LG Secret KF750 FREE on Orange Dolphin 35 18mth contract for £22.50/m! (UPGRADE ONLY)
LG Secret KF750 FREE on Orange Dolphin 35 18mth contract for £22.50/m! (UPGRADE ONLY)

LG Secret KF750 FREE on Orange Dolphin 35 18mth contract for £22.50/m! (UPGRADE ONLY)

Buy forBuy forBuy for£22.50
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Are you in the last month or 2 of your Orange contract?

Get the lovely sleek new LG Secret for FREE
Get 600 anytime/network minutes and unlimited texts for £22.50/m (normally £35, or £30 online)

No real "deal" here in the strictest sense - I just called Orange and mentioned I'd like the LG Secret as my upgrade. Initially they told me the best deal they coud do was the phone for £150 and £5/month off Dolphin 35 tariff.

I mentioned T-Mobile's £22.50/m plans, Phones 4u's offer of the Secret AND cashback on Dolphin 35.

I had to be referred to the blokes' manager but she signed me up with very little fuss to Dolphin 35 for £22.50/m and the LG Secret for free.

Don't let them tell you they can't do it! They did it for me!

Even if you don't like the phone you can sell it, simlocked to Orange - for over £200 on eBay, effectively paying for half your contract in one go!


not really a deal its more haggling and if your lucky you will get a good deal, they were hard to get anything out of when i upgraded last month

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Aye I know it's haggling but I really didn't know what I could get. I posted it here to give people an idea what they could expect with just a LITTLE teeny-weeny bit of "can you do better?"

I'm just hoping this will give peeps a little more confidence to push for a better deal for themselves.

I've been with Orange contract for over ten years now and I have never managed to get anything out og them at the end of contract other than an inferior phone on the same contract. I just cancel and get the latest deal from somewhere on the net.

I upgraded with Orange this week and I didn't have to haggle really. Asked what best deal they could do on the new samsung tocco and she said I could have it on dolphin 25 tariff reduced to £15 per month. She said she should charge me £70 for the phone but waived the charge. I was well happy!

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Just a little extra note then - if you do STAY with Orange you get to keep your magic numbers...4 hours free calls every day to other Orange mobiles. Worth staying if you have a few mates on Orange.
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