50
AV Input Navigation YES(with Alvin)
Input Labeling YES(VCR/DVD/Set Top Box/Satellite/Cable Box/Game/PC/HD-DVD/Blue-ray)
Screen Adjust/Auto(Manual)Configure YES
Quick View YES
Parental Control YES
Child Lock YES
Sub Title YES
Key Lock
SimpLink (HDMI-CEC) YES(Rear HDMI)

Pages 1000p
TOP (Table Of Page)/Flof/List yes

EZ OSD (Menu System)
Language 22 (English/Germany/Denmark/Spain/France/Italy/Greece /Netherlands/Norway/Sweden/Finland/Portugal/Hungary/ Poland/Rumania/Croatia/Slovenia/Czech/Serbia/Bulgaria /Russia/Turky)
Alvin U

Auto Programming YES
Channel Labels YES
Favorite Channel YES

Manual Clock YES
On/ Off Time YES
Sleep Timer YES
Auto Off (When No Video Is Present For x Min) YES

Jack Pack (Side)
AV In 1
S-Video In 1
HDMI In 1 (SIMPLINK disable)
USB 2.0 1(JPEG/MP3)
CI slot All Europe

Jack Pack (Rear)
RF In 1
Full Scart 1(TV out)
Half Scart 1(MNT/DTV Out)
Component in (Y,Pb,Pr) + Audio 1(480i/480p/576i/576p/720 p/1080i/1080p)
Digital Audio Out (Coaxial/ Optical) 1(Optical)
HDMI/HDCP Input Ver. 1.3 3(480i/480p/576i/576p/720p/1080 i/1080p) - 1 Port PC Mode - SIMPLINK
RGB In (D-sub 15pin) - PC 1
PC Audio Input 1
RS-232C (Control / SVC) 1(For Service & Control)

Cabinet Description
Tool name (varification tool) PG6
Front Cabinet Style Glass
Rear Cabinet Style Non Glossy
Speaker Invisible SPK
Cabinet piece 1 Piece
Cabinet Color Dark Silver
Stand style ( color / Glare) Black Glossy
Swivel (angle) ANGLE(20)
UL standard YES
VESA Compatible YES

Voltage, Hz 100~240V / 50/60Hz
Consumption (Max) 570W
Stand-by (Cable card on) 1W↓

Dimensions - Weight (Kg)
SET (w/o stand) 54.9
Including stand 62.4
Packing 68.8
SET (w/o stand) 1455 x 925 x 84 WxHxD (mm)
Including stand 1455 x 985 x 414 WxHxD (mm)
Packing 1579 x 1155 x 499 WxHxD (mm)


seems a good deal to me. 60inches would be amazing if only i had the cash

It's a gorgeous design and you aren't gonna find a better 60" for less than that...

Review here:


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I've just seen the 3000 760p in currys with an upscalling dvd which I thought was amazing. At present I've got two lcd's but the main TV is a rear projection 50" Tosh which is starting to play up after 6 years of constant use. Is it worth going for the cheaper 3000 model to save 300 notes ?. We normally watch sky and dvds of a normal dvd player .



So about 10p per hour in electric!

I have the 50" LG Plasma 50PC55 and very impressed with it although it was £900 cheaper than this one.

This is hot, 60" for peanuts. Bargain

Decent review here, not the TV for me though as I use my plasma for 95% gaming and the LG seems to suffer more than most with image retention.…x-a

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Cool, cant find it cheaper anywhere at the moment. LCD's are the gaming screens in our house :). But this will have a wii stuck on it ..



Cool, cant find it cheaper anywhere at the moment. LCD's are the gaming … Cool, cant find it cheaper anywhere at the moment. LCD's are the gaming screens in our house :). But this will have a wii stuck on it ..

So you're buying a 1080p for a 480i wii :w00t:


So you're buying a 1080p for a 480i wii :w00t:

lol !!!

I think this is the previous model for £1435.80 : :thumbsup:


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I sure am :-), and to watch the odd program

what a deal voted hot hot hot
if only i had some spare cash

I have the 50PG6000 and it's a lovely piece of kit. Upscales lovely and HD content is simply stunning. I'm a plasma convert :).

yes, plasma is the way to go....but erm 60 friggin INCH....holy...


£721 with £25 code and free del code

This is a much better deal as it's around £1000 less and a 50" screen is still pretty big.

The same frameless design and other excellent stuff makes this probably the best value 50" around:thumbsup:

I'd love the 60" but £1000 more is a lot of extra cash to spend with the economy slipping down the pan - although being on the dole will give you a lot more time to watch it I suppose:p

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I've bought two 50" Samsungs from John lewis for £700 each with 5 year warranty which I think is the best deal out there for the money at the mo (The second one was reduced to the first ones price). But as we normally keep the TV for 6 years we look at it as an investment for the eyes lol. Amazingly my rear projection is working fine this morning and last night so I'll give it a couple more days to see what goes on first lol.

Thanks for the help so far everyone

Got one of these as soon as it came out, and here's a review from someone that had to pay to get it and pay to use unlike the magazine reviewers who get it free and for a short period.

1) Very expensive to run (you have been warned!) and will heat up your whole room within an 1hr or 2. So make sure you put this in a very large room! The more people in the room the hotter the room gets obviously and you literally have to leave the room to get some air.

2) Once you go to this size, its very, very difficult to go back down, 42" is joke in comparison.

3) This is designed for pure HD, meaning anything less, Sky standard def. channels look awful & blocky and can be a real struggle to watch. Using this for the HD gaming & HD sport channels only.

4) Very, very heavy! Will take 3-4 people to lift and mount. Make sure you take out a 3-5 year warranty minimum.;

5) Without doubt 1 of the best displays money can buy. Its the 60"+ that are a rip-off in terms of inches per £.

size is everything

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Managed to get one from Empire direct with 3 years warranty for £1882 delivered Just in case anyone else wants one

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I've just been onto empire direct and still no sign of the TV and they cant tell me when it will arive. I've had a propper ment with them but they just say its tough luck and LG are to blame.... Asked them for a refund :(...

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Just had oned from beyond in blackpool for 1950 with a 5 year onsite And what a tv
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