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LG OLED55G26LA (2022) HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 55 inch with Freeview HD/Freesat HD with member sign up bonus and 10% discount

£832.99£99917% off
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***10% Teachers Discount looks to stack with FOOTBALL10 thanks to ibackwe -> £783.99 : see hotukdeals.com/com…408 ***

****possible 10% stacking with BLC ?????*****

or use LG Referral scheme for even more off - see hotukdeals.com/dea…648

Here we go again.

Sign up to LG Members Club for 5% discount, 10% Football10 voucher should apply automagically.

As I don't have a BLC, cannot advise whether further discounts will work (guinea pig or generous benefactor required).

You know the drill by now...

Showing as in stock.

For those who don't want to wall mount try the £30 (or cheaper) VESA table top stand from Amazon


LG Electronics More details at
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  1. sashforth's avatar
    I got this TV at this price on a previous deal. To be honest I have been a little underwhelmed. I was coming from a seven year old 49 inch 4K LG which had only cost me about £330.

    Perhaps I was being unrealistic but I was hoping for a real step change but haven't really experienced that. I have been on YouTube and watched a number of videos about optimising the settings but I still don't feel that the picture is much better than I had before.
    jungleboy123's avatar
    coming from a plasma, i was the same as you. Then i spent a bit of time letting the OLED panel "warm up" (no i dont mean burn the image in). After like 200 hours the colours settled, i then calibrated it myself with some recommended settings online.

    I cant go back to any other TV now, its so good.
  2. iblackwe's avatar
    I have teachers discount, it's now only 10% but it looks like it stacks, so £783.99 (edited)
    clayts's avatar
    Have you got a screenshot of your basket, as I can amend the deal as we go ?

    EDITED TO ADD : Thanks mate hotukdeals.com/com…408 (edited)
  3. paul9999's avatar
    Yeah they’ve lowered BLC to 10%. Shame.
    clayts's avatar
    Oh what a bitter disappointment....I had high hopes of a stratospheric heat rating. Instead, I fear this one will wimp out....

    Downvotes own deal... (edited)
  4. kwyjibo02's avatar
    Showing out of stock.
    clayts's avatar
    And expired, thanks mate
  5. Hunterx878's avatar
    Slightly unrelated but anyone know what the best way to sell your old TV these days? Especially big bulky ones. Is eBay, Gumtree the best bet? I guess it's inevitable that you will have to deal with timewasters and such. Seems like it's impossible to post it safely with insurance from what I have seen.
    clayts's avatar
    eBay, collection ONLY, high reserve, definitely not Buy It Now, invite prospective buyers to view first before bidding, remove any bids from people who haven't viewed first and make that explicitly clear in the advert ?

    If you're an established member of AV Forums sell it in their classified forum - I've had some right bargains off there (edited)
  6. jungleboy123's avatar
    hmm £800 ish. I will wait for G3 deals then....
    clayts's avatar
    Yeah, I'm oot too......would love some MLA loveliness for a similar price. Maybe this time next year then....
  7. clayts's avatar
    And back in stock.....but for how long this time. Be quick, my friends, be very quick
  8. elfinzz's avatar
    Went for it at £784. Would have liked to spend a little less but this looks to be a well reviewed TV with a solid warranty. Hope it lives up to my expectations
    clayts's avatar
    My work here is done - at least one HUKD-er got their hands on one. I wish you many hours of visual perfection.
  9. JD_'s avatar
    Pure horny vibes at this price.
    clayts's avatar
    Possibly even hornier if BLC works
  10. Calumt's avatar
    Was 700 a while back also won't stack (edited)
    clayts's avatar
    Hence why I added the BLC caveat - I don't own a card so cannot check
  11. jungleboy123's avatar
    If BLC works, if anyone can let me use code i will be in your debt... (considering its around £700ish mark)
  12. iblackwe's avatar
  13. Jay121x's avatar
    Studentbeans had the 20%, plus a referral with 10% and then the 5%. Crazy deal
    jungleboy123's avatar
    bit too late after its OOS
  14. clayts's avatar
    Superceded by this deal if you want to use LG referral scheme

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