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LG OLED48C34LA 4K OLED 120Hz TV 48” C3 - £660.77 / 42” - £624.02 - With LG Members Sign-up, Welcome 5% code and LG Referal Code

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α9 AI Processor 4K Gen6

A Decade of Evolution at Its Core
Enter the world of α-realism¹, refined over 10 years of innovation. A portal to new universes and the sensation of feeling like you're really there. Be the main character surrounded by the exceptional picture and sound refinements of α9 AI Processor 4K Gen6.

AI Sound Pro

Step Into a Realm of Cinematic Sound
The movie theater comes home with AI Sound Pro. Heart-pounding, room-filling, crystal-clear audio surrounds you for a level of immersion that's virtually unheard of.

Brightness Booster

Behold Even Brighter OLED
LG OLED's iconic self-lit pixels shine brighter² ³ than before with the Light Boosting Alogirthm⁴, Light Control Architecture, and other refinements driven by α9 AI Processor 4K Gen6.

Synergy Bracket

Screen and speakers in harmony
Designed specifically for LG OLED C3, the bracket fits seamlessly to your TV, whether mounted to the wall or placed on a stand. As well as being a sleek match for your interiors, it pushes the Triple Up-Firing Speakers to reach their peak potential.

Ultra Slim Design

Boundary-Defying Dimensions
Sleek in virtually every way. LG OLED evo C3 blends into the background with almost invisible bezels⁶ for a screen with no boundaries. Watch its slim dimensions, refined over 10 years of design iterations, harmonize with your space.


No Backlight Necessary
Pixels reachest their brightest, most brilliant potential when they stand alone and shine without the dull glow of a backlight.

Ultimate Gaming

Embark on Epic Gaming Adventures
Feel like a winner every time you play. A blazing-fast 0.1ms response time, NVIDIA G-Sync compatibility, AMD FreeSync Premium, and VRR support come together to create a clear, smooth picture that can't be rivaled, while the gamer-oriented UX and simple game streaming let you dive straight in and play on.

Game Dashboard & Optimizer

Game Settings at a Glance
Apply the ideal settings for your game genre and playing environment with Game Optimizer. Dive into Sound Tab and amplify the action or Game Tab to make sure everything looks and feels just right. There's no need to pause. Simply access the menu from Game Dashboard, which hovers over the action while you play.
LG Electronics More details at
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  1. Jules.Tohpipi's avatar
    Be aware that LG’s customer service reputation is in tatters across all products. For not honouring repairs while in warranty. Lots of complaints every month. uk.trustpilot.com/rev….uk
    Matholwch's avatar
    That’s very worrying!
  2. MrRobot's avatar
    Got it for 750 a few months ago and thought that was good! I use it with my ps5 and it’s stunning! HOT!
  3. David_Rippon's avatar
    They don't deliver to NI, bastads
  4. BeyondLogic's avatar
    Thanks for this, but I can't get the referral code to apply.

    "xxxxxxxxx is a code that is not available on the product or is not valid."

    Other 2 codes apply fine. Not sure what I'm doing wrong here.
    NicholasOkeefe's avatar
    Same here I'm getting it for £748.87???
  5. BV84's avatar
    FYI, not an EVO panel on this model despite LG’s marketing. Not as bright and a higher chance of burn-in. Get the 55 inch version if you can. (edited)
    Bee_Kayy's avatar
    i think for 42 inch its more fopr a monitor than tv
  6. drex's avatar
    Hot hot hot…. And that’s just the tv. Fabulous tv
  7. Renegade211's avatar
    Once you go OLED you can’t go back
    mattk's avatar
    You're right about that. I had a B6, B7, now own a CX and G3. Lg just have the best price/performance. Yes Sony scores a little higher here and there but not enough to justify the extra cost of a Sony over an LG.
  8. Sunshine26's avatar
    Its a G rating in energy efficiency- thats not good when you can get tvs at A..

    How much does this equate to in cost per say kwh? (edited)
    TheDodger's avatar
    Make sure you're looking at current spec for energy efficiency on the "A" tv. Because they changed the ratings after all modern displays were getting top ratings, hence why this is now a G. Imo I'd rather pay more anyway for a top spec oled it's hard to go back to anything else
  9. sergiup's avatar
    Omg that is CHEAP, for this..
  10. Nobull's avatar
    Is this best 4k gaming set for under £800? Possibly.
    AJ10's avatar
    Not sure about monitors but TVs yes. (edited)
  11. Chris_Wok's avatar
    Stonking deal, thank you for this!
  12. Da2283's avatar
    Didn't need a TV, at this price it's rude not to! This bloody site
    wolex's avatar
  13. fatyan's avatar
    Amazing price! Ordered. Many thanks
  14. Giza100uk's avatar
    Great deal and ordered the 48 inch screen. Managed to get offers stacked. To top off had just over £650 in my quidco account so cost just under £10. Can finally get rid of my dying tv with purple bits on the screen
  15. Koko57b's avatar
  16. manjbains's avatar
    Thanks OP all works as described. My sister wanted a oled for a long time. Much appreciated
  17. sully01's avatar
  18. khodos's avatar
    Amazing, thanks. Ordered the 42 inch to use in the office for my personal computer and gaming. Had to use chrome on my phone, vivaldi both on computer and phone would not accept the referral code, it did in chrome no problem.
    BV84's avatar
    Not great to use as monitor. Due to WOLED pixel arrangement and burn-in as 48” is not a EVO panel.
  19. malcyplop's avatar
    Thank you OP. 
    ordered with the codes and worked a dream 
  20. WelshCai's avatar
    Looks like they’ve increased the prices
  21. Brinky4282's avatar
    Anyone know whats the warranty on this?
    Koko57b's avatar
    Register on-line and you get 5 years
  22. redmm's avatar
    Can anyone recommend the best review sites to look at for tvs? I am overwhelmed by all the different types. My current Samsung has developed a flickering glitch so I need to replace but would like something with longevity if spending a lot 🙈. Is this the best 48”-50” tv for around this price bracket for general TV viewing in a living room? Thank you so much (edited)
    Tbtbtb's avatar
    I normally use rtings.com for reviews.

    I have a LG55A2 and a 65C2 very happy with both. (edited)
  23. Arkz's avatar
    Crazy price, I paid £60 less than this 2.5 years ago but for only an A1.
  24. Alicon's avatar
    does it work on bigger models as well?
  25. Seh6345's avatar
    Thanks bro, got the 42" (size constraints on my wall , otherwise the 48" was the move for only £35 more)
  26. Sunshine26's avatar
    48 inch ordered.. thanks!
  27. CocoMK's avatar
    Ordered, but received an email 2h after the payment saying "item on hold"...
    GG10987's avatar
    Same for me...
  28. mattcampbell68's avatar
    Paid 720 a week ago for the 48 inch great TV though. Used AV Forums video for optimum settings
  29. MK2's avatar
    Anyone know how to get the vouchers to stack? Was working last night but wasn't able to order it

    Can get 10% "football" and the 5% welcome, but not a BL code or a referral
    GG10987's avatar
    If you mean applying the codes, rather than generating the codes - I ordered using my tablet. I had to (1) enter the referral code; and (2) then activate the code, the option to do this is directly underneath where the code is inputted (if memory serves the referral code was the only additional one I had to activate). When you activate all the codes you should see the desired price displayed.
  30. TomBaldam's avatar
    Holding back every inch of my body wanting to buy this.
    Brinky4282's avatar
    Yeah same
  31. WorldUK's avatar
    One thing I can say is LG OLED tvs are amazing! White goods not so and their customer service is slow as hell and take forever to sort things out.
    But I got old b8 65" in living room 5y old and amazing, I got the same c3 48" in bedroom now and amazing, bought it in Feb this year for 750 thanks to work perks code

    For anything, OLED is the Way to go!
    Cant wait to upgrade my pc monitor to OLED too haha
  32. helal94's avatar
    Wow, what a price. I wish this was here a few months back when I opted to buy the C2 48”. I woulda preferred the smaller size but it wasn’t on offer!
  33. 1question's avatar
    I tried a StudentBeans code, but it didn't seem to work. I get 10% from the football discount and 5% for new memberrs, but nothing else for the 42".
  34. Timmmmeh's avatar
    Has this ended? Starting price before discount codes showing as £979 and not £881 for the 48” for me?
  35. Real_Loki's avatar
    52778686-VBFPB.jpgI'm only getting a price of £734.27 for 48", not £660.77. Please can anyone tell me what am I doing wrong?

    Think they've increased the price. (edited)
's avatar