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Posted 7 May 2024

LG SQC4R Soundbar with Subwoofer and rear Surround Speakers

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Is also available from them on amazon for £169. Seems a decent price for a soundbar + subwoofer + surround speakers

Make your living room feel like a cinema with this LG SQC4R soundbar. It's got 5 channels of high-power audio, and you'll hear every detail clearly thanks to the two rear speakers. The powerful wireless subwoofer fills your room with bone-rattling bass, so you'll feel every rumble of thunder and explosion, just like you would at the movies.

Good to know

- Besides an optical input for the TV, it's got a 3.5 mm jack and Bluetooth, so you can listen to music or podcasts from your phone
- The USB port lets you play your favourite albums and playlists from a flash drive
- A remote comes included, but you can control the sound bar using your TV remote too

  • LG SQC4R 4.1 Wireless Sound Bar

  • Compact and wireless with big sound The LG SQC4R has a simplistic elegance, meaning it will complement any living room, whilst enhancing your TV sound.

  • Wireless Subwoofer, superb bass without wires Place the subwoofer where it looks and sounds the best without the worries of wires.

  • Wireless Rear Speakers for a wider soundstage Explore new depths of sound with our wireless rear speakers. With improved reception range, you can expand your soundstage and experience true surround sound.

  • Bluetooth, stream anything Wirelessly stream music directly from your Smartphone or other compatible device for a seamless listening experience.

  • Connected to your entertainment Feel free to connect to the device you wish with USB, Optical, Portable In and Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Control with your TV Remote LG Soundbar comes with a remote but you can choose to use your own. *TV remote as well.
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  1. MysticalUndies's avatar
    I bought this a few months ago from Currys for £179 thinking it was a bargain.
    I returned it a few days later. It's really cheaply made and only accepts optical input. No Arc let alone eArc. I changed to a Samsung Q700C with matching wireless rears and am glad I did, the difference is insane. It cost more but it's head and shoulders above the LG. The LG doesn't even have a dedicated centre channel for speech.
    This isn't worth £179, it really is a cheaply made, cheap sounding soundbar. The front speakers are particularly poor, the rears aren't too bad. (edited)
  2. ammonijjar's avatar
    Unfortunately this doesn't have HDMI for arc
    el0nmu5k's avatar
    yeah, shame and no DTS either.
  3. sneakyduck's avatar
    Hisense AX5100G is roughly the same price, true 5.1, Atmos, DTSx, eARC and more amzn.eu/d/8sx9Jne (edited)
    mcfly666's avatar
    Am I right in thinking Earc will let my TV control the soundbar though hdmi?
  4. G_M_K's avatar
    On sale from the same company through Amazon for £169:

    LG SQC4R Soundbar with Surround Speakers amzn.eu/d/b…AnS

    Good price but this has no atmos and no ARC so not great for newer TVs.
    whyhellothere's avatar
    Yeah i had initially posted it from amazon, but it got removed because rgb apparently doesn't have high enough seller ratings on amazon.
  5. waysan's avatar
    Looks good - £299 at Richer Sounds (and LG). I have an LG telly so am quite tempted.
    whyhellothere's avatar
    me too, I just bought a LG C3. Already have a soundbar + subwoofer but am now looking for something with more surround sound
  6. Inferno_Rash's avatar
    I paid £269.99 for my Sony one it good price for LG.
  7. Unkept_Legend's avatar
    Do these have Dolby Atmos atmos or DTS?
    jimel's avatar
    Nope, and nope. This offers lossy Dolby Digital only.
  8. BillyShocker's avatar
    Comes up with £54.99 delivery for me,
  9. Lloydinio's avatar
    Is it better to get one of these or a proper amplifier.

    I want to be able to adjust lots of settings
    MysticalUndies's avatar
    This is extremely basic. I wouldn't recommend, I owned it for a few hours before returning.
    Bought a Samsung Q700 with wireless rears instead which I'm much happier with.
's avatar