LG OLED55E7N 55" 4K UHD OLED TV £2099 / £1599 after Cashback @ Seven oaks sound and vision

LG OLED55E7N 55" 4K UHD OLED TV £2099 / £1599 after Cashback @ Seven oaks sound and vision

LocalFound 3rd Apr
Clearance - Cheltenham
1 available Clearance - Cheltenham Ex Display Product. All Accessories and Packaging. Full UK Warranty 5 year warranty
(also one in Reading but doesn't say 5 year warranty and one for +£100 more but also no mention of warranty)

Text suggesting still valid for the £500 cash back from LG.

Brings it to £1599!!
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How's the TV business going?
Richer sounds had an display with the cash back advertised so I emailed LG about a ex display model last month they said the cash back has to be used on new tv no refurbishments and no ex display. Assume this is still the case
It is a bit of a gamble getting an ex display Oled because you may be getting a screen with burn in and or banding. Also if you identified a fault would the retailer provide another ex display tv or a new one?

I would rather go for an unused tv at this price point. Still a great tv if you can get a good one at this price.
Is Sevenoaks on the list for the cashback offer ? Im tempted
I agree with Dreamaker - this is quite a high price for an ex demo TV that has had thousands of hours use.

I’m hoping for some big price drops on this model when the 2018 range arrive in the shops, as long as they don’t sell out first. John Lewis told me they have plenty in stock across the country.

I suspect LG have a much bigger profit margin on this model than the B7/E7 which are similar but don’t have the forward facing speakers in the sound bar (or the glass display) - this explains their £500/£800 cashback offer which is only available on the OLED55E7 and OLED65E7.
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