LG Chocolate -12 Month Term Cost - £103.50 @ e2Save

LG Chocolate -12 Month Term Cost - £103.50 @ e2Save

Found 21st Jul 2006
Following on from edi's post yesterday (which I also borrowed his layout for, thank you in advance) as I know a lot of people have been wanting the LG Chocolate over the D800 or W810i:

E2save.com has this LG Chocolate Mobile on Clearance with 8 Months Free Rental on a 12 Month contract.
(£35 per month normally)

O2 Contract with 400 X-Net Anytime Minutes and 100 Texts per month.

Quidco gives £36.50 cashback with every contract sale.
The terms cost (after Quidco savings) is £103.50 or £8.63 Per Month for 12 months.


Network: O2
Contract Length: 12 Months
Inclusive Minutes: 400 Anytime Cross Network
Inclusive Texts: 100
Monthly Cost: £35
Cash Back Deal: 8 Months Free
Additional Discounts: £36.50 through QuidCo
Total Term Cost: £103.50
- X10


Thanks x10, I added a picture there. I love the look of this phone...

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