Unfortunately, this deal has expired 14 May 2023.
Posted 13 May 2023

LG FDC309W Heat Pump Tumble Dryer - A++ Dual inverter WiFi Enabled 9kg £428.98 With Code / £416.40 With Code Member Price @ LG Electronics

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Three deals for the 309 dryer on one weekend. Credit for spotting this one goes to @adamg02 and is the best of the three deals to buy.

Same blurb copied from the other deal:
I bought this FDC309W direct from LG and it is a great dryer. There only seem to be small spec differences between the different 309 and 709 models. The 909 and 1109 get the A+++ heat pump.

This seemed to tick all boxes for me:

  • A++ rated heat pump, so inexpensive to run compared to regular condenser / vented. Maybe 10 to 15% more to run than A+++ but not worth paying hundreds more for that.
  • 9kg
  • WiFi, so my phone notifies my when the cycle is complete.
  • It reverses. Not on every cycle and only when it thinks it needs to. I'm yet to work out exactly when it does or doesn't but it did it with a bed linen load so it didn't come out in a ball.
  • Drum light, so you can see the missing sock. You can even turn it on when running to see it all tumbling if you really want.
  • Can use the water container or plumb in.
  • The tunes it plays on start and stop can be turned off.

A negative is only 2 year warranty from LG. The other is that Anti Crease, which turns the drum every so often after the cycle has finished if you cannot empty straight away, must be turned on manually for each use.

Other deals with some discussion on them are here:
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Reliant FDC309W £464: hotukdeals.com/dea…562

From the discussion on the other deals, this requires free sign up as a member (which you would probably do anyway for registration and setting up the WiFi) but cannot stack with the new member code. TCB may well track but is probably not payable by using a code.

I have put a Sunday evening expiry, as when LG last dropped the price a few weeks ago, it was just for the Saturday and Sunday.
LG Electronics More details at
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  1. pazlo's avatar
    Has anyone got one of these under a 60cm worktop?

    I'm fairly sure my utility is 60cm but can't check as I'm not home. I feel like it would look silly which is annoying as the washing machine is LG so would link together and be more aesthetically pleasing
    whitman_the_cat's avatar
    whitman_the_cat Author
    I think that would stick out if only 600mm. This is mine with the front of the adjacent door 630mm from the wall and worktops 655mm. My socket is right behind the dryer so the plug is touching the rear fan cover and won't go further back. If the plug was elsewhere there would be about 25mm of space.
  2. dant198i's avatar
    Ah I need a black one to go with the washer purchased from sonic direct
    gary.mcrae's avatar
    Same here
  3. CyptoHippy's avatar
    Is this definitely 2 year warranty? I need to buy one with a 5 year warranty it's going into a student house. (edited)
    whitman_the_cat's avatar
    whitman_the_cat Author
    Students these days get the luxury of a dryer provided . Sadly it is only two years included. I had been mistaken on one of last month's threads as there seemed to be mention of 5 years extended for some 309s, but LG later clarified that it was referring to a washing machine only.

    I have a credit card (HSBC) that adds two years on, but there aren't as many of those about now. There is always the option of adding D&G cover, but is about £5 per months and I don't think great value. (edited)
  4. whitman_the_cat's avatar
    whitman_the_cat Author
    Something to add is that for me, instead of just free delivery I could have chosen from various combinations of installation, and removal / disposal of the old appliance, also all free.

    I just had the free delivery. For the most part, a tumble dryer is just a case of plugging in and sliding into place, but these options are great value if there is a scrap machine to clear or you cannot push the new one in yourself.
  5. jacksdad15's avatar
    This is £50 or so cheaper than the last time it was on a deal at the end of April.

    The price on this one seems to yo yo all over the place, it went up to £800 or so after I ordered it. 

    I haven’t used it but the mrs has, daily. According to her it’s a bit meh and doesn’t dry the clothes anywhere near as quick as the old dryer - all the reviews seem good though so not sure if she’s doing something wrong.

    This is a great price for it though!
    nknknk123's avatar
    I was about to purchase but your 'real' review has made me doubt it was your previous was just amazing by any chance?
  6. ilc14's avatar
    Ok to go in a garage?
    fishmaster's avatar
    I would bury it as the Police have been known to be able to get in to garages quite easily.
  7. Rebus48's avatar
    Great deal… just bought.  Great post as well and learned that I can plumb this in as opposed to emptying 
  8. whitman_the_cat's avatar
    whitman_the_cat Author
    This has been expired a couple of times but I'm not sure why. It's still the same price, it can be added to the basket and the voucher can be applied. Is it out of stock preventing the final step of purchase? (edited)
    andywedge's avatar
    It's now £428.98 sadly
  9. whitman_the_cat's avatar
    whitman_the_cat Author
    Expired by me as out of stock.
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