LG NB2530A 100w soundbar built in subwoofer £99 at Crampton & Moore

LG NB2530A 100w soundbar built in subwoofer £99 at Crampton & Moore

Found 2nd Jun 2014
£99 here, £119 on offer at Tesco, RRP £169.
LG NB2530A 100w soundbar built in subwoofer.
I have ordered one not sure of stock availability.
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I have one, not a bad bit of kit for the money.
thanks for the tips deanos, very close race!
Free delivery times are 3-5 working days hi-spec but electicshop 5-7 day later?
£2 % more and it is mine by Friday ?
You can get them at Richer Sounds for £99 in stock if you cant wait! lol
I need one with Few hdmi inputs and one or two with outputs inc with optical connections .....
I was thinking of getting two of these will they both work together of my tablet,does any one know
Order received today. Delivery expected tomorrow!
I just got one of these from Richersounds today. What a pile of rubbish. The bass on "bass mode" at FULL volume for the subwoofer is still pretty much none existent.

Will be going back tomorrow. If I have to pay restock age fee fine.
I will recommend Crampton and Moore, great price and was dispatched for next day delivery.
I have not tried other soundbars but your right Rich-G the product is not very good.
Set the woofer to 6 (it defaults at 1) and it is loud. Much better than the TV speakers but I have surround sound system for the DVD movies, nothing can compete with speakers behind you and tower sub woofers!
Oh well I spent £99 for a noisy TV sound LOL
I was able to get a full refund.

3d sound mode with bass set to 6 (the highest it goes) was about alright. But 3d sound mode was a bit too processed for things like movies and music.

Putting it back to natural everything just went flat. Granted the treble was more distinguished but the bass was pretty much non-existant.

I had the Roth Sub Zero 2 that had to go back due to a fault but fault aside that was amazing for bass which shows it is possible to get good bass sound form a subwooferless soundbar.

All in all I wasn't impressed with the LG.
One thing I did like about the soundbar was that it looked very nice. The Roth one was a bit too tall causing it to sit in front of the sensor on the telly. The LG looked pretty slick.
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