LG S5200 + 10 months free on 12 month contract + 250 mins + 100 texts + QuidCo at Carphone Warehouse
LG S5200 + 10 months free on 12 month contract + 250 mins + 100 texts + QuidCo at Carphone Warehouse

LG S5200 + 10 months free on 12 month contract + 250 mins + 100 texts + QuidCo at Carphone Warehouse

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The Carphone Warehouse have the LG S5200 Slider Phone on o2 with 10 months free line rental on a 12 month contract (after cashback). For £60 (after cashback) you get 12 months line rental, the free LG S5200 slider phone, 250 any time, any network minutes per month and 100 text messages per month too. Purchase via QuidCo for £37 in extra cashback.

The LG S5200 mobile phone brings an entirely new look to LG's stable of handsets. The slide-open design adds sophistication to the practicality we've come to expect from this manufacturer. The high-resolution colour screen slides up to reveal a 1.3 megapixel camera on the back, complete with 4x digital zoom for close-up photos. You might expect the camera to take videos - and you'd be right - but you probably wouldn't expect the massive 100 minute recording time. Yes, the LG S5200 can record video clips that last for over an hour and a half! As well as being an impressive camera phone, this handset is also an MP3 player. Fortunately there's 64MB of memory for storage, plus Bluetooth and USB connectivity for transferring files. You can use Bluetooth for handsfree conversations if you treat yourself to a compatible headset - or, if you prefer, you can use the phone's own built-in loudspeaker. Overall, the sliding design makes the LG S5200 a surprisingly compact handset. It's versatile, it's well-featured and it looks good. If you're thinking about camera phones, you should include this one on your list.

This offer works by cashback which you claim from The Carphone Warehouse at specified intervals. Our users have found the Carphone Warehouse to be the most reliable retailer with regards to cashback. Purchase via QuidCo.com for £37 in extra cashback, thus bringing your total term to just £23!! Cancel insurance if you don't need it as it can be quite expensive.



Thanks for the post, been waiting all morning:-D

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A new offer from Carphone Warehouse. I prefer the phone in this offer to the previous one.

Hopefully we'll see an offer on the L6 too later this morning, I'll post it if it turns up...

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Remember... you heard it here first. :thumbsup:

Shame these are for O2, I really need more texts and more calltime

I am looking for a cashback deal from Carphone Warehouse at the moment, but am quite reluctant to do an O2 one. These are not directly through O2, but 'O2 at Carphone Warehouse' making Carphone the company with whom you have the contract. Many people have had a bit of a nightmare cancelling these contracts after the year. Their procedure is very specific and its quite easy to get the timing slightly wrong.

Firstly, at around 10 1/2 months you will need to call 'O2 at CPW' and request a code for cancellation. You then have to post this to them, and your 30 days cancellation notice starts when they 'receive' the letter. You should obviously send the letter recorded delivery, but as anyone with a cashback deal from CPW knows, mail to their PO Boxes usually don't get signed for anyway. This means you will have to chase it up by phone to make sure they received the letter and confirming the date from which the 30 days notice starts.

It is highly unlikely that you will be able to time these steps to perfection. A day early and you will have penalties to face for cancelling the contract before 12 months, will not get final cashback etc.

A day late and at best you will have a part month for month 13 to pay, and at worst will spend a long time chasing them to get refund of remainder of 13th month.

Add in one extra point, the billing is from CPW, not O2, and last year they had several problems with the timing and labelling of bills, which caused added hassle when claiming cashbacks.

All this obviously won't put some people off, but for me it just adds to the stress and hassle of a cashback deal. The whole advantage of doing a Carphone cashback is the 60 days to send in bills, and the fact that something going wrong with claim 1 of 3 doesn't invalidate the remaining 2.

Maybe I am just overly cautious, or just too reluctant for the hassle, but I await a decent cashback deal at CPW that is with another network.

If I was taking an O2 at CPW deal, I would always factor in a 13th month when calculating the initial cost, as chances are you will end up paying at least some of it.

I understand that you have had problems Flake but I think that it must be said that you are in the minority. I have dealt with CPW for over 4 years with numerous contracts and very rarely had any problems.

As with your issue over the 02 contracts I am little confused as I have had a number of these and its not that difficult. All you have to do is ring up CPW and get a code then write them a cancellation letter. I word this cancellation letter that I wish my contract to be cancelled at the end of my 12 month contract (and obviously send the letter a few weeks before the 30 day notice). I have never had a problem with this method and my contracts haven't been cancelled early as a result of sending my cancellation letters early.....
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