LG KE970 Shine £219.99 PAYG Orange + £5 Quidco

LG KE970 Shine £219.99 PAYG Orange + £5 Quidco

Found 7th Mar 2007
Exquisite Design with a Luxurious Metal Casing

Incorporating a mirror LCD screen and encased with the protective and alluring properties of stainless steel, the KE970 has been meticulously designed to leave a lasting impression.

A stunning screen that shines when needed, reflects when not
* Hidden beneath the sleek, mirror finish of the KE970 lies a bright LCD screen that shines through when needed.
* 262,000 colour, 240x320 pixel QVGA display.
* Use the screen as a viewfinder for the 2 megapixel camera.
* Supports Photo ID so photos of contacts will appear on the screen as soon as they call.
* Customise your display with photos or wallpaper to make it truly your own. With the support of Flash Lite, use exciting Flash files to decorate your screen.

2 Mega pixel camera with Schneider-Kreuznach certified lens

* Stunning 2 megapixel camera featuring a Schneider-Kreuznach certified lens.
* Schneider-Kreuznach is world renowned manufacturer of industrial and photographic optics. This fantastic lens helps ensure perfect results, every time.
* Autofocus
* Flash
* Take photos up to an amazing 1600 x 1200 in size
* 2 x digital zoom
* 6-time continuous shooting feature
* Store photos and videos in the KE970's photo or video gallery. You can even store them on an MicroSD memory card.
* Take and send photos to your friends using Bluetooth, MMS and Email.
* Supports PictBridge technology so you can print your photos without the need of a PC.

Multi-function scroll key

* Incorporating an intuitive design, navigate settings, contacts, messages, documents, photos and videos with the minimum of effort using the KE970's multi-function scroll key.
* The key allows you to scroll up, scroll down and button press making navigation an easy task.

Music and video at your fingertips

* With the built in music player, listen to your favourite tunes on the go.
* Quickly access your music by pressing the dedicated MP3 button.
* The music player supports MP3, AAC, AAC+ and AAC++ file formats.
* Use MP3, AAC and AAC+ and polyphonic files as ringtones
* Record 3GP videos and playback your favourite moments using the video capabilities of the KE970.
* Various settings and effects are available to help ensure your videos look great, every time.
* The KE970 also supports Flight Mode meaning that the KE970's calling abilities are disabled so you can still listen to music, watch videos play Java games and more in locations where mobile phones are prohibited, such as aboard aeroplanes

Wireless connectivity with Bluetooth

* Bluetooth technology allows wireless communication between compatible devices. Talk handsfree with a Bluetooth headset or exchange files with another Bluetooth compatible device.
* Supports A2DP so you can stream music, in stereo, to a compatible Bluetooth device such as a Bluetooth stereo headset!

Expandable memory slot and portable mass storage device

* MicroSD memory card slot will ensure that you will always have space for more. Support memory cards up to 2GB in size.
* Connect the KE970 to a PC using the supplied USB cable and it will become a mass storage device. Drag and drop files such as music, photos, videos and more straight to the phone and you can carry them with you wherever you go. No software is required for the PC, simply plug and play!

Document Viewer
* With an inbuilt document viewer you can view and transport .ppt, .doc, .pdf, .xls and .txt files

Expensive for a phone but one of the latest out, please post if found cheaper on PAYG or SIM Free elsewhere and any opinions as im thinking of purchasing one.


£199 in carphone (stock is unlocked sim-free too) plus usual £10 top-up.

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Adidas Addict

£199 in carphone (stock is unlocked sim-free too) plus usual £10 top-up.

Online? Network? Link?

Adidas Addict

£199 in carphone (stock is unlocked sim-free too) plus usual £10 top-up.

Cant see any LG PAYG phones @ Carphone Warehouse :roll:

Is that deal in-store or do you have a special link Adidas Addict ?


In-store only. Bought one for the wife on Sunday and well impressed.

Sorry yes, its instore. I work in CPW (for my sins). Can't remember networks TBH, I think Orange and O2. If its on O2 you can do a PAYG upgrade and not have to buy any top up (as with any O2 PAYG in CPW) £10 trade in too. Always worth checking CPW instore as the website takes months sometimes to get the latest phones on PAYG, where as in store we can pretty much do most phones on PAYG as soon as they come out.

95% are fully unlocked and sim-free whch is much better than nasty network branded PAYG phones. If anyone ever needs to know if any are sim-free unlocked versions just hit me up on IM.:thumbsup:
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