LG OLED55B7V JUST DROPPED TO £1349.10 @Amazon WITH 5 year warranty!

LG OLED55B7V JUST DROPPED TO £1349.10 @Amazon WITH 5 year warranty!

£1,349.10Amazon Deals


Says £1,699 now?
Here we go... Again
I'm hoping for XE900 to drop below £900 or XE8 to drop below 600 now!
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Strange pricing, you can see from the 55" and 65" options you have at the bottom that £1,349.10 wasn't actually available! Hopefully it's a sign of what it could come down to by friday though?
i think its been posted more then 3 times with the same price but stock is in and out
As mentioned above the price is £1700
Most likely the seller had 1 or 2 in stock and its sold now.

The original image says 3 sellers but now theres only 2, so not much stock.
The price is direct from Amazon... I assume people are cancelling their orders which puts the odd one or 2 back in stock?
The 65 inch was at 2249 too...
It will be back soon enough.
Managed to get the 55 at 1349 for amazon but too small really.

Amazon support will not amend price anymore under any condition even if your item hasn't been dispatched as requested the 1249 price earlier as already had it ordered on higher price.

Gone bit silly now where they are amongst the meanest in the business from the ridiculous generous stance of before

Edit - typo 2249 not 1249
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It's back on at £1349 on Amazon, at 11pm on Monday 20th
Seems to have settled on the £1499 price point most places have it at just now.
65B7 also settled at £2499. Still a few days until ACTUAL Black Friday. Still a chance of a decent reduction!
Has anyone got theirs yet... Amazon just e-mailed to apologise for the delay
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