LG G6 64GB Only £364.99 in Game

LG G6 64GB Only £364.99 in Game

£364.99GAME Deals
Found 24th Feb 2018
I bought my G6 from this seller in June, and had no issues with them. The company is a UK company based in Bedford, so you get the 12 Month UK Warranty. This is the Chinese version with 64GB of memory compared to the 32GB in the UK model. It also has the Hi-Fi Quad Dac. Very good phone. White is available at the same price and black is £2 more. Delivery took a week. You also get around £8 of Game Reward Points.
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Reward points are only 1% now at GAME so £3.65 back in points.
Just buy a xiaomi
When will these sell for £300? The price hasn't fallen down at all
Spec of these it starting to look poo before they ever got cheap.
Misslovely5 h, 25 m ago

When will these sell for £300? The price hasn't fallen down at all

Think their still trying to get back the money it cost them to fix all the g4s
Cheaper at cex
Thought these would be decent. I don't know if I got a naff one from amazon but not impressed at all. Slow at times opening apps, camera has difficulty focusing on close objects, can't switch calls for some reason, no super slow motion 480 fps (all I can find is more like 240fps) so yeah under whelming.. I got a like new from amazon.. Where the down volume button also didn't work so could have been a duff version of the phone I had... But I really haven't been impressed
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