LG Chocolate BL40 24 month at 35pm contract on orange @ Carphone Warehouse
LG Chocolate BL40  24 month at  35pm contract on orange @ Carphone Warehouse

LG Chocolate BL40 24 month at 35pm contract on orange @ Carphone Warehouse

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If ever a phone was good enough to eat then it would be the new LG Chocolate BL40. Although we don't for one minute suggest you try chomping on it.

The previous Choc-tastic handset was one of the most popular around and this updated version is even tastier. For a start it has a massive 4-inch display that allows you to surf the web and watch videos both in widescreen and high-definition.It uses a 345 x 800 WVGA display which creates such an awesome picture. Colours are sharper and more striking than you'll have ever seen before, owning the LG Chocolate BL40 means you'll be one of the first to experience it.

Checking out the latest news and gossip on the internet is eye-catching too because the ultra-wide display shows a full webpage width without any horizontal scrolling. The touchscreen responds very well to even the clunkiest of fingers and you can split it down the middle so it shows two bits of content at once. When you check your email for example, the screen will put the message list on the left and the content from the one you select on the right. You can also copy and paste information with one simple touch.

And amazingly, instead of pressing buttons, you can draw icons with your fingertip to take you straight into certain menus and applications. The screen is tough too and won't scratch easily, and while it is a particularly long handset because of the display size, the device itself is very thin. On board there's a wealth of features including a five megapixel camera with bundles of photo and video options, WiFi, Video MMS, Instant Messaging, games, a proper 3.5mm headphone jack and FM radio. There's also assisted-GPS to track where you are from phone mast signals and although the 1GB internal memory is small, it can easily and cheaply be expanded up to 32GB with a storage card.

The LG Chocolate BL40 is like the ultimate sweetie bar - it's packed full of tasty technology and after using it, being force-fed any other mobile will be very hard to swallow.

Dolphin £35, 24 months
Inclusive usage Inclusive data Unlimited Internet Anytime Any network

Inclusive minutes 900 minutes Anytime Any network

Inclusive texts Unlimited texts Anytime Any network

Subject to fair usage policy

Usage rates (outside of inclusive minutes) Usage rates Daytime Eve/Weekend
MMS Picture 25 p each The unlimited Internet has a fair usage policy of 500MB and is for UK use only.

Unlimited text has a fair usage policy of 3000 texts and is for UK use only.

Video calls 50 p per min30 p per min 30 p per min
Calls to landline 12 p per min 12 p per min
Texts (same network) 12 p each
WAP 10 p per min 10 p per min
Mobiles (same network) 12 p per min 12 p per min
Video messages (other nets) 50 p each 50 p each
Mobiles (other networks) 35 p per min 35 p per min
Texts (other networks) 12 p each
Video calls 50 p per min30 p per min 30 p per min
Voicemail (same network) 12 p per min

Subject to fair usage policy


Not voting either way, just hate contracts longer than 12 months, as they all come with restrictions on tariff changes for long periods etc, and improved tariffs come along quickly.

Eg, had 12 month contract Oct 08, 600 mins, 500/600 texts, now for less money, you get the same or more minutes and unlimited texts.

I always total the contractual commitment including any phone cost, and then decide if I really have to commit to that, or would I prefer less commitment and a similar-ish total cost deal.

24 months? jebus

If you're not too bothered about the minutes and texts...


£30 a month or £23.75 effective after cashback....

Would never got for a 24 month contract myself though... p1ssing me off enough that it looks like i'll have to take an 18 month contract to get an Android handset in a month...

Also wasn't keen on the handset... amazing screen but just felt too long and wide to be able to hold comfortably.

Strange dimensions in the hand, pretty cool though and the res of the screen looks awesome. Like all LG phones the price will fall like meteor plummeting to the earth.

this phone aint worth 24 month contract


this phone aint worth 24 month contract


Can just about manage 18 months!

24 months is too long, unless it's a redemption upgrade via CPW.
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