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Posted 2 December 2022

LG OLED55CS6LA 55” CS OLED TV - £829 delivered (with code) @ RGB Direct

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True darkness brings the light
LG OLED pixels light up independently with no backlight to dull their glow. Now, dark areas are perfectly black with no light bleed or halo effect. Envision a crisp picture with unmatched depth.

Dazzling darks, luminous lights
With no backlight to dull their impact,self-lit pixels achieve the deepest blacks for crisp contrast in every light. Visuals are more defined, so you can make out subtle details your eyes usually miss.

OLED Design
LG OLED TV’s world-leading technology becomes even more incredible when you experience the unimaginably thin and light design. Your OLED TV will merge seamlessly and elegantly into any room of your home, enabling the brilliance of OLED wherever you want it.

OLED Cinema.
Sharp picture for more immersive movie.
LG OLED transports the most immersive cinema experience directly to your home. Exceptionally sharp pictures, crystal-clear sound and perfect black levels deliver movies as the director intended.

Home to all your favourites.
Streaming has never been easier. Get all your must-have apps like Freeview Play, NOW TV, Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and more on LG’s webOS smart platform.

Awe-inspiring drama to every genre
Dolby Vision IQ intelligently optimises picture settings based on content genre and ambient surroundings, while Dolby Atmos delivers multi-dimensional surround sound — a powerful combination that produces breathtakingly cinematic results.

Beauty meets brains
The brains behind the beauty. Following deep learning advancements, LG's α9 Gen 5 AI Processor uses Body and Object Enhancing to detect and sharpen people and things in the frame. Foreground and Background Enhancing maximizes the field of depth for outstandingly lifelike image quality.

Think you know smart? Think again.
LG ThinQ is here to maximise your TV experience. Choose your favourite voice assistant and control your TV with your voice with an all new home screen to provide more convenience and control.
LG ThinQ allows simple command and control of your Home IoT ecosystem with natural voice recognition*. With Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa built-in, you can control your LG OLED TV with your voice and access entertainment faster.
PRC Direct More details at PRC Direct
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    48903973-0QKKp.jpgTried getting a price match with Currys. Rejected on account of the VAT number not being displayed on their website. Pushed them on their terms and conditions and was told this: (edited)
    Currys are a bunch of clowns. I used to work for PRC 15 years ago, definitely not fraud or unauthorised, very good family-owned business. Currys should look at their own selling practices to realise who is the fraudulant one.
  2. Avatar
    I think the price has gone up unfortunately
    It's actually still available on RGB Direct for £829 (I actually got the retailer name wrong in the description, both are similar companies), though with not great warranty
    rgbdirect.co.uk/Pro…6LA (edited)
  3. Avatar
    Complaints Dept.
    RGB Direct
    543-549 High Road
    Ilford , Essex IG1 1TZ
    VAT No. 542 4521 66

  4. Avatar
    That's probably the best price I know of for the 55 inch CS. Have some heat OP.
    No i got it for £800 but i wouldn't say no to buying for this extra £29. Just be careful on warranty... I'd pay the extra for JL or Costco.
  5. Avatar
    Sorry what’s the diff between CS and C2? Is it the evo panels are a bit brighter? (edited)
    Yes, that's it
  6. Avatar
    Had this delivered last week, very nice indeed. I actually turn down the brightness to level 2 while gaming because it's ridiculously bright in my room.

    I suppose the C2 is what you need if in a conservatory or maybe on the surface of the sun. (edited)
    that's reserved for the s95b or top range QLED models. Useful if you are on a desert island, have a load of solar panels and need to spend the week there on an all inclusive. (edited)
  7. Avatar
    Best price atm but has been £830 with RS week or two before black Friday with code, and then even at £800 from Box with code. Will wait for £800 hopefully in the new year for it.
    It was £800 before, i got it but cancelled for 65" C2.
  8. Avatar
    Got a price match from Richer Sounds (through telesales). I paid £819 with 6 year guarantee and delivery in 3-5 working days. Thanks OP!! (edited)
    Me too but they didn't give me the extra £10 off.
  9. Avatar
    got currys to price match + discounter currys gift cards from work. came out to £780 for this tv
    Will they price match in store?
  10. Avatar
    Amazing price. Paid £850 to RS with 6 year warranty - still waiting delivery.
    Will they price match?
  11. Avatar
    Can get the 65 inch for £1189 with code, which is very competitive even with the best Black Friday deals from John Lewis / Hughes. Easily the best price available now for those who missed out. Not sure if worthy of a separate deal. (edited)
  12. Avatar
    C2 has EVO screen and is brighter and weighs a 1/3rd less. CS is an updated C1 with updated processor. Few other changes too. Few links below.

    If you are worried about burn in then C2 is way to go. Albeit most here don't seem that worried about burn in. Albeit it can happen. When you get to £830 it's less of an investment anyway. Albeit I would want a new tv to last 5-10 years. (edited)
    All true.

    That's a lot of albeit
  13. Avatar
    Got Currys to price match and used gift vouchers to bring the price down to about £800
  14. Avatar
    RGB Direct or PRC direct? What's the difference.. (edited)
  15. Avatar
    Currys have just provided me with a price match code but advised it won't come active until tomorrow.
    Isn't it already tomorrow?
  16. Avatar
    I called richer sounds, they are saying they'll only price match if the guarantee is the same?
    Rubbish. They will price match 5 year deals. (edited)
  17. Avatar
    5 Year Warranty – registration by PRC with Domestic & General, Terms Apply.
    Says 5 years on the site. Maybe you have to pay for it, Hmmm. (edited)
  18. Avatar
    Got my one delivered the other day great tv for the money
  19. Avatar
    Anyone know the best picture settings?
  20. Avatar
    I want one of the C1,CS,C2 so bad.
    Not bad enough to buy it?
  21. Avatar
    Great price. Got from JL recently. Having to turn the brightness down, C2 would have been overkill for me. Excellent value. Enjoying lots of 4K content. Matched up to a Sonos beam and one SLs from other deals here. Been a great HUKD month. Thanks
  22. Avatar
    What's the difference between CS and C1/C2? This appears to be a new model this year. The 65C1 at £1200 is a better deal IMHO. (edited)
    Currys had the C1 65 inch for £999 around 3 months ago, wish i had brought it
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