LG 77EC980V 77 inch Curved OLED 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart TV Freeview HD £24999.00 @ Richersounds

LG 77EC980V 77 inch Curved OLED 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart TV Freeview HD £24999.00 @ Richersounds

Found 25th Aug 2015
Brace yourself for what is quite simply, the ultimate TV! Pairing a giant 77", curved OLED screen with 4K resolution, the LG 77EC980V really does have it all.

Curved OLED screen
OLED is the ultimate in TV image reproduction. Organic Light-Emitting Diode - OLED - TV offers the most advanced picture quality currently available. Unlike most LED screens, OLED doesn't require backlighting, so the colour is consistent right across the screen, greatly enhancing contrast levels. It also allows for curved screens, which is where the LG 77EC980V really excels, making the experience more natural, giving all viewers a better viewing angle.

4 colour pixel
Helping to give this TV one of the most natural picture qualities in its class, LG's certified 4 Colour Pixel system adds a white sub-pixel to the conventional red, green and blue. This helps gives the LG 77EC980V exceptional colour realism

4K Ultra HD TV for the ultimate in detail
With an astonishing 4K screen resolution, the LG 77EC980V offers vivid picture quality. The resolution is four times greater than conventional 1920 x 1080 Full HD TVs and it's a difference you'll really notice. On the LG's generous 65 inch screen, this gain in resolution is especially visible and, even up close the detail and realism are awesome. And with LG's 4K Resolution Upscaler, standard HD signals can be upscaled to near 4K standard.

Cinema TV with 2D to 3D conversion
Cinema 3D TV LG's passive 3D system. It's simpler than the active system but in many ways it's superior. For a start, it's considered more comfortable to watch with less flicker and it has a wider viewing angle and brighter images. The glasses are much cheaper and lighter to wear, and as they don't need batteries, they don't need recharging. And with 2D to 3D conversion, you can get the 3D experience with any programme, whether filmed in 3D or not!

The Smartest control with Magic Remote
Coming complete with the latest Magic Remote, the LG 77EC980V is one of the most intuitive to control. Within the one remote control you can point, gesture, wheel and voice control. The scroll wheel is ideal for surfing the web while finger gesture control lets you navigate, literally, at the touch of a finger. Should you prefer, voice activation is also available, giving hands-free control.

Smart TV with webOS Smart interface
The LG 77EC980V is one of the first TVs to benefit from LG's new webOS Smart TV interface. Rather than swapping to dedicated smart TV menu pages, webOS uses superimposed icons, folders and side bars for clear and easy access to smart content without leaving the current screen image. Fast, responsive and truly adept at multi-tasking, webOS shows there is a smarter way to control your TV.

Premium Smart
In terms of smart content, the LG 77EC980V is one of the best. As you'd expect, there's a premium range of LG applications, including popular apps, such as Netflix, LOVEFiLM, BBC iPlayer and YouTube. There's also a web browser plus DLNA certification to allow you to stream across your network.

Ways to share
For content sharing, WiDi lets you stream from compatible computers and supports up to Full HD resolution. Miracast lets you watch what's on your mobile or tablet, on the big screen - wirelessly (requires a Wi-Fi network and Miracast-certified smartphone; firmware update may be required). Alternatively, for the HD video, MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) allows you to link compatible smartphones or tablets and stream video via HDMI.

Crisp, spacious sound
Boosting the sound quality is LG's ULTRA Surround, for an enveloping sound that matches the picture. There are also six other sound modes and three position modes for precise adjustment, while LG's popular Clear Voice II helps out with congested soundtracks where it can be tricky to make out dialogue. While it's certainly no match for a soundbar or sound base, the onboard system is better than you might expect.
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Doesnt't Come with free soundbar

ColdDoesnt't Come with free soundbar

they might give you a display polaroid for free
cold, i just found it for £22.999.97 Here
Does it come with a remote control?
if only there were 4k channels eh!
After all these decades of people dreaming of owning a flat panel TV they can hang on a wall and they're now going curved. I don't care if they look good, it's the principle of the thing
Hot from me got 1 for the bathroom and a spare incase that falls in while the wifes watchin it.
Curved, mmmmm, OK but there will only be a
small area in the room where you get the full
Probably someone's deposit sorted for buying a flat or house with that sort of amount I guess. Not voted either way
Edited by: "MrBaz" 25th Aug 2015
If you were thinking of getting one (particularly smaller sizes), hang on as LG are reducing the prices Stateside and later here.
I'm hanging on would like a 50 inch around £800
Hot this looks great in my bedroom :-D

I'm hanging on would like a 50 inch around £800

​there was 1 posted the other day for about £500 have a search on here..
You can't pay on delivery
Still not perfect too many problems with picture the yields are still too high something like fifty to sixty percentage and then you have LG not the best TV manufacturer
only 25000 have some heat

If you were thinking of getting one (particularly smaller sizes), … If you were thinking of getting one (particularly smaller sizes), hang on as LG are reducing the prices Stateside and later here.

I heard that was just for 4k displays, not the OLEDs.

there was 1 posted the other day for about £500 have a search on here..

A 4K, OLED TV? Where?
No pedals oops wrong post

if only there were 4k channels eh!

There are...
and alot more than you think it seems aswell!
wow...I will sell my house and buy this one....
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