LG L226WTQ 22"Widescreen LCD Monitor Black/Silver 3000:1@ 2msDVi 1680x1050 £199 Pre-order ETA:14/05
LG L226WTQ 22"Widescreen LCD Monitor  Black/Silver 3000:1@ 2msDVi 1680x1050 £199 Pre-order ETA:14/05

LG L226WTQ 22"Widescreen LCD Monitor Black/Silver 3000:1@ 2msDVi 1680x1050 £199 Pre-order ETA:14/05

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ETA from here - ETA: 14/05/07
overclockers.co.uk/sho…-LG BTW its £223.24 inc VAT @ Overclockers £23 MORE!

The best image quality with the leading contrast ratio in the industry. Experience the clearest, sharpest images available today on an LCD. With the LG FLATRON, the colors literally jump out at you. With an unbelievably quick response time of 2 ms, LG FLATRON LCD Monitors are more than capable of meeting your every requirement.
Your video games never looked so good.

- Viewable Area: 22 Widescreen (1680x1050 Resolution)
- Interface: Analog / Digital
- Response Time: 2ms
- 16.7M Colours
- Contrast Ratio: 3000:1
- Viewing Angle (H/V): 170°/ 170°
- Brightness: 300cd/m2
- 3 Years On-Site Warranty with LG


If it's 2ms then very good price

This monitor probably won't be in stock until June like the Play.com 22inch TV one, as it's a new model.

Found it listed on the German LG site, and it is HDTV compatible via the DVI-D connector which has HDCP.


Translated spec by Google

Functional elegant Design in silver/black Ultra fast panel with short response time of only 2 ms grey to grey Ultra high contrast of 3000:1 with DFC (digital Fine Contrast) Large point of view of 170°, ideally for the fastidious Office or CAD Cam user. More place on the display by high WSXGA+ dissolution (1680 x of 1050 pixels) for the representation of finest details, and additional place for tool borders. Format-filling representation of two DIN-A4 sides at the same time. 33% higher resolution opposite 19 " display. F-engine LG' s world first picture-better chip guarantees crystal-clear and brilliant pictures without color distortion in real time ez Zooming for a larger representation with only one depressing the key Hp able and by DVI-D entrance with HDCP copy protection support Additional VGA 15 pin D-Sub entrance to the enterprise at two computers Integrated power pack High ergonomics by TCO03 certifying and trick slope foot Narrow housing framework, therefore ideally for multi-monitor jobs Prepared for swivel arms and Wandhalterungen after VESA FDMI (100 mm) Certified for Windows VISTA

Type of display TFT-LCD asset matrix Screen diagonal 22 tariff (55.88 cm) Display format 16:10 Active image plane 473.86 mm x 296.16 mm Pixel pitch 0.282 mm x 0.282 mm Pixel configuration RGB strip Wide angle technology TN (Twisted Nematic) Oberflächenvergütung hard Coating (3H) anti- glare Color representation 16.7 million Maximum dissolution 1680 x 1050 @ 60 cycles per second Physical dissolution 1680x1050 Brightness 300 cd/m ² (typically) Contrast relationship (dark area) 3000:1 Responszeit 2 ms (grey to grey) Point of view 170° horizontal, 170° vertically Horizontal frequency range 30 - 93kHz Vertical frequency range 56 - 75 cycles per second Pixel frequency 135 MHz Multi-CAN support 1680x1050 (60 cycles per second) 1280x1024 (60/75Hz) 640 x 350 (70 cycles per second) 720 X.400 (70 cycles per second) 640 x 480 (60/75 cycles per second) 800 x 600 (60/75 cycles per second) 832 x 624 (75 cycles per second) 1024x768 (60/75Hz) 1152 x 870 (75 cycles per second) 1152x900 (65 cycles per second) Memory modes 13 by the factory preset, 10 user-definable Monitor attitude OSD with function keys Adjustment possibilities digitally over on screen display brightness, contrast, horizontal and vertical position, OSD position, Clock, phase, color control, sRGB, gamma, language (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish, Polish, Russian, Greek), white balance, resetting, info. manually power, car, OSD, OSD barrier, f-engine, entrance Entrances (video) - Entrances (TV - audio) - Input signal RGB similar to (0.7 V) digitally Synchronisation separate, Composite, SUCTION Eingangsbuchse 15 pole. D-SUB, DVI-D (with HDCP) VESA Plug & Play DDCCI Voltage range 90 - 264 Vac, 47 - 63 cycles per second Capacity enterprise:

Received mine from Scan last month, very pleased with it. A good alternative to the Samsung 226BW.

There seems to be 2 versions of this monitor, both with the same number, one shows 5ms (already available) and the other 2ms (available soon?)

Here is a site selling the existing 5ms model


What has been added to this site is a pre-order for a NEW version of the monitor that offers 2ms.

Here is an overview of the NEW monitor from the main LG site


It says it is 2ms response.

How you are supposed to be sure you order the NEW monitor and not the OLD monitor I am not sure.

The 5ms one is L226WT and the 2ms one is L226WTQ

But if you look at my first link above, to the MicroDirect site, that is offering the 5ms one.

But if you look across to the right where it says Manufacturers Code it says
L226WTQ not L226WT

Wow... Killer monitor! Exactly what I'm looking for! Will wait till it's back in stock though.
Voted hot.

very nice... i'll await some real stock before purchasing but I will be doing exactly that! Thanks.

You may want to check out a big discussion on Hard Forum about this monitor, and the different model numbers.

Only had a quick look, but seems like the WTQ model is best to avoid due to panel issues.

Link here:


Voted Hot! !

A word about the Dynamic Contrast Ratio (DCR) technology...

The real contrast ratio of the monitor is 1000:1 which is still very good, only few monitors have better ratios, and they're nowhere near that sort of price. The technology that boosts that to 3000:1 is quite simple (see link below), but is not always good, particularly for movies.
To be honest our TV is 1000:1 and it's good enough for the darkest movies, so don't let this stop you. But don't buy the 3000:1 marketing stunt, you could be disappointed, and might not even use the DCR feature.

Here's a review of its little 19" brother:

I still think I'll get one when they're back in stock, at that price it is still an unbeatable offer, even at 1000:1.

An option to bear in mind, and in stock, is the Asus one;

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