LG Cookie Pink on Orange PAYG £44.95 + £10 top up @ Dial-A-Phone

LG Cookie Pink on Orange PAYG £44.95 + £10 top up @ Dial-A-Phone

Found 23rd Nov 2009
Remember discount code DISCP210 as well to get a further 10% off meaning you pay only £50.45 inclusive of top-up

Topcashback tracks PAYG through at £10 as well bring this down to £40.45, for a great phone for any teenage daughter.

Remember to uncheck the insurance when you select the phone, unless you really want it.

The Dial-A-Phone tech bit........

Clearance Price!
Pink Mobile Phones
3" Touchscreen display
3.2 Mega Pixel Camera
Music Player
12 Month Warranty

LG brings touchscreen joy to the masses with its stylish LG KP501 Cookie Pink. At 11.9mm slim, this slinky, lightweight handset packs in a host of great features you'd normally find in a premium priced handset. Boasting a large 3-inch touchscreen, the KP501 Cookie Pink features the highly intuitive Active Flash user interface with haptic feedback - perfect for accessing menus with just one touch. A bigger screen is a better screen - enjoy videos, playing games and looking at photos. There’s plenty to keep you entertained too. A 3.2MP camera lets you capture those classic moments, listen to your favourite music tracks with the MP3 player and FM radio, and using advanced motion sensor technology, the KP501 offers heaps of fun through motion sensor gaming. The KP501 also comes with a neat embedded stylus pen concealed in the base, expandable memory card slot and WAP 2.0. All in all, the LG KP501 looks a tasty all rounder!


Good find bradpurp, you may want to put the total price as £50.45, heat from me.

If you need one for a boy or just prefer black then £52.95 (with £10 top up on Vodaphone) from E2save clearance.:thumbsup:

Thanks for the post bradpurp - do you know if these are as good as the LG KS360? Similar price but that has a full keyboard.

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I did have a look at both, and the KS360 has the edge on the cookie when it comes to texting due to flip out keyboard, but the cookie has a better camera as far as I can see, and it is quad band whereas the KS360 is only tri band, we travel a lot overseas and this means a big difference to us.

I hope this helps. Plus when asked my 12 year old chose the cookie over the ks360, which at the end of the day is what matters.

I ordered this and am so pleased with it, thanks OP!

One problem though, it says on the website dialaphone.co.uk/pay…nk/ that it takes a 16GB Micro SD card, however the manual that it came with the KP501 says it takes on 8GB.

Does anyone know which is true?!

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Can confirm, 8gb straight from LG's website.

Thanks for posting, bradpurp - I think this'll be perfect for my daughter.


Can confirm, 8gb straight from LG's website.

It's a bit confusing really. Came across this one at mymemory mymemory.co.uk/com…508 which says you can use 16MB, the same as it does on dial a phone and a few others. Might have to send a few emails I think

Did anyone order one of these & are the new? Thanx

Ordered one on Monday this week, and received it on Tuesday.
It all seems new and sealed.
Have put the sim in and called the number you're advised to to get it activated, then I put it away as the kids nearly saw it - will check the credit's gone on okay tonight if I remember.

I noticed it didn't have a memory card included - and the slot had a "micro SD" logo on it, rather than "micro sdhc". Will have to take a look in the manual (or just bung a HC card in) to check that.

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Finally got ours last night after much balls up with DHL. Its a good phone, tested and registered and now wrapped ready for christmas. Definatly well worth the money I paid.
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