LG U880 12 Months Free on 12 Month Contract, Total Saving £420 and £37 Quidco Profit!
LG U880 12 Months Free on 12 Month Contract, Total Saving £420 and £37 Quidco Profit!

LG U880 12 Months Free on 12 Month Contract, Total Saving £420 and £37 Quidco Profit!

FREE LG U880 on 3 Video, Talk & Text 700.

12 months free on a 12 month contract (after cashback). So, for £0 (after cashback) & £37 Profit via Quidco.

25 FREE prints with Photobox
FREE delivery

12 month option
FREE line rental for 12 months
400 inclusive anytime x-net minutes
250 inclusive text messages
25 xnet video minutes & £5 inclusive downloads
25 xnet picture / video messages


Thanks Yas247 good to see your post again

CPW is the most reliable & flexible for cashback claims (60 days claim period). Voted HOT

I think there is a misprint on their website as it says that they are only offering 10 months free on a 12 month contract, but, when you use the link, it says 12 months free on a 12 month contract. Strange.

Just checked again and it now says 12 months on a 12 month contract.


Thanks for the post yas247

Is is still two claims with Carphone, 6th and 12th bill.

Not dealt with them for a long time, recently only bought from onestop and E2save who are on 3 claims.



Just checked their website, they are also on 3 claims plus one auto money back within 60 days.

seems like they are all out of stock now.

back in stock, deal not yet expired :thumbsup:

back in limited stock

how do i get this offer through Quidco...it says 8 mnths free if you search on CPW website. The 12 month seems to only show if you go via the link above.

Please help....need to order this urgently!!

First post, after lurking here forever now

You can order via the Quidco link if you first open a separate session by clicking the link above and adding the package to your shopping basket. Then go through the Quidco link to CPW and it should still be present in your basket. Hopefully this will track in Quidco, don't see any reason why it shouldn't. Just ordered one myself, thanks to OP, rep left.

Hi all just signed up to say thanks to yas247 for the info and jeevan for the in stock again post wicked deal:-D :thumbsup:. ordered yesterday getting delivery on tuesday woooooooooo.Also signed up to quidco for the £37 deal as well it just gets better and better now im looking to buy a desktop for my sons room with some more savings looks like im getting hooked on this savings lark :thumbsup:
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