LG LM620T 47 inch LED Smart 3d HD tv £679.95 @ John Lewis

LG LM620T 47 inch LED Smart 3d HD tv £679.95 @ John Lewis

Posted 4th Oct 2012
Reduced by another £70+, 5 year guarantee.
Excellent reviews.
The LG 47LM620T Full HD 47inch 3D LED Smart TV is packed with features and 4 pairs of glasses to bring home the magic of CINEMA 3D to share with friends & family.

The 47LM620T Smart TV provides your gateway to a world of web-based apps – from catch-up TV services such as BBC iPlayer to your favourite social networks like Facebook & Twitter.

The LG 47LM620T Full HD 47inch 3D LED Smart TV has freeview HD built-in you can enjoy free high-definition TV with stunning picture quality boosted by LG’s cutting-edge motion processing.

Comfortable 3D Glasses
CINEMA 3D TV technology makes LG 3D glasses the pick of the bunch in terms of comfort, light weight and affordability, bringing home movie viewing to a whole new level.
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That's the 42inxh version, add delivery and no 5 year guarantee
D'oh! My bad, apologies!
has to be cold from me ... a friend told me that a manager of a local comet he knows was dropping a lot of recent LG models due to consistant major faults ... sorry no more detail than that
Ha. Not true, LG have dropped their contract with Comet due to them being at death's door, financially.
Comet recently sold for £2 and laid off staff from repair centres that they closed to save money.
I think they did this price reduction because of me. I asked for a price match with richer sounds when it was £749 a few days ago. They agreed to the price match. I checked the site and it was actually reduced to this price without the need for a price match hehe.

Now that ^ is definitely a cool story, bro
got this tv from here at this price amazing love it
not a bad tv tbh... the only thing is the sound...

got this tv from here at this price amazing love it

when did you order it ?
i bought this on saturday for £749 . do i have any chance of a refund ?
Had it 3 weeks got a price match at this price from Robert whyte It's a great set
It is a good price, but I do not like "smart TVs". I think the "smart" features will age much faster than the rest of the device. If you get a PVR separately, you are much more flexible.
I love the smart thing
Had a 660T (this in a nicer box). Fantastic TV until after 6 weeks the free view only emitted a loud drilling noise and it would constantly reboot. LG could not repair it and eventually, after some staggeringly poor customer service - read the whole sorry tale here - it was returned to me to sort with the retailer. At my time and expense. Good one.

In short - LG, great TV when it worked but Customer Service who couldn't organise a bunk-up at an orgy.

Edit - As this is JL, you get their warranty so to be honest you're better of here as JL will be your port of call not LG. So hot, begrudgingly!

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Sounds a bit like t mobile who I'm currently on hold to them it's 52 mins and counting
I'm on my 3rd 660T and will probably be returning that due to banding. Makes watching any fast moving sport a horrible experience. Otherwise they are a great range of TVs with some great features.
Just sent my third one of these back to John Lewis this morning. Great tv for the price - but the banding / dse (dirty screen effect) on these sets was terrible. Was only noticable when watching football or golf, but unfortuntately I wasn't prepared to live with this given I paid almost £700! John Lewis were great and swapped / refunded no problem. Apparently LG sets are the worst for this problem - many people don't even notice it unless it is pointed out, but once you see it you can't unsee it!

Now have a Sony 46HX753 (from Costco) which in my opinion is a much nicer looking tv and I feel the picture is also better than the LG. Sony also works great out the box - whereas you need to fiddle with the settings on the LG (e.g. tweaking / turning off truemotion).
My sister has one that she bought from Amazon a few weeks ago and the picture is chronic ive been and tried to get the best even going on the AV forums for settings and its still ****, avoid this TV.
I got myself a new tv last month. I had my heart set on an LG but ended up settling with something else because of the serious amount of bad press regarding recent LG tvs. I think they were even taken to court over misleading information on some advertised specifications regarding bluray comparability. Banding, poor viewing with sports, sound issues and screens restarting. Hit and miss getting a good one (apparently) Didn't take the risk. Was pretty gutted as the passive 3D looked ace.
I got a Sony 46HX753, absolutely cracking TV, well worth the extra spend.
I got a Sony 46HX753, absolutely cracking TV, well worth the extra spend.

i bought this on saturday for £749 . do i have any chance of a refund ?

I take it you bought it from John Lewis? I bought a Panasonic tv from JL (which I absolutely love...don't think I'll buy any other brand in future, fantastic tv) and then noticed, after about a week, that it had dropped almost £70 in price.
I sent a VERY nice email to JL customer services telling them that I knew I could return the tv for a refund and then re-purchase again at the lower price but - to save all the hassle both to myself and the store - I asked if they would be willing to refund the difference?
They were nice as pie and refunded immediately. It maybe helps that I have a JL account, but I think they would have done it anyway. JL are a great retailer and I try not to go anywhere else for bigger purchases because of good service like this.
Back in stock just ordered
whats the code to get this deal? thanks
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