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Posted 18 May 2024

LG OLED77G45LW 77 inch LG OLED evo 4K TV 2024 Free Wall Mount, 5 Yr Warranty + With 20% Auto Discount, Welcome 5% code and LG Referal Code

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Appreciate the high price, but this is what you'd pay for the 2023 version currently, so pretty decent value if you're in the market for this 2024 version of the TV, doubt you'll see a better price this side of Black Friday

To get the extra 10% off sign up via this link, using your LG Account and another email address lg.com/uk/…al/

The most lifelike picture quality meets sumptuous design, with the striking LG OLED77G45LW.

A step up in size, performance and style
If you’re coming from an older 65 inch TV, you’ll find that the LG OLED77G45LW delivers mighty improvements all round. The 77 inch screen makes everything you watch more intense and immediate, while the latest OLED screen technology delivers the brightest and most lifelike picture yet. This LG 77 inch TV also just happens to be one of the most stylish you can buy, with its Gallery design being the centre of attention.

Flagship OLED screen with Light Control Architecture for incredible realism
At around 70% brighter than conventional OLED screens, LG’s Light Control Architecture takes picture quality to the next level. By using a layer of tiny lenses to improve the screen’s focus and Peak Highlighter technology, the picture quality is not just brighter but more detailed and lifelike than ever before.

Alpha 11 processor for the most effective sound and vision to date
Now with four times the AI performance of the previous Alpha processor, this LG TV is more adapt with picture and sound settings than ever. Featuring AI Picture Pro, the processor subtly enhances the image, only when required. AI Director Processing stays true to the director’s original picture intentions, reproducing the colour as intended. AI Object Enhancement uses pixel-by-pixel analysis to recreate objects within the image as accurately as possible.

A work of art that’s also a TV
For TV style, there’s little to beat LG’s Gallery (G-series) design. This super-slimline TV takes pride of place in your room, without dominating it. The G-Series uses LG’s ‘4 Side Cinema’ screen for a clean, near-bezel-less image. When switched off, you can display digital images and photos for a gallery effect. A flush mount wall bracket is supplied with the TV.

Next level sound quality
Featuring an enhanced, 4.2 speaker system, the OLED77G45LW offers more impressive sound than lower models. Power is also up 50% to 60 watts – giving a richer, room-filling sound. Using AI algorithms, the improved AI Sound Pro now up-mixes two-channel audio to virtual 11.1.2 sound – producing a much more immersive sound and enhanced dialogue. Pair with an LG soundbar and the sophisticated WOW Orchestra processing splits the sound output between TV and soundbar, for a smoother, more enveloping sound.

Cinematic with movies
If you’re mad about movies, you’ll love this LG’s incredible colour definition and cinematic realism. With its brighter screen and host of HDR enhancements, including Dolby Vision, it delivers one of the most lifelike movie sensations that you’ll witness outside of the cinema. For the very best experience, Filmmaker Mode lets you enjoy the cinematic vision, exactly as the director intended, right down to using the correct aspect ratio, colour and frame rate.

A natural with gaming
More than just magic with movies, LG TVs are amongst the greatest with gaming. LG’s Game Optimiser gets you quick access to important settings. A selection of game genre presets lets you tailor the image to suit the game type. Compatible with the popular 4K/144Hz refresh rate and featuring HDMI 2.1 sockets, it’s designed to get the very best from today’s, and future, games consoles. With support for NVIDIA G-SYNC and AMD FreeSync, as well as ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) and VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), you get to experience the smoothest and most responsive game play possible.

webOS 24 - the smartest operating system made better
One of the smartest and most popular TV operating systems has become smarter still for ’24. With up to 10 password-protected accounts, each with Picture Wizard AI, everyone in the household can now enjoy their favourite picture settings, without having to recalibrate the TV each time they sign in. Recommendations based on your individual viewing history are now clearly displayed on the home page, making it easier than ever to watch what you enjoy. For the first time, LG offer five years of free OS updates, meaning that today’s LG TVs will be just as Smart savvy in years to come.*

*Future OS updates may not contain all features, due to potential TV hardware constraints.

Stream your way – now including Chromecast
LG’s webOS 24 system lets you directly access catch-up TV apps for a wide range of entertainment options, but it’s not the only way to stream content. This LG TV now also features Chromecast built-in. Alongside integrated AirPlay 2 and Miracast, it gives you multiple options as to how you want to stream content to your TV.

Ready to assist
Featuring support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa built-in, voice command makes it even easier to control your TV and quickly access the entertainment you’re looking for. This LG OLED TV is also compatible with Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit, for a seamless experience for Apple users.

Bring some ‘wow’ to your viewing, with the stylish and capable LG OLED77G45LW.
LG Electronics More details at
LG Electronics has currently Make your First Order and you and the referrer both get 10% Off campaign, if you want to use it you can do so from this .

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  1. brend0n's avatar
    Comes out to £2866 if you also add the welcome coupon. Glad I didn't actually purchase on richer sounds earlier this week. Ordering this right now

    sotv's avatar
    I'm envious, enjoy. Updated with 5% Coupon, cheers (edited)
  2. sotv's avatar
    If you want a free soundbar, you can find a few retailers offering this for £500 more with a free soundbar, but if just wanting the TV on itself this is a good deal and you'd pay this for the equivalent 2023 sized version
    jaffamuffin's avatar
    Seriously? Pay £500 more for a free soundbar?
  3. crack_shot's avatar
    I would just get a G3 (if you want a WOLED) and save a bunch
    my personal opinion is that the Samsung s95D is better than anything else out there and no WOLED will ever compare to that
    Crossbow's avatar
    Although, the trade-off in brighter lighting conditions is very telling rtings.com/tv/…led, which could put some off the S95D.

    From the above review...
    The Samsung S95D has amazing reflection handling.
    Its matte screen finish essentially eliminates both direct and indirect reflections in a bright room, but there's a trade-off made with image quality.
    When light hits the screen, the TV's contrast ratio greatly decreases, and blacks become gray, which makes the image look washed out and reduces the impact an OLED typically has.
    The photos below show how the matte finish compares to other similar TVs.
    They are lined up from left to right in this order: LG C4 OLED, Samsung S95D OLED, Samsung The Frame 2022 QLED (also uses a matte coating), and the Samsung S90D/S90DD OLED.
  4. JamesArmstrong's avatar
    How common is the HDMI 2 eARC issue that I'm reading about online having now purchased this TV? Hopefully it only affects a small percentage of G4s? 🙏
    bluejmc2005's avatar
    mine had this and i'm in the process of trying to get refunded for it - took them 3 weeks to collect - appalling service from LG - bought an s95D and could not be happier. Buyers beware the HDMI issue is real, its common and LG have been atrocious in their handling (or lack thereof) of it
  5. CJT111's avatar
    I managed to use all 3 codes (welcome, referral & 20%) and as an added bonus went through Quidco for an extra £82.69 back.
  6. madbull's avatar
    Personally think this is a right good deal. I paid £2600 for the G3 a couple of months ago but for an extra £266 would of gone for this
  7. McDan1el's avatar
    Would we expect a better saving around Black Friday? I need a new TV but was planning to wait a few more months anyway
    Potterified's avatar
    This is a pretty decent deal, in my personal opinion. You're paying around the same price for this year's flagship LG OLED as you'd typically expect to pay in an end-of-season deal for last year's. As such, if you have the money, I suggest you go for it.
  8. AamirQuazi's avatar
    Thanks OP - just ordered - upgrading my 2 year old 65 G2…. Just hope the G4 power can be unplugged in the same way!
    InfoAddict's avatar
    Let us know your thoughts comparing them side by side if you can.
  9. JamesArmstrong's avatar
    OOS sadly. Although it's saved me money and an almighty row with the missus
    JamesArmstrong's avatar
    Back in stock. I used the last 11 days to talk my wife into it and have now ordered

    3.75% cashback via Quidco too 👌
  10. Whitefox12111's avatar
    77 keeps being out of stock ppl are picking it up quick I think it's a cracking deal. I very much doubt it will be cheaper on black Friday deals but I do think they will give add ons like soundbars and other insensitive.
  11. Franko64's avatar
    Cracking deal! Many thanks for posting this op .
    Finally managed to get my referral email sorted to get it down to this price and ordered 🔥 🔥 🔥
  12. James_Hart36E's avatar
    Amazing price for such a new TV, thanks!
  13. trevhib's avatar
    Do Richer Sounds match this kind of thing?
    mrpipster's avatar
    Didn't Richer Sounds Include a £999 soundbar?
  14. hitdeal's avatar
    Thanks for this. So far the best deal for TV only. About to place an order but thought see if I can save more...
    Anyone with a student or blc spare code please?
    sotv's avatar
    BLC doesn's stack with the Automatic 20% off from what I can see, this is the best combo at the moment
  15. ThePoorPerson's avatar
    Referral code doesn’t seem to work. I signed up with an existing account and sent the referral to a a different email and tried using the new email to check out but it won’t let me add the voucher.

    Any advice please?
    Potterified's avatar
    I haven't tried this myself, but wouldn't the referral code giving the discount only work for the email address to which it was sent? So your purchasing account has to be the one getting the referral?

    Hopefully someone who has made a purchase today can clarify.
  16. Franko64's avatar
    Really wanted to go for this deal but I can't seem to open a new account with LG, not receiving the email to complete the signup for some reason.
    Have tried twice on two different phones / email addresses but no joy as yet 😔
  17. KieranL's avatar
    Back in stock but mind out on the codes - I used all three then it kicked the new user code off as I paid!
  18. Guan's avatar
    Is there a 'Stand Mount' version of this?
    Whitefox12111's avatar
    Not for the 77 but I think u can by it separately I think the stand option is only with 66 and 55 but honestly it this size wall mounted is way to go it look fantastic
  19. hitdeal's avatar
    Hi fellow bargainers. I understand some of you also had ordered the g4 77. Same here got it delivered and have been enjoying it. Wanted to check if you experienced any vertical white line appearing on left side of the panel? I had run the oled care and updated software but it only worked for few days then showed up the line again. I've asked for a swap. Awaiting replacement to be delivered by lg.. wondering if you experienced any issues?
    AamirQuazi's avatar
    No issues on mine - does it appear all the time or only on certain modes/ sources?
  20. Guan's avatar
    Still showing 'Out of Stock' for me
    From the vouchers section it looks like the 'Football TV 20% off' voucher expires today
  21. dreamzmaster1's avatar
's avatar