Unfortunately, this deal has expired 20 May 2024.
Posted 18 May 2024

LG LED UQ81 60 inch 4K Smart TV 2022 60UQ81006LB with LG membership + auto discount and referral code

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Refer yourself for 10% off, plus 10% auto applied, and register for a further 5% welcome coupon. Credit for the method.

Refer yourself here

LG refer-a-friend programme Link (lg.com/uk/…al/)

Dimensions and Weight
  • Screen size: 60 inches.
  • Size of TV H78.3, W135.6, D5.75cm.
  • Size of TV with stand: H85.5, W135.6, D34cm.
  • Width of TV stand 78.4cm.
  • Weight of TV without stand 17.1kg (unpackaged).
  • Weight of TV with stand 18.5kg.
  • Suitable for wall mounting 300 x 300 bracket.
  • Length of cable: 1.5m.
  • Packaged size H96, W149, D20.3cm.
  • Packaged weight 24.1kg.

LG Electronics More details at
LG Electronics has currently Make your First Order and you and the referrer both get 10% Off campaign, if you want to use it you can do so from this .

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  1. AJ10's avatar
    Nice deal

    You can also use an additional 5% off with the Welcome Coupon. So 3 vouchers totals to £278


    52769165_1.jpg (edited)
    MrSwitch's avatar
    Which one bud?
  2. Drekly's avatar
    Does anyone know if it's an IPS or va panel , cheers.
    i_need_bargains's avatar
    VA according to Display Specifications website
  3. Bargainhunter_13's avatar
    Bought one for the man pad, 20 mins later order is on hold.
    LG don’t know there a-hole from there ear hole if you ask me.
    Sammy786's avatar
    The on hold email is standard. Had that last week, and then it changes. TV was shipped on the chosen date.
  4. Amazing's avatar
    Only 1 year warranty. Better to go with companies at offer 5 year for a few bob more.
    Itssocheap's avatar
    One year warranty is rubbish. Check your consumer rights. An item must last a reasonable amount of time. We had an issue with our LG TV when the power supply board developed a fault after 15 months. LG washed their hands of it but the retailer (Very) paid out for a private repair when I pointed out my rights. You can claim up to 6 years for an item to be of expected quality and usage. It's a different scale in Scotland. Hence most of these extended warranties are pointless and are only good for accidental damage. Your house insurance may cover that anyway. (edited)
  5. BigBellyNelly's avatar
    Also looks like 3% topcashback available
  6. park104's avatar
    Thanks I got a Lg 70 inch for £330 with discount codes
  7. rarefriend2121's avatar
    How to get 5% welcome coupon
    i_need_bargains's avatar
    you get it automatically when signing up for a new account
  8. Azaroth's avatar
    I end up with 352 £ with 3 coupons for the 60'invh TV. Is the TV price gradually getting more expensive ? (edited)
  9. kris1234's avatar
    5 years warranty it’s always worth . My £800 Sony Tv from John Lewis after 4 years stopped working. A replacement, new one coming on Thu . 
    MrSwitch's avatar
    5 Year Warranty on an £800 TV defo worth it, on a £270 TV, not so much
  10. kris1234's avatar
    Yesterday JL was selling Panasonic 58inch for £ 189 52769819-3qKsS.jpg
    MrSwitch's avatar
    Today LG are selling this for £278
  11. Sebzo92's avatar
    Owned 3 LG flatscreens in the last 15 years, all still work perfectly
    litwoojczyznomoj's avatar
    Secretly rooting for my 12yo Panasonic plasma TV to give up ghost.
  12. Raiper's avatar
    Hot! Very hot, actually!
  13. rich6891's avatar
    Thanks I've ordered at 278-57 great deal, much appreciated
  14. mgk's avatar
    280 quid for a 60" wow, so cheap nowadays
    BattleBeast1's avatar
    And it's a good TV, I paid £429 in January and I don't regret it.....That price is a steal.
  15. OllieB96's avatar
    OllieB96's avatar
    Not sure if this is a good deal?
  16. thetruth5's avatar
    Took the bait and got 70" for £330
    messiahcomplex8's avatar
    No buy button when I try the other sizes of the TV
  17. ChimpMaster's avatar
    Back in stock my g's
  18. Infinite.Element's avatar
    Must... not... buy... (edited)
    RGB's avatar
  19. yaboy's avatar
    Hot !!!
  20. Dealmaker's avatar
    wow that's cheap
    BattleBeast1's avatar
    And it's a good TV.....I have one.
  21. yodawggangsta's avatar
    No northern ireland again GREAT
  22. audievo's avatar
    how do i do this self referral for extra 10% tia
    mark_mcd123's avatar
    me too having trouble with this one. I gave up. I'm assuming the referred account to needs to "buy" something to make the voucher for the referee become valid. Every time I entered voucher got an error message. Not planning to buy 2 TV's!
  23. Bargainhunter_13's avatar
    I self referred before I even signed in, literally clicked on link that’s on LG website and shared to my own whats app.
    it sends the link there where you sign up and get code.
  24. yug0's avatar
    Jumped through the hoops all to be told delivery limited to the UK mainland only
    jimbobfrank0's avatar
    Did the same thing, wasn't impressed
  25. Marcopolo666's avatar
    Did I need it no, did I buy it yes. Thank you Mr.
  26. World's avatar
    The math ain’t mathing.
    Gunnerr4life's avatar
    I see what you did there
  27. G3n3ralWast3's avatar
    2022? thats so 2 years ago. im saving myself for the next year's tv
  28. Drekly's avatar
    Anyone who has one what are your thoughts on viewing angles . TIA
  29. RGB's avatar
    Is this with air remote?
    MrSwitch's avatar
    I think it comes with the magic remote, yes
  30. damascus2's avatar
    Ordered cheers
  31. QCSF's avatar
    Is the os fast? I’m seeing mixed reviews although I appreciate good for the price, not sure worth spending more
    Alexander__'s avatar
    I have it and it can be laggy. Not got to the point of getting TV box yet
  32. raz_73's avatar
    I can't find the guarantee on this can someone help please.
  33. ThatWiggyLad's avatar
    I can do only get down to 341. Expired?
    jkhera989's avatar
    How many coupons are you applying ?
  34. hayeshaun's avatar
    Amazing deal
    50hz and hmdi 2.0 only
  35. ThatWiggyLad's avatar
    52770462-S6Uu5.jpgAny idea why I'm stuck at 303, can't get it down to 279
    Unkept_Legend's avatar
    Looks like your missing the new account sign up code
  36. jans's avatar
    Would somebody be so kind as to give me some advice on how to get the referral coupon please?
    I've signed up to their site and had the email/account confirmed and added the tv to the basket. However, the only 2 coupons that are showing at the checkout are the are the sign-up welcome coupon and the 10% Football coupon. No referral coupon even though I went through the process of referring through the link provided above and the recipient (a different email account of mine) received an email confirming the 10% referral discount. I don't know what I've done wrong, but that referral coupon hasn't applied at all and the total is £315.71 (edited)
    Unkept_Legend's avatar
    You get a code on the email where you sent the referral
  37. RagnarUK's avatar
    Great price and TV for the money 💰💰💰💰
    Cheap as chips 🍟 🍟 🍟 🍟 🍟 🍟
  38. NBLon's avatar
    OOS now
  39. Adrian_Lindsay's avatar
    Great deal but now oos ☹️
  40. abs7786's avatar
    If only it was 55, this is bigger by 5" then I would hope
's avatar