LG BD370 Bluray player £60 @ Asda Instore Only
LG BD370 Bluray player £60 @ Asda Instore Only

LG BD370 Bluray player £60 @ Asda Instore Only

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Went looking for the Sony bluray but found this. Unfortunately no stock found for either player in Dundee but maybe of use to others to keep a lookout , as well as the Sony bluray offer currently available.

Excellent reviews, one example -



I tried desperately to look for this in the stores in Sutton and surrounding areas but they were sold out quite quickly.

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Wickedteen is in fact correct, this has already been posted -

Does this not indicate that Asda will probably get more stock in as the deal previously posted was over 2 weeks ago? A reason to be positive? Hopeful?


Is the other post not for the BD360 not the BD370?

I've just emailed Asda to see if there's any in my local area, I can't be bothered driving round or phoning up every store to find out if stock is available, have some heat though my friend...


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Not for this model.

I went to my local Asda (Basildon store) earlier to look for the Sony one. They didn't have any but they did have 2 of these LG ones left in stock. I happily parted with £60 for it. Just tried it out and it's fantastic. AMAZING quality. If you can find one, buy it.

Hot deal if you can get it. Has anyone actually managed to get one?


Hot deal if you can get it. Has anyone actually managed to get one?

Look at my post above yours mate.

I got this player last year and think it works a treat. Quality is really good from it and it looks good as well.


Look at my post above yours mate.

Sorry, I had the Sony one in my head lol.

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Lol! I sabotaged my own post by making a school boy error, the earlier post is indeed a BD360 and not the BD370 i have posted here. Glad someone benefited, wish it was me :-)

ive had mine 4 months now its great and the usb option saved me burning disks.

Got the last 2 from Currys in Derby for £40, 2 weeks ago, were posted here as a PCW clearance deal.
Easily made region free and love the youtube player. Just a shame they don't support NTFS formatted USB drives like the BD350 and BD390 do.
Though it does play 8.5Gb Double layer DVD's which is fine for most 720p mkv files but not larger 1080p ones.

Managed to get the last one in totton

Hot! Obviously, Blu-Ray players will come down in price with the introduction of 3D Blu-Ray players. Glad I've got my PS3. I just need the firmware update instead of replacing it

posted this a couple of weeks ago for both the bd 360 and bd370 but was quickly expired they still have about 6 bd360 at asda eastlands superstore manchester if that helps anyone

Got one of these for £40 from PC World the other week. Awesome player!

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Im gonna pop in again tomorrow morning....hopefully this will be put out by the night shift staff.

none in the Dewsbury one, will try the Morley Asda

To all LG BD370 and BD360 owners:
Please contact LG customer support (http://www.lg.com/uk/support/contact/support-message.jsp) and ask why both the BD350 and the BD390 support NTFS formatted USB drives and the 370 does not?

Hopefully, if enough people complain they might add it to a future firmware? Probably Wishful thinking though

trafford park customer services called me a liar when i said i heard that they're selling this for £60

They had a few left in the Grimsby store tonight if anybody is still after one.
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