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Posted 29 December 2022

Lg OLED65G26LA Wall Mounted TV 5 year TV Warranty + 5 Year Panel Warranty With LG, £1795 Delivered With Code @ PRC Direct

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Cheapest Price at the moment and a good price point to either price match with

Richer Sounds if you want to pair it with the LG GX soundbar for £299.50 and a 6 year TV warranty + 5 year panel warranty with LG or

Currys as they offer free Wall Mount Installation if still valid with a price match?

Tv designed to go on a wall or buy a stand seperately for it

LG OLED evo|Gallery Edition

The pinnacle of bright beauty and sleek design

A bright new era of pixels
Heightening the vivid beauty of LG OLED self-lit pixels. Brightness Booster Max takes refinements by the α9 Gen 5 AI processor to the next level, delivering up to 30%2 more luminance. Now, visuals look bolder with superior light efficiency.

Beauty meets brains
The brains behind the beauty. Following deep learning advancements, LG's α9 Gen 5 AI Processor enhances objects in the foreground and background to add natural depth, and makes colours spectacularly vivid yet accurate.

Dazzling darks, luminous lights
With no backlight to dull their impact,self-lit pixels achieve the deepest blacks for crisp contrast in every light. Visuals are more defined, so you can make out subtle details your eyes usually miss.

The details set the tone
All-new Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro goes deeper to improve the picture. Previously, it elevated just the frames. Now, the technique hones in on 5000 blocks across the screen for more vivid HDR down to each last detail.

Sounds like you're in the scene.
The α9 Gen 5 AI Processor up-mixes 2-channel audio into virtual 7.1.2 channel sound. Feel the action and chaos around you, just like you're the main character of the movie.

Television just for you.
Need inspiration for movie night? ThinQ gives recommendations based on your taste. Set up profiles for everyone at home to quickly dive back into their favourite TV series and receive tailored news and sports updates.

Art or television? You decide.
A new milestone in ultra-thin display construction. Not only does LG OLED G2 sit flush against your wall5,6,7, its flawless design embodies minimalism.

Now, you're the main character.
Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos come together for sensational immersion. Using LG's α9 Gen 5 AI Processor, Dolby Vision IQ with Precision Detail adds extraordinary depth and brings out subtle textures.

All your favourites in one place.
Ready for movie night. All set up for binging. Find virtually anything to watch on the available streaming apps. With Netflix8, Disney+9, Amazon Prime10, and Apple TV+11, plus LG channels12, something exciting is always showing.

Powerful winning machine.
Up your play with the first televisions in the industry to support Dolby Vision Gaming 4K at 120Hz for more fluid and realistic gaming. With a 1ms response time, NVIDIA G-Sync compatibility, AMD FreeSync Premium, and VRR support, even ultra-fast action appears clear and smooth.

The new league of gaming.
With the seamless addition of GeForce Now and Stadia, there's a whole cloud of games waiting for you to play. Rediscover games you love and find new favourites straight from your television.
PRC Direct More details at PRC Direct
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  1. Avatar
    My E9 is still going strong i would of snapped this bad boy
    *would have
  2. Avatar
    Great find. Thank you. Right... now comes the tricky part....
  3. Avatar
    Waiting to see what LG announces at the CES next week ....
  4. Avatar
    Richer Sounds did this for £1775 for me
    Online or you ring up?
  5. Avatar
    You can get all the specs for Tv and Panel Warranty details on LG product page here if interested lg.com/uk/…6la
    Hi sotv
    What is the kg soundbar for £299:50 you refer to mate?
  6. Avatar
    Great price for a fantastic TV. If I hadn't gone for the LZ1500 I would have gone for this. Hot!
  7. Avatar
    Will RS likely price match this?
    Yes I was going to get this 65 from Hughes for the living room but decided to wait until the G3 I bought the 55 instead and RS Tele sales price matched and took money off
  8. Avatar
    great deal OP tempting!
  9. Avatar
    Would Richersound price match? PRC direct reliable? (edited)
  10. Avatar
    great price, I've just got a confirmed price match with Currys for this TV, so using my works voucher scheme I could get this tv for just under £1714, and even better theres stock available for pickup so could be enjoying it this weekend.

    I just dont know which version/size to go for. Originally I had my mind made up on the LG 55C2, but I think I can squeeze a 65 inch into the space I have, is the G2 worth the additional £400 over the C2? I have a seperate vesa mount that I would be using, so wont be using the mount or wall mounting. i already have a soundbar, so will be using that instead of the internal tv speakers. (edited)
    Definitely go for the largest size you can manage. The G series is something to behold when wall-mounted - it is exactly like a picture-frame and when I replaced an old 40" non-wall mounted LCD with the 65" GX it made the room feel much more spacious. If you are determined not to wall-mount then the only advantage of the G2 is higher brightness: you're looking at about 10% brighter for full screen and about 20% brighter for upto 10% window (e.g. HDR highlights). Probably not that noticable for most people if you want to save money and get the C2.
  11. Avatar
    What’s the equivalent Sony and Samsung TVs at this sort of price?

    Considering it against a Sony A95K but that’s £1000 more.
  12. Avatar
    This one or Samsung S95b oled?
    This one... much better than the new Samsung OLEDs. They look great on the wall also.
  13. Avatar
    Ordered, have a C8 but was getting annoyed with the lip sync issues with Sonos / lack of hdmi 2.1 / no earc
  14. Avatar
    Thanks for this, I have been waiting for a good deal on the G2 for 3 months, just got a curry's price match on it, and using topcashback you can get 6% back.
  15. Avatar
    Anyone have a good link to buy the stand for this instock?
  16. Avatar
    Do curry’s offer a wall installation service?
    What kind of guarantee do they have?
    Would they cover screen burn? Or not an issue with this Tv?
  17. Avatar
    Hot - but the 65' G2 has a bad coil whine problem - other sizes appear less affected by this
    Can you explain this problem in more detail?
  18. Avatar
    Anyone know if there is still free wall mounting with this tv?
  19. Avatar
    Deal looks to be expired now.

    I'm looking to get one of these this year in this size (or the upcoming G3!). The G2 in terms of the material and build quality of the TV is super premium, much nicer than the C2 in that regard. I tested one out yesterday in Currys and the UI is much faster than my current C1, so for me it's definitely worth the extra for the newer CPU in the C2/G2.
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