LG Chocolate (Clearance) E2Save/O2, 400 mins/250 texts month, £40 for 12 months + £36.50(Quidco)
LG Chocolate (Clearance) E2Save/O2, 400 mins/250 texts month, £40 for 12 months + £36.50(Quidco)

LG Chocolate (Clearance) E2Save/O2, 400 mins/250 texts month, £40 for 12 months + £36.50(Quidco)

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LG Chocolate KG800 – Clearance Price Match – Black (at least in the photo).
E2Save – O2 network – 400 minutes + 250 texts.
£40 per month for 12 months – Cashback is £440 split over 4 claims, so the actual cost is £40.
Quidco is available for £36.50 which brings the net cost to £3.50.

You’ll get slightly better deals elsewhere but the E2Save Cashback Terms and Conditions are a lot more user friendly than most.

There is also a deal for £35 a month which reduces the minutes to 300 per month; you only save £5 over the whole contract so not worth it.

I apologise for the strange characters in the post; my web browser (opera) does this sometimes.
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id better go for phones4u vodafone 500/500 £40/month.

t&cs better than price match.

anyways i just ordered n6300 on vodafone £40 a month. £480 cashbck
£60 for quidco

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I tried taking out a Vodaphone subscription with phones4u because as you say they have some great deals at the moment for a company with fairly relaxed cashback terms and conditions. I’m personally avoiding the companies with very stringent cashback terms for my peace of mind. They always seem to have great deals though!

My phones4u application was a strange affair. I received the initial confirmation email and then nothing. I phoned them and was told that Vodaphone had rejected my application. I phoned Vodaphone and they said that they had no record of the application! I checked my credit history which shows when someone asks for a credit check and it also had no record of a check by Vodaphone. I spoke with phones4u again and after being passed up the chain of command they offered to phone Vodaphone to initiate a manual credit check. I figured this would invalidate my quidco and was also left feeling wary of phones4u so I declined.
I assume I just got unlucky but it did make me look elsewhere for a company that seemed less plagued with poor software and customer support. That’s why I’m posting this deal.

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I placed an order for this yesterday and received confirmation today. I also received a link to the Terms and Conditions for this deal which is not their usual generous terms; it’s one of the draconian ones. I’m mightily unhappy about this as it was not made at all clear during the purchasing process otherwise I wouldn’t have placed the order.

I spoke with Customer Services and according to them the T&Cs were clear; if I’d clicked on the “11 Months Free” link it would have displayed them. My point was that I had no reason to click on the “11 Months Free” text as it wasn’t even clear that it was a link. The deal was clearly laid out on the page and I’d already viewed their T&Cs so I clicked the Buy link and kept a close eye out for any other T&Cs of which there were none.
This is an offhand way to introduce much more stringent T&Cs but I’ve learnt my lesson and will keep an eye out in future for such things. Order has been duly cancelled. Aaaaaaargh. :x
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