LG KP 500 Cookie monthly contract 300min + 200 text, £30 per month 12 month contract, 8 month free, + £60 Quidco, total cost £60 @ Dial-a-phone

LG KP 500 Cookie monthly contract 300min + 200 text, £30 per month 12 month contract, 8 month free, + £60 Quidco, total cost £60 @ Dial-a-phone

Found 5th Mar 2009
LG KP500 Cookie
T mobile combi 30, £30 per month, 300min+200 text
8 month free, equal to £240
£60 Quidco @ Dial-a-phone
Total cost for 12 month contract is just £60

I know it is not extramly cheap, but the phone is lovely.


my OH got this deal but through anougth site with only £40 quidco great deal through as long as you remember to send off cashback vouchers

what happened to the 12 months free 12 months contracts - or the 12 months contracts with huge auto cashbacks?

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free 8 month, you need to claim £240 back

I don't know why this is not discussed or voted much.....

This could work out for £1.25 per month !!!
(30*12)=360 - 240 cashback = 120 - 45 YAW = 75 - 60 Quidco = 15 / 12 months = £1.25 per month

I ordered one on 06 March and got it delivere today(11 Mar). Quidco tracked as well as I received message that I would receive £45 because I ordered it thru "You At Work" (dialaphone.co.uk/you…rk/). If everything works as planned, the whol contract would work out for £1.25 per month for me and give a Free hand set, 300 minutes and 200 texts whaich is excellent. Also my brother received a message that £20 would be credited to his account thru RAF.

I have edited the OP for adding the £45 You At Work.

is cookie a good phone?


is cookie a good phone?

I liked it. It is a basic touch phone, light weight and has all the basic functionalities. I have not explored it much, however from what I have seen so far I liked it. It does not come with a additional memory card. So if you want to store huge amount of music and photos, I think you need an additional card. The touch screen is good. May be less than 100 grm weight !! Not fat like my old SPV M600.

Also Dial-a-phone has given the dates when to send the bills for the three cash redemptions Claims. So I believ we have enough time to make sure they received in hence get it paid. For example, it says about the Redemption Claim 1.

Redemption Claim 1
"For your claim to be valid you must send us, by post, your bill (original or clearly legible copy) that is dated between 10 Aug 2009 and 10 Sep 2009 (pleaserefer to actual bill date rather than the bill period). This must be received by us between 10 Sep 2009 and 10 Nov 2009."

"Proof of posting is not proof of receipt by us. Only Royal Mail Recorded Delivery receipts will be accepted as proof of delivery"

Here is a little catch!!, however normally this does not happen I believe.
"If you have followed the instructions above we will send you a cheque for the amount due. We reserve t he right, should we choose, to change our payment method in the future. For example, we may apply credits to your airtime accunt instead of crediting your bank account or vice versa."

"The bill submitted must be the original or clearly legible photocopy. It is vital that the bill submitted clearly shows your name, address and mobile number in order for yourclaim to be processed. We do no require the itemised billing section."

"We will endeavour (but are ot obliged) to contact you within 10 days of receipt by us of your claim to confirm that we have received your claim, but if you don't hear bak from us please contact us urgently prior to the expiry of the time limit for redemption so that we can confirm whether or not we have receive your claim. It is your responsibility to enure that we received your claim in good time to enable you to check whether we received it and to confirm this with us if you haven't herd from us before the expiry of the claim deadline."

looking for something like this on orange.. any ideas? Thats the only sim that works by me!
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