LG SH7 Wireless Soundbar at BT Shop for £224.98

LG SH7 Wireless Soundbar at BT Shop for £224.98

Found 30th Aug 2017
Seems like a good saving and cheapest I can see anywhere. Ordered mine on recommendation from a friend who assures me the sound quality is great!
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Being in the situation where even a sub out of the way on the deck can cause discontent I definitely didn't have any way I'd get her approval on half a dozen speakers dotted around the front room like I used to have in my old flat so gone through a couple of bar/base options seeking that right sound now.

Bought a supposed pretty highly rated €400 Samsung soundbar whilst still in Austria around a year ago, very much on a critical reception par with this LG it would appear. It was okay, but just okay, so this year I went for a soundbase option and I realise it's all about the pound notes but if you willing to spend a bit more Canton have a couple of bases that just leave bars like this standing.

I opted for the DM100 in May and it's hard to fathom how much superior it was to the Samsung soundbar, I also really pushed the boat out by getting a BK sub to compliment it a few weeks ago and it's nigh on mind blowing what the pair of them produce together.

If a budget to mid-range soundbar is really what you want then that's what you want but there's a much more superior sound out there for not that much more money is what I'd say to anyone.
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