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LG OLED42C24LA 42” C2 OLED Smart TV - 5 Year Warranty - £699 Delivered with code (My JL Members) @ John Lewis & Partners

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Beautiful picture
“Very sharp and crisp picture. Really shows up some of the old video quality. Very satisfied.”

Product Details

The C2 ensures an exceptional and immersive 4K HDR viewing experience on LG's renowned OLED screen. It features their OLED evo technology, combining supreme contrast, 100% colour accuracy and pixel-perfect detail with the a9 Gen5 AI 4K processor and Brightness Booster tech. Use the award-winning webOS smart platform to stream shows from such apps as Netflix and Prime Video*, and you can interact by voice with both the Google Assistant and Alexa built in.

4K OLED Screen
The pixels of the Organic LED display are self-illuminating, adjusting independently, for true depth and colour gradation. This 4K OLED screen produces impeccably deep blacks, bright whites, and scintillating colour. This revolutionary technology has been mastered by LG for stunning picture quality, and from any angle.

4K UHD resolution with Dolby Vision HDR
This screen has four times the number of pixels than Full HD TVs, delivering stunning realism, natural motion and incredible detail. High Dynamic Range expands light, dark, and every colour in between for a picture that's closer to real life. This set supports multiple HDR formats including Dolby Vision.

a9 Gen5 AI processor 4K
LG's processor, the brain of the TV, automatically detects and optimises the content you are watching for a superior picture and sound experience.

Exceptional cinema and sport experience
Exceptionally sharp pictures, crystal-clear sound and the deepest black levels, plus Filmmaker Mode, deliver movies as the director intended, for an immersive cinematic experience. And with uncompromised image quality at any angle, and the smoothest motion no matter how fast the action, it brings the intensity of the sporting spectacle into the home.

Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos sound
Together, Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos audio ensure even more immersive entertainment, providing awe-inspiring drama to every genre.

Powerful gaming
Ideal for next-gen consoles, get the competitive edge in gaming with 1ms response time and accelerated processor speeds. Plus pro-tools like HDMI 2.1, G-Sync, High Frame Rate (4K/120p), Variable Refresh Rate and Game Optimiser options.

Eye comfort display
OLED provides safer and more comfortable viewing, thanks to flicker-free technology and certified low blue light levels, for less fatigue to the eyes over the longer watch.

webOS smart platform
LG's award-winning webOS platform revolutionises how you experience your entertainment. With quick and easy content discovery and switching, there's more entertainment available than ever before. You can stream from all the most popular services like Netflix, NOW TV, Prime Video, Disney+, Twitch, and more.*

Voice control & smart compatibility
This TV has the Google Assistant and Alexa built in, so you can get answers to questions while you're watching TV, and control compatible smart home devices.

Help & Support

John Lewis More details at John Lewis

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  1. Avatar
    Can someone give some help on difference between this and the other LG OLED screens around this price at John Lewis.. cheers
    From pocket-lint.com/tv/…nut

    As below - Basically - There are A, B, C and G series panels. A's are entry level going up to 'G' for premium. 'C' is considered best 'bang for buck' in terms of price and performance - Especially if you are gaming.

    The LG C2 OLED TV comes in many sizes, with some of the models also featuring the same OLED evo panel as the G2 above.

    They also run on the A9 Gen5 AI processor and covers all the tech above to boost the visuals on the screen, along with support for 120Hz. There are 4x HDMI 2.1.

    There are different stands depending on the size you choose - and the new 42-inch model means there's a premium OLED TV at a smaller size, ideal for bedrooms. There are different speaker arrangements depending on the size you buy.

    The LG OLED B series has always been a little more affordable than the C and that's because, while offering a great 4K OLED panel, it uses an older processor, the A (Alpha) 7 Gen5 AI.

    It still supports a full range of technologies, with Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10 Pro, HLG and Filmmaker Mode all supported, as well as Dolby Atmos. But the sound system in this TV is 20W from a 2.0 speaker arrangement.

    It has 4x HDMI 2.1, as well as offering a 120Hz display

    The LG A2 OLED sits at the entry point for LG's OLED TVs in 2022. In doing so, it makes a couple of little cuts, with a 60Hz refresh rate - so this isn't a TV that's going to suit gamers wanting top performance.

    Otherwise, it offers a full range of TV tech to make your visuals look great, with at 4K resolution, Dolby Vision IQ, Filmmaker mode and all the rest, but like the B2 OLED, users the A7 Gen5 AI.

    It's more affordable, but it's also slightly less premium with a more simple stand. There's 20W speakers in a 2.0 arrangement.
  2. Avatar
    Dont forget anybody annoyed they bought one earlier when JL was selling it at £799 a couple of weeks ago that JL refunds the difference if its cheaper within 35 days. Just filed my refund for £100.99
    Woop Woop. JL took an hour to process my refund but the best news is they ignore vouchers!!!!!!!! I bought mine at £950 with an extra £150 off voucher and today the TV is £799 with a £100 off voucher so JL had refunded me £151 this morning

    So my LG 42" has only cost me £649 :cool: Double win!!!!!!!
  3. Avatar
    Should I buy from john lewis or get Richer Sound to price match? Not too fussed about the difference in guarantee, just want the best customer service for those 5 or 6 years. Thanks
    I may be wrong, but I believe JL is the only company to cover Burn in with their additional warranty, which is highly unlikely but always nice to have that peace of mind if you are concerned (edited)
  4. Avatar
    I’ve watched a couple of reviews on this as a monitor and the main thing seems to be that it auto dim the screen after a while, especially when it’s on a white page for example. Does anyone else have anything to say about using this as a monitor?
    Use it daily and it does do that by default (you can turn it off apparently by going into a service menu, which I might do) but it's not actually too bad you just need to change the screen a bit (switch a tab or move a window about) and it goes back to full brightness right away, the problem is it happens gradually and you don't notice until you realise you're squinting at the screen. Even with that I absolutely love using this screen as a monitor. I've had so many oled screens without issue including a 5 year old laptop so I really don't have any concerns about burn in
  5. Avatar
    Would a screen thie size be worth getting for my first OLED TV or is it too small to take full advantage of the tech?
    Thinking of replacing my 40' HDTV with this (mainly used for PS5, 4k films & streaming).
    The benefit of OLED is the pure blacks and infinite contrast which you’ll experience it at any size. Bigger is always better if you have the space for it though.
  6. Avatar
  7. Avatar
    Very nice, first deal I feel is on par with the argos one I bought a few weeks ago. Very happy with the TV, using as my main work monitor in the day and for gaming in the evening. One thing I'd suggest is looking up picture settings as by default the picture is very blue, no idea why they would make a display this good and default to such unnatural colour
    How far back do you sit in order for it to be comfortable as a monitor? Cheers
  8. Avatar
    Can you get the same price in store?
  9. Avatar
    Hi,am disgusted with John Lewis! I bought this TV less than 35 days ago and because it's a discount code they will not price match my previous purchase from them which was £799.00 with discount code,so there 35 day price match is a load of (edited)
    I just filed mine, bought my tv at £799 18 days ago and within an hour they have refunded me £151. Not sure what you di dwrong? (edited)
  10. Avatar
    Is it worth getting the burn in protection? I'm only going to be using the TV for gaming and occasional movies at max 3 hours a day.
    These days, it is absolutely not worth it.

    Plasma was much more susceptible to burn in. I remember actually seeing it happen temporarily with Sky TV in the 00's when leaving a radio channel on for a couple of hours and then moving to a different channel.

    The Nintendo Switch OLED literally took 6 months of constant on static display to show a small amount of screen burn.

    This is a money making scheme by retailers.
  11. Avatar
    Does anyone know if this is the same panel used in another brands monitor of similar sizes ? I've forgotten the name ! I had a terrible experience with John Lewis a couple of years ago and a IPad I never received (number of very very bad reviews at time on trust pilot) and others hear had trouble. I wasted hours on the phone and waited weeks and weeks.

    I'm about to check latest reviews as I really think I want to bite at £699.

    How easy are John Lewis returns of your not happy with the quality or backlight bleed levels ect ? I remember 6 years or so ago they wanted to send someone out to view before when that was given as a reason.

    I like Amazon's person and hassel free returns as I have problems buying monitors or TVs as I have eyes that notice to much.

    Thanks for any help. Great price though
    Richer Sounds are/were price matching this on Friday if you prefer to purchase from them.

  12. Avatar
    Does this play content from it's AppleTV app (films bought on itunes) in 4K, or only 1080p?
    I remember reading somewhere in the past that you had to have an AppleTV device to get 4K.
    4k / Dolby vision
  13. Avatar
    Anyone who has one of these - What is the VRR like on this? is the VRR flicker particularly bad?
    Can only speak for the 65" through PS5 and it's fine. Think the 42" is a different panel, not that that should effect it though??
  14. Avatar
    I've been waiting on this for a while, was able to finally get it with the burn in coverage . Made an account just to thank you, absolute legend!
    Is burn in coverage standard or do you have to buy the £90 cover?

    Thanks and enjoy your new TV
  15. Avatar
    Is the 5 year accidental cover for £90 worth getting?
    If you have kids. Yes. Lol. Otherwise depends on your situation.
  16. Avatar
    Paid £668.50 using employee benefit scheme voucher on top of the discount (edited)
  17. Avatar
    I have been hoping JL would go sub £700, Ordered as a monitor so burn in protection for £90 is a bargain.
  18. Avatar
    Stonking deal. Super super hot. Got mine back in July for £950, I feel ripped off!! It’s literally half price from what it was at launch earlier this year (£1400).


    Use mine as a PC monitor and will never go back to non-OLED now. It’s perfect.
    that's my intention - any tips? how to avoid the task bar burn in? any burn in issues?
  19. Avatar
    Ignored a saved myself £699
  20. Avatar
    That's one sexy price
    You should see my monitor screen. It's not pretty lol (edited)
  21. Avatar
    So the actual price has dropped from £949 to £799 so if they want to play the voucher game then the actual drop has been £150. If they cause any grief I'll buy another one and return the original purchase
    Hi, can't return mine as opened and used now , can't believe they are saying because it a discount code they won't match my previous purchase which I used to discount code ?
  22. Avatar
    Just got this in store with:
    My jl discount £100
    Partner 12%
    Paid with jam doughnut app. 4%
    Final total:
    £699*.88=£615.12 price paid today
    615*.96=£590.51 eventual final price once jam doughnut discount received.
    The jam doughnut difference is in points
    £24.61=some transaction fee of 30p
    So £24.11 or so cash out. (edited)
    How did you get the 12% off further?
  23. Avatar
    Not me paying £1,034 in like April.
    Fair play to you for going for it though. How have you found it after a few months use? I'd be interested to know your feelings on the panel.
  24. Avatar
    Crazy that the Sony 42a90k is still double.
  25. Avatar
    Hi i ordered 12th but inovice from 18th from Hughes for £759 can i do something with that you think guys ? Thanks (edited)
  26. Avatar
    This is rubbish as a monitor, too many problems. I'm going to get the 27 inch 1440p oled 240hz when it comes out in December.
    Would you mind elaborating please? I’ve just ordered one to be used as a monitor including gaming via pc,ps5 and xbox. Would appreciate your feedback. Thanks.
  27. Avatar
    Had this since the 10th Nov from richer sounds and they've just processed a £100 refund for me as part of their Black Friday price promise
  28. Avatar
    I was due to take delivery of this today after purchasing from a deal on Amazon. 1 yr warranty and 50 more. Cancelled the delivery and pulled the trigger. Thank you for sharing
  29. Avatar
    Can anyone recommend a wall mount / bracket for this TV? ( as flat to the wall as possible) So many to choose from so would prefer a recommendation. Thanks
  30. Avatar
    This sites app .... is getting uninstalled. Gonna bankrupt me.

    Bought. and got £27.92 cash out using Jam Doughnut app to purchase eGift cards.
    So Total cost. £671.08
  31. Avatar
    Damn this site. Seriously.

    I was not in the market for one of these, at all. I've been happily playing on a 24" 4K 60hz IPS monitor for the last couple of years. But this is just too much of a good deal to pass up, it's literally the ultimate console gaming display. (edited)
  32. Avatar
    Bought. Happy to pay £11 more over the RGB deal for peace of mind with JL.

    Sending back my new 28” ASUS TUF monitor at hoping this will be the perfect monitor/gaming display for me.

    Thanks OP
  33. Avatar
    Bought it , thank you
    Additional services

    5 year guarantee included
  34. Avatar
    Thanks, great price!
  35. Avatar
    I bought one, £699 was my biting point.
  36. Avatar
    Sold!… I love this place, thanks OP 💸💸💸💸
  37. Avatar
    Won’t deliver to NI, just like the Costco deal yesterday. 😩

    Great deal otherwise! (edited)
    Time to move to England pal
  38. Avatar
    Great deal, bought. 
  39. Avatar
    anyone getting an invalid code even though they are logged in?
    You need to join the JL memebership for the code to work
  40. Avatar
    Been waiting a long while for JL to put a deal out on these. Thanks for posting mate. £790 for the TV + 5 year burn in warranty is great
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