LG BX580 3D Blu-ray Player - £119.99 Delivered @ Ask Direct

LG BX580 3D Blu-ray Player - £119.99 Delivered @ Ask Direct

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Manufacturer's Description

LG BX580 3D Blu-ray Player with Media Centre featuring Wi-Fi & DLNA
The BX580 Network Blu-ray Player is perfect for enjoying Full HD 1080p and the unlimited possibilities of wireless, streaming entertainment. But if you're looking for the ultimate companion for your 3D TV, you've found that also. Enjoy everything you've come to expect from an LG Blu-ray player, but now enjoy it in 3D.

3D Blu-ray

Playback 3D Blu-ray movies in full High Definition

Wi-Fi and DLNA

DLNA allows any DLNA device connected to your broadband router to stream the contents such as videos, music and pictures via the LG Blu-ray player to the TV. With Wi-Fi, the LB Blu-ray player can be connected to the broadband router without wires.

Picasa from LG Netcast

Access libraries of photos that have been uploaded by friends and family from around the world.

1080P upscaling

DVD or Blu-ray players featuring 1080P up scaling can improve the picture quality of a Standard Definition (SD) DVD to that of Full High Definition (FHD) 1080P picture by using the HDMI connection and filling in the missing details. For the ultimate picture, a Blu-ray disc will provide all the detailed picture quality without the need for picture to be up scaled.


Stream or download bonus content from Blu-ray movies featuring the BD Live logo. Extra content can include deleted scenes, games, trivia, photos and much more.**
**Selected titles only

YouTube from LG Netcast

Access videos from around the world which are uploaded to YouTube. With an easy search facility and the ability to sign in with a YouTube account, finding your favourite videos is easy and simple.

Music ID powered by Gracenotes

Hit the Music ID button on the remote control whilst playing back a Blu-ray/DVD movie or an audio CD and Gracenotes will search the database to identify the title, artist and album of the music being played and where possible, show an image of the album cover.


get a ps3 stupid, really who cares about quality baby

people with brains


people with brains


I really don't see what all the fuss over 3D is about, especially when the technology has been around for donkeys' years and the fact that you have to wear glasses.

However, it is a very good deal. Heat added

The 3D is pretty good but just a gimmick really I feel, something not quite right sat in the living room watching a film with those glasses on.
When the technology allows it without the glasses then it will be a better gimmick with a really big TV, but 3D Holographic will be the one in a few years I guess.
Nice price for the player though if you are investing in one.
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This blu-ray player does 3D in passive and active which will be handy if you decide to invest in one of the new LG passive 3d TV's out this week

People still buy physical media? How quaint :-P


get a ps3 stupid, really who cares about quality baby

A PS3 doesn't support 3D and HD Audio at the same time. This does. Heat Added

Great deal made even better for me by Richer Sounds who pricematched and sold it me for £114.95 today.5 year guarantee available for £11.50 also.Thanks to the OP.
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