LG G3 16GB Black - £23.49 pcm - £49.99 upfront cost - £563.76 total cost from MobilePhoneShop

LG G3 16GB Black - £23.49 pcm - £49.99 upfront cost - £563.76 total cost from MobilePhoneShop

Found 21st Feb 2015
LG G3 16GB Black

£23.49 pcm
£49.99 upfront cost
£563.76 total cost

EE 24 month term
1000 mins
Unlimited text
2GB data

Sold through mobileshop.com

Also if you just want 1GB data, Mobiles.co.uk are doing a deal for £21.99pcm.

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Tbh I'd much rather buy a 32gb version which has 3gb ram from amazon.de or somewhere else in Europe and take advantage of the exchange rates and this would cost about £300 give or take. Then you can get a sim only contract of your choice
300 pound phone is roughly 13 per month. can you get sim only 1000mins/unlsms/2GB 4g for the remaining 10 quid a month? a quick uswitch search shows that you the best you can do for a tenner sim only is 2GB on three with only 200mins or tesco with a 1000mins but only 500MB. cheapest for both is tesco @ £15 p/m so I'd say this is a deal. (even after you factor in the 50quid initial cost, which I beleive is a little more expensive than the upfront cost in an otherwise identical deal last week which was senselessly voted cold even though it was not)
and to folks voting cold... please direct me to contract deals for flagship phones with 1000mins and 2GB of 4G data that are cheaper than this (which I presume there must be on account of the cold votes). I'm in the market for an upgrade and can't find a better deal. please only vote this cold if you can help us all by directing us towards a better deal. flaming a deal without making a case just isn't very community spirited now is it?..
£25 quid cheaper on previous deal.
still available at this price.

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