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LG OLED65C24LA (2022) OLED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 5 Year Guarantee £1376.10 Delivered @ John Lewis With Code

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Need to sign up or be a MY John Lewis Member for code to work, but a very decent price on the 65" version of this TV

The C2 ensures an exceptional and immersive 4K HDR viewing experience on LG's renowned OLED screen. It features their OLED evo technology, combining supreme contrast, 100% colour accuracy and pixel-perfect detail with the a9 Gen5 AI 4K processor and Brightness Booster tech. Use the award-winning webOS smart platform to stream shows from such apps as Netflix and Prime Video*, and you can interact by voice with both the Google Assistant and Alexa built in.

4K OLED Screen
The pixels of the Organic LED display are self-illuminating, adjusting independently, for true depth and colour gradation. This 4K OLED screen produces impeccably deep blacks, bright whites, and scintillating colour. This revolutionary technology has been mastered by LG for stunning picture quality, and from any angle.

4K UHD resolution with Dolby Vision HDR
This screen has four times the number of pixels than Full HD TVs, delivering stunning realism, natural motion and incredible detail. High Dynamic Range expands light, dark, and every colour in between for a picture that's closer to real life. This set supports multiple HDR formats including Dolby Vision.

a9 Gen5 AI processor 4K
LG's processor, the brain of the TV, automatically detects and optimises the content you are watching for a superior picture and sound experience.

Exceptional cinema and sport experience
Exceptionally sharp pictures, crystal-clear sound and the deepest black levels, plus Filmmaker Mode, deliver movies as the director intended, for an immersive cinematic experience. And with uncompromised image quality at any angle, and the smoothest motion no matter how fast the action, it brings the intensity of the sporting spectacle into the home.

Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos sound
Together, Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos audio ensure even more immersive entertainment, providing awe-inspiring drama to every genre.

Powerful gaming
Ideal for next-gen consoles, get the competitive edge in gaming with 1ms response time and accelerated processor speeds. Plus pro-tools like HDMI 2.1, G-Sync, High Frame Rate (4K/120p), Variable Refresh Rate and Game Optimiser options.

Eye comfort display
OLED provides safer and more comfortable viewing, thanks to flicker-free technology and certified low blue light levels, for less fatigue to the eyes over the longer watch.

webOS smart platform
LG's award-winning webOS platform revolutionises how you experience your entertainment. With quick and easy content discovery and switching, there's more entertainment available than ever before. You can stream from all the most popular services like Netflix, NOW TV, Prime Video, Disney+, Twitch, and more.*

Voice control & smart compatibility
This TV has the Google Assistant and Alexa built in, so you can get answers to questions while you're watching TV, and control compatible smart home devices.
John Lewis More details at John Lewis

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  1. Avatar
    Who has the better warranty beween JL and Richer Sounds? Is it worth getting it priced matched by RS?
    JL without question, the RS warranty depreciates over it's length.
  2. Avatar
    Man, these oled tvs fry my brain

    Im looking to buy one but never know what the best model and what I should be paying

    Just get the c2 series at the size you fancy. I sit 8 to 10 ft away , and the 55 is perfect any further and the 65 would be better. This is the best price its been for a while and unless you wait until may probably wont go lower. I would only buy from john lewis or richer sounds as 5 year warranty included which is essential i think.
  3. Avatar
    The c3 is expected to be released in April. Is it worth holding on for a further price drop?
    Probably. The TVs usually drop to their lowest between March and May, stock permitting. But this does seem like a decent price.

    C1 65" was around £1200, a very brief drop to £999. (edited)
  4. Avatar
    Does this pass DTS audio to sound bar?
    No DTS support, not through ARC, eARC or even Optical.
  5. Avatar
    Just ordered mine! Can anyone recommend a good wall mount?
    I've got this on mine, but it's overkill and the C2 is alot lighter than the C1

    Sanus Vlf728 (B2) Slim Full Motion Swivel TV Bracket (42-90"), Black amzn.eu/d/1ndfyO7

    Invision is well regarded and alot cheaper, my local TV fitters use them

    Such as

    Deal of the day: Invision Ultra Strong TV Wall Bracket Mount Double Arm Tilt & Swivel for 37 - 70 Inch (94 - 178cm) LED LCD OLED Plasma & Curved Screens - Up to VESA 600mm(w) x 400mm(h) - Max Load 50kg (HDTV-DXL) amzn.eu/d/6nTxtPx

    Unless you need full motion (side to side movement). Either a flat or tilt mount will do as it's stronger (edited)
  6. Avatar
    Cheaper here £999.00 plus £40.99 delivery. onbuy.com/gb/…BwE
  7. Avatar
    Just a QQ (as I am tempted). Will I need a soundbar for this TV (and the Sony/Pana/Samsung OLED TVs)?

    They say it gives 3D/atmospheric sound - but how true is it.
    You have to remember that oleds are thin and there isn't much room for sonics (edited)
  8. Avatar
    Really good find, now the question might be who'll price match it and/or beat it.

    Can probably call richer sounds any they will beat this price by £20
  9. Avatar
    How does this compare to the S95B?
    Better built and better interface, but not as bright (amongst other qualities). Certain members will be along shortly...
  10. Avatar
    This is what I paid for my LG C1 last year. I have no regrets at all. The C2 is even nicer at nearly half the weight! If you're looking for a new TV, this would be great.
    Almost forgot about that. Main selling point of the C2 wasn't just the guaranteed Evo panel but the fact they are so much lighter!
  11. Avatar
    Tempted. 65’, will it work with EARC on Samsung home cinema? Anyone play ps5 with this and how’s it gaming on 120hz?

    Im between this and Samsung neo qled. Have a 65’ Philips from 2020. (edited)
    Yes, the C2 has eARC support on HDMI port 2.

    Note, LG doesn't support DTS, so only Dolby sound tracks.
  12. Avatar
    Great deal, would bite at this price but I'm going away for 5 days on Monday so doubt I'd get it in time, hopefully will be this price again in the next month or so.
    you know you can just delay the delivery date for when you get back?
  13. Avatar
    I have a 65 lg c9 which I live but I feel I wanna update to a new tv , what’s better than what I already got plz guys , thank you
    Wait for the G3 to drop in price. New mla panel which is alot brighter than even the Evo panels
  14. Avatar
    JL extra warranty that covers burn in… worth the extra £150?
    Ignore what every one else says and ask yourself if its worth £150 for 5 years peace of mind? to use the tv how you want without babying it its worth more then £150
  15. Avatar
    Code wont work for me.
    Definitely still works, just tried it. Have you signed up to MY John Lewis johnlewis.com/our…wis as the code will only be accepted if you are (edited)
  16. Avatar
    LG C2 screen burn cover comes only with the additional £150 warranty.
    How is screen burn accidental cover? Its part of the display, and a fault - screen burn is expected as I understand if you keep channels with logos etc open.
  17. Avatar
    Is this the best 65lg on Jl the now, I noticed there wasn’t much price difference between the a, b & c? Not clued up at all in this. Looking for a tv for my sons bedroom for his Xbox.

    C is best g even better but c best value all rounder
  18. Avatar
    Just bit of advice to anyone who is looking for an OLED tv from LG.

    Please be aware of energy consumption, it is variable. And it can vary from anything like 100 Watts to 350 W. Its changing constantly deoend what you watching. Couple of days ago I bought myself a tester who will tell you exactly what is what, and let’s just say you watching Frozen Plannet where the picture is very bright and every separate LED pixel will be on his max - these TV can consume close to 0.5 kWh at some moments.

    I have my OLED for years now but I wasn’t aware od that. Will I buy another OLED ? Absolutely. Worth every penny !
    Sorry I’m missing your point? It costs more to run but it’s worth every penny? Is that not like most things in life?
  19. Avatar
    Wonder if you kind folk would be able to help.
    Would it be possible to have a VPN on this to watch other countries TV (i.e. download that countries TV app, turn on VPN to said country and watch stuffs)?
    I used to do that with my XE9005 until it gave up the ghost recently 😔 but having android and Google play store was the advantage I suppose. This is why I'm on the fence between this and the A80K.

    If it is possible what VPN(s) would you recommend and are they easy to set-up?
    I have Windscribe which I believe doesn't work on LGs.

    Many thanks
    Yes you can, you can always sideload also... surfshark is a good option. (edited)
  20. Avatar
    Help a guy out folks.
    First off I was going to buy the g2 but I’m really concerned about putting it up on the wall. Can it go on a normal wall? Does the bracket just screw into it?

    Now I’m thinking of the c2 65 from John Lewis. I’ll defo get the extra warranty just in case.
    So it works out at around £1550 after the 10% off.
    Or, do I get it with the half price Lg soundbar S90 qr?
    This would then work in at around £2330

    So that’s £780 more… but they say the bar is worth £1200

    I’m just not sure.
    Am I better to get the Tv and see what the sound is like?
    I just bought it to replace my older model E6V which I have connected to a decent AV receiver and 5 speakers. The sound is very good so I only use cinema system when watching action/war movies. I imagine this model would even have a better sound so personally I'd only take soundbar if you like watching movies like action, war,etc.
  21. Avatar
    I've gone for it. Been looking for a 65 upgrade to my OLED55B7. Thats still going strong, but in those 5 years my eyes are struggling and I need the 65" for the completion of Elden Ring - thats my excuse. Now just the wait for the misses to get home and explain the reasoning.
    I have also gone for it - cancelled my C2 55 order from last night and gone for this, added bonus of it being JL

    I went in to my Mrs for the same reason and said "It's £300 extra for the big one what are you saying?" and she said "well there is quite a big gap on the wall" GREEN LIGHT! (edited)
  22. Avatar
    Paid £1,160 for the 65CS two weeks ago pain.... Good deal for anyone else who held on
  23. Avatar
    Costco have price matched. Is it worth cancelling and going with them for the warranty or is JL solid?
    Costco is supposed to be good for returns.
  24. Avatar
    I think some of the Lg Oled have dropped in price a few days after the 10% off deal started. I’m sure the was £1899 yesterday?
    Same with g2. £230 cheaper today
    £1899? Wow you really need to shop around. 1549 at RS. Likely cheaper elsewhere as many price matching cheaper retailers. This is much cheaper at 1376. (edited)
  25. Avatar
    Great price
  26. Avatar
    Been waiting to pounce on this for a few weeks, gone for it on 18 months interest free! Can't deliver until next Friday, torturous wait! I rang Richer Sounds and they wouldn't price match unfortunately. They think it is a price error.
    You sold it to me. I’m buying it
  27. Avatar
    Paid same price for my 55”
  28. Avatar
    Heat added.

    Once the 77C2 hits 2k i'll pull the trigger
    Same…..but we both live in dream land
  29. Avatar
    Costcos is now £1372
    Argh if only this was last month, definitely better to buy from Costco than anywhere else unless u can get further discounts
  30. Avatar
    Just pulled the trigger on this, I’m coming from a 55 C6, I nearly bought a c1 last year for around the same price but bottled it.
    This is the lowest price so far for the C2
  31. Avatar
    Nice find Heat
  32. Avatar
    Decent price for JL. Have some heat!
  33. Avatar
    Got mine to replace my b8 which has been a great tv!
  34. Avatar
    Is this a good buy for OLED? Best offer yet?
    From what I am being told yes, I just bought one.
  35. Avatar
    Amazing TV - great price, this is 10% on cost price + vat. If you have the dollar and need a tv this is a no brainer.
  36. Avatar
    ok, finally got it with 2% cashback and 4% vouchers. Now I do not care if it will get a bit cheaper. This is good enough.
    Where to get 4% vouchers please
  37. Avatar
    Great price with the extra warranty. In case anyone is sitting on the fence, I recently got one of these from Costco and I am blown away by the picture quality, as long as your content is UHD, HDR, Dolby Digital etc.. etc... the picture is amazing.
    How much was it in Costco? Did you get it instore?
  38. Avatar
    What is the next model up in the LG range? Is it the G2? If so, what are the differences? (edited)
    G2 is brighter, made for wall mounting, has a heatsink so has cover for screen burn from what I've seen elsewhere (edited)
  39. Avatar
    Anyone think the Sony A80j for 1000 is a better deal ?
    A80J is the 2021 model. Aim for the A80K it should be that money soon. The A75K is around £1000 atm but has a cut back audio system
  40. Avatar
    Signed in as I already had an account and the code isn’t working?

    49410291_1.jpg (edited)
    Are you sure you werent on guest checkout. I tried guest, and got same error. Logged into my account and it worked fine.

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