LG Blu-Ray/HD DVD-ROM COMBO 16x DVD+/-RW Retail BLK = £66.72 inc vat (not including Quidco)
LG Blu-Ray/HD DVD-ROM COMBO 16x DVD+/-RW Retail BLK  = £66.72 inc vat  (not including Quidco)

LG Blu-Ray/HD DVD-ROM COMBO 16x DVD+/-RW Retail BLK = £66.72 inc vat (not including Quidco)

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Blu-ray Disc and HD Dvd-rom drive
6x BD-R read speed
3x HD DVD read speed
16x DVD write speed
Highlights of the LG Electronics Blu-Ray/HD DVD-ROM COMBO 16x DVD+/-RW Retail BLK


Review Conclusion @ CDFreaks.com

Let us summarize the most important positive and negative points below:

The LG GGC-H20Ls ability to read High-Definition movies both in HD-DVD and Blu-Ray formats make this drive a must have for any desktop PC or Home Theater PC (HTPC).

Writing of DVD-R and DVD+R media with the LG GGC-H20L at 16x with very good writing quality gives this unit the ability to be a single drive solution for Blu-ray and HD DVD playback as well as a CD and DVD burner.

Writing of CD-R/RW media, 40x and 24x respectively is more than an added bonus, the LG GGC-H20L is also a very fast CD-R/RW reader; in addition the drive sports excellent audio extraction results.

The drive supports SATA interface for quick and easy installation (SATA cable included in the box) and with a software bundle from Cyberlink for Blu-ray Disc, HD DVD playback, DVD and CD burning and authoring, really making the LG GGC-H20L a multi format drive solution.

To sum it all up, this is what we would say: The LG GGC-H20L is a Blu-ray Disc & HD DVD reader giving you the ability to watch high-definition content on your PC, additionally its capability to write DVD and CD-R media with excellent quality establishing this drive as an All-In-One solution. We therefore award the LG GGC-H20L the CDFreaks Safe Buy Award.


Sorry cold vote comes £73.83 inc delivery.

Cheaper from Scan as its currently on special using the today only at £65.21 so if you get free delivery from Hexus then its much cheaper other wise it's £72.91 including delivery which is still cheaper then dabs :thumbsup:


Can you use quidco with scan?

No which would mean saving £3.15 on the dabs order (which if you dont get free postage from scan makes it cheaper).

But ive just found that eBuyer have today it seems reduced the drive to 69.99 inc free delivery (using super saver delivery). So cheaper then both the suggestions i made unless you of course get free delivery from scan.

eBuyer link:


Bump for this as now less than £67 inc. del from ebuyer - absolute bargain with software too:thumbsup:


Original Poster

cheaper then ebuyer now :giggle:

Plus 3% quidco

I will be getting one next week after payday

£66.79 delivered at ebuyer (as shown above). Sorry voted cold.

got paid 3 days ago and have no idea what i do with it!!!!!


(oh just realised what i do with it? :?)

How much for BLU-RAY/R?

Was going to say Why expired they have stock but I see now that Dabs has a delivery charge(5.99p) on top whereas Ebuyer does not.


How much for BLU-RAY/R?

Do you mean blank BD-R.... they cost a fortune at the moment, a 5 pack at SVP is roughly £40 but this drive only reads HD/BR it isn't a Blu-Ray writer.

I've had one for a little while, it plays every disc I've thrown at it both HD-DVD and BR, good little drive if your after reliable Blu-Ray playback until better set-top boxes become affordable.

Why is this expired theres nothing wrong with the deal ?


I am looking to build a small home entertainment pc to sit under the tv and this is going to be the drive I'm going to use. I do have about 50 hddvds tho so it will get used.

Just got this from Ebuyer and it's a great little drive.

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just so people know this will not burn BR-D's or HD-DVD's

Its only a reader
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