LG KG800 Chocolate (White)  - term cost £52 @ OSPS + £42.50 Quidco cashback !!!!

LG KG800 Chocolate (White) - term cost £52 @ OSPS + £42.50 Quidco cashback !!!!

Found 28th Oct 2006
OneStopPhoneShop has LG KG800 Chocolate (White) mobile on clearance with £1.99 for 11 months (12 month contract) on Orange Canary 30 tariff.

Term cost is just £51.89 for this fantastic mobile. By going through Quidco, you can get £42.50 cashback, thus the term cost after Quidco will be just £9.50 !!!!! Reliable cashback from OneStopPhoneShop too which is a part of CarphoneWarehouse.com

Here does how the cashback offer works?: Automatic Credit of £59 sent via cheque to you within 90 days. Cashback of £83 Redeemable at Months 4, 8 and 12 of your contract.

LG KG800 : The LG Chocolate is a gorgeous mobile phone offering a red-glowing navigation touchpad, 128MB of internal memory, 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth and MP3 player, tri-band GSM and GPRS support - all that incorporated into a slim slider shell.


The normal original chocolate one is on this exact same clearance one too from OSPS
edit: Although looking at ebay completed listings, the White one is obviously rarer so more valuable and going for £160-£200 BNIB once unlocked which can be done for a tenner on this phone

Some reviews of this phone:



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Thanks Schizoboy for the extra info

White edition looks really cute with descent specs ....

3D view >>here

Sorry guys, where is this deal? I can only find it on an 18 month contract?



Heya Edi. I've made the link direct for you now...

Should be fine now tmay99. :thumbsup:

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Welcome to HUKD tmay99

Deal is still there. Follow the link in OP and select the White KG800 offer on bottom right. This deal is 4th in the offer list as shown below....


Edit : thanks ducky

That looks like an Affiliate link! It is hidden with Tiny URL, but it looks like it goes via AffiliateFuture.co.uk!

Aren't you meant to be a mod???? :-( :-( :-( :-(

I do believe the monkeys being paid peanuts to pay for this site went on strike....

I think it's a HUKD link cr362!

Yep, it's a HUKD link. :thumbsup: It's just on Tiny URL because the [ square brackets ] in the OSPS link mess up with the forum's URL tags which also use the [ ] codes and it makes a mess and the links don't work.

Remember that until Tuesday you'll be able to get £42.50 via QuidCo for this transaction.

A similar offer is also available at e2save who are doing 10 months free on the Canary 30 tariff, that's a term cost of £60.

That way you have a choice of which company you prefer to go with without much difference in cost. ;-)

Click here to go to that deal now...

Good spot cr362 and Thanks for pointing it out, as it could have been a third party affiliate link!

Welcome to HotUKDeals by the way...

New to this great site.....am after a cashback phone, this looks like a great deal - does anyone know if it's possible to port a number across from orange Pay As You Go to one of these type of cashback contracts phones with orange, when using Quidco & cashback etc?


It's possible, i think, call orange to confirm, using the numbers transfers team, lost their number unfortunately, orange seem quite flexible with their sim cards, so even if you get a new one with new number, you can probably tell them to discard the new number and to redirect your old number to the new sim card number (all networks effectively do is redirect your mobile number to your unique simnumber which is logged into their network)

This deal is still available today but you may notice that the redemption terms have changed. They are now:
Direct Credit* sent via cheque to you : £59
Cashback*** Redeemable at Month 6 of your contract : £62.25
Cashback*** Redeemable at Month 8 of your contract : £62.25
Cashback*** Redeemable at Month 10 of your contract : £62.25
Cashback*** Redeemable at Month 12 of your contract : £62.36

And at this price this is, of course, a clearance deal, not 'untouched-by-human-hand-since-manufacture' new.
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