LG U880 Black/Silver - 12 months free line rental offer

LG U880 Black/Silver - 12 months free line rental offer

Found 6th Jul 2006
Up to 600 x-net mins and 400 texts per month!!

This is a really good phone at CoolNewMobile on 12 months free line rental on a 12 month contract. There's a choice of tariff... Video Talk & Text 1100 gets you 600 x-net mins, 400 texts per month, 50 video mins per month and 50 MMS multimedia messages per month. This has an initial outlay cost of £45 however, which is a bit steep. For just £35 per month you could get Video Talk & Text 700 gets you 400 x-net mins, 250 texts per month, 25 video mins per month and 25 MMS multimedia messages per month. Either way, the phone is free and the cashback would mean that at the end of it all the contract costs totally nothing!!

The LG U880 is the world’s slimmest 3G flip phone measuring in at just 18.22mm in depth. It comes with 75 MB of memory and has a micro SD card slot. The LG U880 also has a 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, MP3 playback and dual stereo speakers.

This deal works by cashback which you claim from CoolNewMobileat specified intervals. If you wish, you can purchase via QuidCo and earn yourself £35 extra cashback. So in effect, that's £35 profit!!


[SIZE=2]CNM are also offering 6 months free double text and talk on the 700 tariff (800mins + 500 texts) and 3 months on the 1100 tariff (a ridiculous 1200 + 800) I was quite surprised when I checked my balance on my new phone yesterday as this was not in the ad when I ordered.[/SIZE]

Are CoolNewMobile recommended by anyone?


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I remember the user "LC" telling us he'd received his cashback if that helps.

Yup, have received 3 of the 5 cashbacks and they send a useful email for each claim form to say they have received your claimform and are processing it.

I had trouble receiving my cashback. I didn't receive it within the stated time in the T+C's. I phoned them and they said they'd put it in the post. When I received the cheque (which was just an ordinary hand written cheque in an envelope!) it wasn't for the full amount. I phoned them again and they said I had got the 10 months free line rental deal (not the 12 month free line rental deal). I argued that I do in fact get the 12 month free line rental deal and had evidence of the original tranaction printed out. They eventually said they would send the remainder out but I'm still waiting for the second cheque to date! Will ring them if I don't receive it by the end of week.

Personally I wouldn't recommend Cool New Mobile but would definetly recommend E2Save and MobileShop (I have had 2 mobiles with both and had no problems whatsoever!) They also text you when they receive your cashback vouchers.

I've currently got CashBack deals with MobileShop, The Link & Carphone Warehouse for various members of my family and myself.
MobileShop have been the only ones I've had to send a claim into so far and they've been relatively good. I think they've only missed the stated times by a few days and I've had confirmations each time I've sent off my claim.
My own contract is running out in the next couple of months and so I wanted to get ahead of the game on a new contract. This offer looks stonking and the LG U880 has intrigued me for a while but I just wanted to know if CoolNewMobile seemed reputable enough to be around in 12 months time.


Sorry no experience of coolnewmobile, but I also highly recommend mobileshop.com... I'll probably take my next contract out with them, in a few months.
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