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Posted 18 May 2024

LG OLED42C36LA 42” C3 4K 120Hz OLED TV - With LG Members Sign-up & Using Blue Light Code / Student & Other Discount Scheme Codes. 5-yr War.

£665.62£80517% off
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42 inch C3. With 5 year warranty.

You need to use either your BLC code or any other discount schemes such as Student Beans, teacher discounts, Smart Spending, and Santander Boost etc have the same 10% discount offer also along with LG 10% off football event.

Make sure to be signed in with LG members for an extra 2% off.

The C3 has been replaced by the C4 so therefore even though this deal appeared a week ago they won’t be around stock forever.

LG Electronics More details at
LG Electronics has currently Make your First Order and you and the referrer both get 10% Off campaign, if you want to use it you can do so from this .

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  1. DKHAZ's avatar
    The 5 year warranty doesn’t apply mate, it is only on the G and 8k tvs. I wish it did (edited)
    mankymanning's avatar
    It's included. Got my d&G thing though the post about 6 weeks later
  2. zeebuilder's avatar
    A good PC monitor?
    goport's avatar
    I have the 48" - its too big for sure. I get neck ache looking up
    42 is spot on size wise. As for picture its awesome for games and movies but for productivity I have the pixel brightness turned down to 13% and use standard user settings. Its fine but the screen is reflective.
  3. khodos's avatar
    If someone could dm a code I'd really appreciate it, moving house soon and want a TV for my office
    2861445's avatar
  4. nllinux's avatar
  5. Jules.Tohpipi's avatar
    Be aware that LG’s customer service reputation is in tatters across all products. For not honouring repairs while in warranty. Lots of complaints every month. uk.trustpilot.com/rev….uk
    Vish1's avatar
    Reviewers say the same for Samsung too. And in my house I’ve got both TVs. Not that I needed customer service yet but it’s not fair to say they’re poor at customer service. I think people expect a McDonald’s 1 min service these days and in reality it’s not achievable
  6. UserRNaaamE's avatar
    I grabbed this 42 the last time this deal came, including additional cashback %.

    I use as a desktop monitor and it’s absolutely incredible.
    Dawson1990's avatar
    Ditto I got mine for £800 in December it’s been amazing
  7. Matt538's avatar
    I’ve seen a YouTuber using this as a monitor, I wonder if there is any reason not to if one is comfortable with its size. Last time I checked, a decade ago, TVs as computer monitor was a huge no no
    Dawson1990's avatar
    I use it as a monitor it’s absolutely incredible 10/10
  8. nwr122's avatar
    Starting price for me seems to be higher than yours @Wilbs80 ...any suggestions?
    52778449-iSwsO.jpg (edited)
    justjamming's avatar
    Yeah I am finding the same and it won't stack with a 5% code either for new users
  9. cava83's avatar
    That's so cheap
  10. bluem4gic's avatar
    5 year Warranty

    Full Terms and Conditions

    1. This Promotion is open to residents of Great Britain aged 18 or over, excluding anyone professionally associated with this Promotion.

    2. Purchase is necessary. Internet access and a valid email address.

    3. Promotion Period: Purchase between 00:01 BST on the 24 May 2023 and 23:59 BST on the 31 December 2024 inclusive.

    4. Offer: Purchase an OLED or QNED TV online at LG.com, within the Promotion Period to receive a free 4year extended warranty on the product purchased.

    5. Participating LG products: All OLED and QNED TVs

    How to receive 4-year extended warranty:

    a. After purchasing a participating product,

    b. The 4-year extended warranty certificate will be sent to you via our 3rd party, Domestic and General.

    5 year extended warranty
    DKHAZ's avatar
    Thanks so much for that. Have you got the link for that anywhere? That being the case I have not had anything sent to me from domestic and general….
  11. horstachio's avatar
    Bargain and an amazing TV
  12. IOCounty's avatar
    If anyone has a blue light code I could use I'd be eternally grateful. I've been looking to buy this for months now at the right price.

    Thanks 🏻
    sharzz100's avatar
    Do you still need a code, message me directly if you do
  13. Hunterx878's avatar
    Does the brightness of these fall considerably short of the G2? Shame the 65" is disproportionately not s steep of a discount.
  14. Maximo's avatar
    Been looking for this deal!! Any chance somebody could kindly send me a discount code please, this would finish off my PC setup nicely! Many thanks!
  15. Domislice's avatar
    I cannot get the Bluelight 10% promotion to apply to this TV. In the T&Cs for the promotion on Bluelight there is a link to the LG football promotion, which is an existing voucher already. How did you get the codes to stack?
    gajamaflake's avatar
    Input the code then you tick both boxes
  16. sully01's avatar
    Would this deal work on all sizes need the 48"
  17. Liam_Tainton's avatar
    Any chance someone can send me a code to use?
  18. R0b0c0p's avatar
    Any chance of a code being DM’d to me please 🤞
  19. jonesy_iow's avatar
    Both my student codes wouldn’t apply, has anyone got it working?
  20. bluecoolest's avatar
    I keep having a coupon error :/
  21. Liammatthewgray's avatar
    Can someone Dm me a code please?
  22. essexlad72's avatar
    can get the 55"for £807.77
    Liammatthewgray's avatar
  23. Stesha83's avatar
    Thanks, bought to use as a monitor with my 4090.
  24. paul9999's avatar
    Thanks. £624.02 for 42”..
    iTzRossco's avatar
    hi mate , how did you get it to £624 ?
  25. Scandalicious's avatar
    Amazing tv, got this shooting out of my tv bed the picture is insane
  26. Jabingla's avatar
    What an incredible deal! If anyone could send me a code I’d buy you a pint! 👏👏
  27. RoneyRone's avatar
    Any codes going
  28. TorianLok's avatar
    Could I get a code as well please?? Alternatively does this work for perks at work?
  29. Ayrshireguy's avatar
    Would appreciate if someone sent a code thanks.
  30. hot2shop's avatar
    Another request for a code, please.
  31. supedaj's avatar
    Can someone share a code please? Thanks in advance
  32. Dawson1990's avatar
    I have this as a pc monitor it’s absolutely amazing and so is that price !
    IgnatiusJ's avatar
    What computer/PC do you use with it, please?
  33. Giles84's avatar
    I'm a bit late but any codes going? Thanks
  34. IOCounty's avatar
    Anyone got a code please? 🤞🏻🙏🏻
  35. jazzuk777's avatar
    This much for a 42in tv and from Lg at that? No thanks... I've had LG beforr
    edengarden's avatar
  36. St1ng3r's avatar
    Would love a blc thanks in advance
    St1ng3r's avatar
    Please somebody help me with a Code 🙏
  37. rollin182's avatar
    Wow great price
  38. R0b0c0p's avatar
    Would jump on this given the chance / if I had a code but sadly not
  39. kar999's avatar
    Superb TV. I'm really pleased with mine & would highly recommend it.

    Gets great reviews & won What Hifi best 42" TV award...

    whathifi.com/bes…tvs (edited)
  40. toy.peerawas's avatar
    I used 55CX before and definitely would recommend the C series but I have recently relocated and need a new TV. Any chance I can get the BLC as well, please (edited)
's avatar