LG KG800 "Chocolate Phone" Pink or Black on Virgin PAYG - Just £149.99 + £45 FREE airtime.
LG KG800 "Chocolate Phone" Pink or Black on Virgin PAYG - Just £149.99 + £45 FREE airtime.

LG KG800 "Chocolate Phone" Pink or Black on Virgin PAYG - Just £149.99 + £45 FREE airtime.

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The Carphone Warehouse have the popular LG KG800 Chocolate phone in a choice of Pink or Black on Virgin pay as you go for just £149.95, with £45 FREE airtime!! So in effect, the phone's costing you just £104.95. Purchase via QuidCo.com for £5 in cashback. Delivery is FREE!!

The LG KG800 is a smooth, slider phone and looks like a chocolate bar. The external keys are actually invisible, they light up red when ready to use. It has 128 MB internal memory with an MP3 player and MPEG4 video player. The KG800 also has Bluetooth and a 1.3 megapixel camera with flash and video record.


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I've got one of these - lovely looking phone and do like it - EXCEPT - be warned if you use your phone a LOT or for business it's pretty rubbish.

It constantly drops signal - by that I mean - full signal when phone rings - answer and other person can't hear you - look at signal and it's non-existant.

Where previously (like in my house) I would have full signal I'm lucky if I get one bar on this phone - I end up moving around the house trying to talk to people.

One other thing is even with full charge overnight I'm lucky if I get a full day using it without needing to charge it again.

This phone is like a pretty pair of shoes - looks great but hurts like hell after a while!

Thanks for this ducky Nice looking phone and Thanks katrb for the feedback ;-)

price down to £139.95 + £45 airtime, and it's still in stock!!!

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Thanks paperclip.

Still there, does anyone know how to find the phone via quidco as cannot find it anywhere on the site, only via that link

Go through ]http//ww…se/

then paste




This might work? Unless someone can find it on the site. The above method has worked for me with CDWow.
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