LG 60PY2R 60" High Definition Digital Plasma TV for .......... £4454!!
LG 60PY2R 60" High Definition Digital Plasma TV for .......... £4454!!

LG 60PY2R 60" High Definition Digital Plasma TV for .......... £4454!!

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You might think it's a bit of a Billy Bargain, but I'm sure there are a few people looking for something like this, so I'll post this here for the craic!! This is the LG 60PY2R 60" High Definition Digital Plasma TV and you can get it for the piddly sum of £4544.10 using the combination of the discount codes below! This is the cheapest on the web I can see for this particular model... I don't think the picture really does it jsutice though - if you're going to purchase something like this, DEFINITELY go and take a look at it in your local store!


Details: Engine image enhancing technology * Stylish design with swivel stand * SRS TruSurround XT Sound technology *
HDMI digital connectivity * 9 in 2 Memory card slot * 3 No of Scarts * Stand Included * Wall Mountable * Parental Lock *


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Not that I'm actually considering this but for those who are it's 720p (1366 x 768)

For that money i would want at least 1080p, still just bought a 40" Bravia V Series LCD that is 720p and the picture is great, so i suppose i won't know what i am missing :-D

I certainly wouldnt spend over 4 grand on a plasma TV at the moment!!..the prices of LCD and especially PLASMA (old technology) are coming down dramatically!!...hang on 6 months and youll probably get it for £2000!!!

Judged on price this is effectively a very good price when compared elsewhere. The specification however is shocking for that kind of money - Not only is there the issue outlined above but the unit only has one HDMI input!!

Save your money and buy 2 of these instead (one for me, one for you!) avland.co.uk/pan…htm

I'm completely addicted to projection now, this blows my two year old Panasonic out of the water.

I wonder how much cheapest but branded 1080p plasma is.

Argh I wish the PTAE 1000 was cheaper than that

50inch seems to be the minimum size for 1080p plasmas
Panasonic TH-50PF9BK 50inch plasma £4500

Now, who has xmas special rollover lottery numbers, anyone?

Sony LCoS 55" is 1080p, and can be had for £1580 at Comet+quidco.
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