LG BD370 Network Blu-Ray Player £39.97 instore @ PC World

LG BD370 Network Blu-Ray Player £39.97 instore @ PC World

Found 29th Jun 2010Made hot 29th Jun 2010
Clearance item so may not be easy to find, but at £40 for a Blu-Ray player it might be worth trying!

LG Blu-Ray high definition player with YouTube

Its something better than a Blu-ray player when you can stream thousands of movies, videos and shows direct to your TV from CinemaNow and other streaming entertainment on the Internet. Not to mention it plays Blu-ray discs in stunning 1080p, Full HD and up scales standard DVDs in near-HD quality.

Technical Details

Video DAC148MHz/12bit
PAL Hz50Hz / 60Hz
Audio DAC192KHz/24bit
S/N Ratio100db
2ch Down Mix
Digital Audio Output
Re-EncoderDTS Only
LPCM ConversionDTS HD, Dolby TrueHD
Down Sampling48 / 96 kHz 16bit
Dynamic Range ControlOFF/ON
Blu ray disc up to 1080p24/50Hz
Network / BD Live BD Profile 2.0
DVD-R/-RW(Video/VR Mode)
DVD+R / + RW
DVD+R Double Layer
DVD+RW(Video mode)
Audio CD
MPEG4 AVC (H.264)
Dolby Digital
Dolby Digital Plus
Dolby TrueHD
MPEG 1/2 L2
MHP-Like Interactivity
Simultaneous Playback of HD & SD Video Drip
Mixed Presentation of Dual Audio
Still Picture
Time bar
Express Reaction
Network firmware update
Deep Colour
Last Scene memory
Cinema zoom
Audio L/R
HDMI out
Ethernet port
Main unit H430 X W54 X D245mm


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will take a look tomorrrow, but may be a local Managers Special refurb

Fantastic deal if you can find one!

Will be very surprise if anyone lands one in London!

Oh yeah - what's the difference!

- play & upscale DVD to 1080p
- play DVD & upscale to 1080p

Wow great deal, HOT

Before this deal listing is voted hotter than the sun, how many of these items have been spotted for sale & at which PC World branch(es)?

PS. Review at ]TrustedReviews.com.



If anyone sees this in store, I highly recommend. I chose this one as a xmas pressie off the wife last year and it's a fantastic machine.


has anyone else noticed the dates on the label..............?

good luck

Great player if you can find one , it's kinda made my ps3 redundant for films as the picture on this is miles better.


Gold dust i expect

If you can find it get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


has anyone else noticed the dates on the label..............?

I think that it refers to the time when it was at the original price of £179.99.

i got this a week ago when it was 49.97 - from selly oak pc world. they had 2 in stock at the time, both on display. if you go into any pc world or currys and ask for a stock check on 857585 then they'll let you know what stores have stock.

hope this helps. it's a great player and upscaling is good for normal dvd's too

don't forget you can watch youtube also

Hot Hot Hot


what can actually streamed as CinemaNow is us only isnt it?

my local pc world is massive one and doesnt stock any dvd players etc only computers and millions of printers


has anyone else noticed the dates on the label..............?

Well spotted - But the offer date appears to be shown at the bottom of the card, and is 23/06/2010.

I picked up the display model from the PCWorld in Taunton on Thursday of last week. Popped in by coincidence and saw it on the shelf - too good a deal to pass on! I'd have posted it here but I thought it was local to that store only!

It had been the display model so has a very small scratch but otherwise has no problems and works perfectly. Plus, they forgot to eject the promotional video disc (DVD, not bluray amazingly!) so I can spend hour after hour watching a demo about SkyHD in the comfort of my living room! Lucky me!

It was the last one from that store, but looks like a national clearance. I'd phone your local store rather than make a special trip for it, but if you can find one then this is a mega-hot buy!

If you can get one, you can make it region free for dvd details here ]http//ww…016

Tab half way down page and follow instructions posted by BoriMar, February 06 2010

i bought mine a couple weeks ago for 59.99 at clearance, i bought it to watch mkvs off my hard drive, its plays mkvs but only reads fat 32 not ntfs so its useless for me, unless you split the files to less that 4gb

I saw a samsung BDP4600 Blu Ray player reduced from £230 to £49.97 yesterday at PC World in Leicester. They had many many other Blu Ray player reductions (most of them by at least 50%) but this was the best of the bunch. However, I don't think they were stocked items - they are getting rid of display stock but you get the full manufacturer guarantee.

heat added

I paid £79.99 a couple of weeks ago from PC world team valley Gateshead well got it for £75 when I kicke doff about it being the showroom model. Feel ripped off now.

Very good player though

I bought what appeared to be the last one from the Inverness PCW a couple of weeks ago for £60, so far I've been very pleased with it - some nice touches like having basic TV controls on its remote.



and now the wildgoose chase begins. . .

Called CS this morning

Just checked none left in Bradford or Halifax so don't waste your time at these stores

Just did a country wide store check with PC world and they do not have it in stock anywhere.


Just did a country wide store check with PC world and they do not have it … Just did a country wide store check with PC world and they do not have it in stock anywhere.

That including Northern Ireland? I just phoned my local and they had one left. What method did you use to search for them?

Pure luck though - I went into Dixons in Ely, Cambridgeshire just browsing and spotted this on the bottom shelf next to a Samsung player (also reduced but £10 more and very used looking). The one I bought was a display model but it didn't have a mark on it and was even dust free! :thumbsup: It's a fantastic player, the best one I've had so far.:-D

do blu ray players upscale standard dvds ?


Hi,do blu ray players upscale standard dvds ?thanksR

Usually yes.


Just so you guys know, when you call Customer Services to do a 'stock check', they can only see if a store has 3 or more 'pristine' units in stock. They did this to avoid people being able to 'Collect @ Store' only to get to the store to find the one and only one they had in stock was actually missing parts or ex display. The best thing to do is find the direct line for your local store, go to [url]www.saynoto0870.co.uk[/url] to find the number, then call them and ask them to check the product code on their system. Hope this helps.


That including Northern Ireland? I just phoned my local and they had one … That including Northern Ireland? I just phoned my local and they had one left. What method did you use to search for them?

Spoke to 2 stores in the UK and they checked their whole system and both said out of stock in all stores.

Happy Days

Just been in PC world Preston and got one of shelf that wasn't even used as demo. Only draw back no box, but everything else,



I managed to pick one of these up from my local Curry's (Harlow) at that price, I think the thread should be un-expired as they are still out there if people could be bothered to have a look.

This is still available..Picked up the display unit from my local store

Picked one up at my local(last in Northern Ireland I think). Thanks OP!

Had trouble finding this in my local PC World or Currys but have found brand new boxed lg db360 (after searching the net seems same as the bd370 all but facia) in our local Asda in Bilton Hull reduced down to £60 there was 5 but now theres only 4 left at the time of this posting, not sure if its this store only?

they have one in my local currys but it has no remote with it

they also had a philips bdp3000 for 49.97 and a sony bdps560 for 49.97

shame the sony cant play divx
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