LG GD510 Pop Silver Pay As You Go phone £49.99 @ Phone4U
LG GD510 Pop Silver Pay As You Go phone £49.99 @ Phone4U

LG GD510 Pop Silver Pay As You Go phone £49.99 @ Phone4U

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I brought one of theses yesterday and thought it was a good deal, as they were around £90 a few days ago, and i've just looked on Ebay and they are like £100. They come on either Orange or O2, I brought a Orange one as my branch had no O2 left but I put a O2 chip in, so I'm guessing it's unlocked. This deal price subject to purchasing
£10 top up. So it's £49.99 phone + £10 topup = £59.00.

The latest entry from the Korean manufacturer, meet the LG POP. It's sleek simplistic design puts it at the top of the table in the style stakes, flaunting brushed aluminium casing, a dazzling 3" touchscreen and a figure to die for

3.15 Mega Pixel Camera
MPEG4 Player
microSD Memory Card
GPRS technology
MP3 Ringtones
Inside it's a similar story. The 3megapixel camera, FM radio and MP3 Player are just a few of the media functions dedicated to keeping it's owner entertained. And if you're into your pictures or are a bit of a music boff then the microSD slot will definitely come in handy

The touchscreen is extremely responsive making the LG POP an ideal choice not just for the fun loving media kids, but touchscreen virgins too. The menus are simple to use and there are plenty of widgets on hand to make sure you're always in the know.

3.15 Mega Pixel Camera
Video Capture
MPEG4 Player
MP3 Ringtones

Multimedia Messaging (MMS)
Facebook Application
microSD Memory Card

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Original Poster

Forgot to add, I looked in other stores and they was still £80/£90.

and i've just looked on Ebay and they are like £100.

No they're not, most are selling for around £70, or a little bit higher if they are unlocked.
If you sell on Ebay then you will probably draw even after the massive Ebay and Paypal fees.

Well done for bringing it not buying it

Terrible phone though

Why do people say brought !!!

Original Poster

I ment bought, sorry!!

my local phones4u were doing this today for the same price but also you got a 25 quid h+m voucher,AND a years magazine subscription to a range of mags including total film or fhm.

and I still wouldnt buy it!

I ment bought, sorry!! ...........meant
they was still £80/£90..........were
I brought one of theses yesterday ....these
I brought a Orange one ........an
a O2 .............ditto

Sorry for being picky....I wouldn't normally correct anyone online,never mind a lady......but as you apologised for one mistake,I thought I'd mention some others.Hope you're not offended, and I make mistakes myself of course!
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