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Posted 6 September 2023

LG OLED42C34LA OLED evo C3 42" 4K Smart TV, 2023

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Cheapest I have seen it on HUKD yet.
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  1. HotAddict's avatar
    Still too expensive.

    I'm in no rush so will wait until Black Friday and see if it gets closer to the £700ish price point that the previous model had last year (edited)
    Deedie's avatar
    im sure i paid about £550 in the end for the c2
  2. JD_'s avatar
    I wanted to get the C2 55 inch this year. Looks like they are gone.

    My budget is £800. What are my options?
    C3 = too pricey even on Black Friday I suspect.
    Samsung - Best option?
    Panasonic - Best option?
    Zillawill's avatar
    I really like the 43" QN93C I got from Costco, black levels honestly are close to my LG CX 55", you see little blooming on pure black screens with loading bars stuff like that, but in actual gameplay it looks great still, it blows the CX away in brightness especially SDR scenes, viewing angles could be better but £700 after cashback is pretty solid
  3. harry0206's avatar

    1 year at lg you can get the code from perks at work if you go for the g3 they should do 5years but that’s Lots more pennies

    50933362_1.jpg (edited)
    pukenukem's avatar
    Thanks for the heads up. I have this discount, so torn. I really want at least 5 years on such a buy, but annoying that LG only offer 1, is it worth that discount though. Hmm.
  4. Moss.b's avatar
    People paying that for 42 crazy
    pukenukem's avatar
    They're not crazy, it's just about what's right. To begin, there's little competition at this size, for a long time nobody made decent TVs under the 55inch mark and still very few do, so there is undoubtedly a premium price tag for it. I think this is the only 'fantastic' TV under 55inch but happy to be proven wrong, but not aware of any others. Also, people like OLED for gaming now as well, and 42 is probably as big as you'll want to go for a desktop screen, and finally there's the likes of me that need a smaller TV for the space I'm placing it.

    My previous 48 inch TV was too big, it fit, but it looked wrong and was a dominant feature in the room, the current Samsung 43 is much better but we hate the TV, it was a bad purchase on my part. So that's moving to the garage as a gym buddy TV, and we're getting this. My only concern is that we'll see the picture quality on this and want to replace my now 7 year old 65" 4K LG OLED, I'm curious to see how much they've come on.
  5. 1silviu1's avatar
    Cheapest 42' was less than 800£
    adam.yacub's avatar
    For this model? Where
  6. mittromney's avatar
    Maybe as Cricket world cup soon we wont see any good deals for now?
    PeteParC's avatar
    I doubt we won't. Cricket ain't exactly a popular sport. (edited)
  7. Fergout's avatar
    My parents have just ordered this from Currys. £100 more but you get a sound bar and sub worth £400 and they wanted one anyway.
  8. stuellis's avatar
    Good deal but managed to order one over the bank holiday for £900 but it was account specific.
  9. Assured_Brother's avatar
    Was £999 for the 55" yesterday so not a good deal, and was John Lewis too Vs Amazon "we send you a brick rather.than a tv" corruption warehouse
    ASuwan22's avatar
    £999 for a 55" C3????
  10. AzeemB's avatar
    its really misleading for LG to stick 10 years on the photo.

    its 1 years warranty with amazon

    and there may be a 5 year warranty being offered by LG but that offer might have gone now
    eoinf's avatar
    That's not a warranty duration. It's just an ad.
  11. Aberdonia's avatar
    You can get a c845k 65 inches for a similar price.
    The c845k is a stupendous telly.
    Zillawill's avatar
    How's gaming mode on them? I've only really seen 1 review on YouTube and it was mainly from movie watching perspective
  12. Sharif_Mohammed's avatar
    It’s a great deal but was 699 I think for the c2 last year Black Friday
  13. Crossbow's avatar
    1silviu1's avatar
    I bought one 42C3 for 780£ a few days ago as last year I missed the C2 for 699 and after that it was more expensive and also not in stock. I think this year everting is more expensive and I don't think we will see the 42C3 for less than 700. If will be cheaper than 700 good luck for further buyers. Anyway the C3 work great as a PC monitor at 4K 120Hz, i'm happy I didn't wait longer as it's more superior to my previous LG led TV.
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