LG GW620 - £25/ month on Tmobile 18 month Contract With 17months 1/2 price line rental @BuyMobilePhones + quidco
LG GW620 - £25/ month on Tmobile 18 month Contract With 17months 1/2 price line rental  @BuyMobilePhones + quidco

LG GW620 - £25/ month on Tmobile 18 month Contract With 17months 1/2 price line rental @BuyMobilePhones + quidco

Great Android phone with a range of features including GPS, WIFI, 5mp Camera etc

It Says out of stock but you can still add it to your basket and just receive an email from them saying they will dispatch your phone when it is in stock (10-15 days). Phone is £280 unlocked from play.com but with this deal your paying just £237.5 over 18 months after redemption and just £212.50 if you recieve £25 Quidco cashback


Phone: LG GW620 InTouch Max
Network: T Mobile
Contract Length: 18M
Amount: £25/month
300 cross-network mins + 300 texts and internet/tmobile calls/landlines/texts

Phone Specs
Weight 139 g (with standard battery)
(length, width, height) 109 x 54.5 x 15.9 mm
Standby Time Up to 500 h
(in optimum conditions)*
Talk Time Up to 7 h 40 min
(in optimum conditions)*
Phone Memory 150 MB internal memory
SIM Card Memory
Ringtones 10
Composer no
Vibrate yes
EFR yes
WAP yes
Dual Band no
Tri Band yes
Fax Data no
Predictive Text Input yes
Changeable Covers no
Infared no
Support 2nd Line no
GPRS yes
3G yes
Games yes
Polyphonic Ringtones yes
Colour Screen yes
Downloadable Ringtones yes
MMS yes
POP3 Email yes
FM Radio yes
MP3 Player yes
Bluetooth yes
Voicedial no
Downloadable games/features (java) yes
PDA no
Built-in Camera yes
Picture Messaging yes

18 month contracts are redeemed in 5 equal stages after bill 4, 8, 12, 15, and 18


Just got one of these phones. It's an ok phone but has niggles.

My gripe after 48 hours of owning one is :
Can't add your own java games, there is a folder for java downloads but you can't upload to it on your pc.

Wi-fi works great but for some reason i got charged 3p each time i connected at home to the web even when the wi-fi was showing as connected (t-mobile)

No way to scroll without touch screen unless you slide out the keypad. Most phones allow you to use the +/- buttons on the side of the phone to scroll but the lg only adjusts the volume. Shame as it's difficult to scroll using touch without opening an app.

The home key is so touchy, you find apps just close midway because you passed near the home key.

Very few games available, other than the ones on android market which aren't very good.

No way to view images/pictures ???? has a gallery but this shows either just videos or ALL meaning you can't just view your pictures without videos being mixed in?

Very very slow camera. Almost unusable. However there is an app available called quick cam that improves this.

Good points:
Great 3g speed when out and about
Easy to use and connect to wi-fi
Lots of apps available (most not very good) Compass one is cool
Seems to run most htc/g1 games so if you can get them they should work on the lg.

Not bad for the price but not great either.

Shame this isn't confirmed a 2.1 update.

I dont wether to go for this or the i5700 on the 24 month contract.

I Like the phone but it has faults that could easily be fixed. Also divx support does not mean it plays divx files. Divx files will not play unless converted to divx mobile.

I hope lg release an update soon as it would be a great phone.

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