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Posted 9 September 2022

LG UltraWide 25-inch IPS Monitor (25UM58) - £109.99 @ Amazon

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Seems a good spec monitor for the money currently on Amazon

  • IPS
  • 60 Hz
  • 5 ms
  • 21:9
  • 2560X1080 px
  • sRGB 99%

Largely very positive reviews overall on Amazon


Elevate Your Home Office Equipment
The 21:9 UltraWide Full HD resolution (2560x1080) offers 33% more screen space compared to Full HD resolution display. Enjoy your Webinar by viewing larger materials and more attendees.

  • Note: UK plug is included separately inside the box. 21:9 UltraWide FHD (2560*1080) display offers visual comfort and ensures your best viewing pleasure. There is no colour shift or no distortion of colour at all.
  • Game Mode, consisting of FPS, RTS, and Custom modes, provides a customized gaming experience that varies with genres
  • Black Stabilizer is especially useful to detect objects including enemies that are hiding in dark areas. Dynamic Action Sync allows you to attack enemies faster with less lag time
  • An immersive work environment is ensured through realistic color expression thanks to sRGB over 99 percent and the IPS display
  • Reducing blue light to protect your eyes, Reader Mode provides optimal condition for reading. With just a touch of a button, you can comfortably read on the monitor for longer periods
  • Home office/ school monitor
  • Multitasking monitor


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  1. Avatar
    Had mine delivered yesterday to use in a dual monitor set up, Really good panel for the price, yes its 1080p so dont expect it to change your life but it is impressive for a little over £100! Can easily side by side windows with plenty of room, the only thing that may take getting used to is screen height it can seem a bit squat to start with, for reference the monitor above is 24" 16:9 and you can see the height difference. On the whole im happy i got it

    Thanks for the pic. This ultrawide is actually the ideal size for placing beneath existing monitors for some extra screen real estate.
  2. Avatar
    Anyone using an ultra wide, I'd recommend downloading Windows power toys. This has something called FancyZones and it's the simplest way of creating your own layouts. Best thing is it's free! (edited)
  3. Avatar
    This might help visualise a bit, but essentially it's the same height as a 20" 16:9 widescreen (we did have these a while back):

    They really do look quite small in the flesh. If you're used to a bigger monitor it can be an issue.
  4. Avatar
    also i might add the promo photos are a little deceptive it almost looks bezelless but i can assure you it isnt haha:

    Promo -


    Reality - (excuse the dodgy rough edge marking haha

  5. Avatar
    I have the 29” model and can safely say this is an excellent screen for working at home. The split screen app makes great use of the real estate.
    I also have just got the 29" model and have moved from a 24" screen. Still adjusting to the noticeable size difference. Have tried the split screen app but find the windows are just a little too small to be comfortable.

    I think I'll persevere with it however and will be keeping it
  6. Avatar
    The problem with 25" ultrawides is they are almost comedically small by modern standards so I would check and measure this before buying one as it's not that obvious how small they are until you get them. I personally wouldn't want less than 29" ultrawide, which is roughly as tall as a normal 23" widescreen.
    Your very right. Think this is about as tall as a 19" monitor isn't it? (edited)
  7. Avatar
    Also, it can easily be set to 75hz refresh rate, and is not just 60hz. It states 75hz overclockable or something on the more in-depth specs, can easily be set to 75hz with Nvidia control panel etc.
  8. Avatar
    if you could remove the bezels, how close could you get 3 of them in portrait together for a 3240x2560 screen area ?
  9. Avatar
    Bought this screen 5 years ago for £100. Never let me down and Is a fantastic screen. Use it to game on...most games support ultrawide these days.
  10. Avatar
    I have 32in 1440p 165hz, opinions on sitting this monitor on an arm underneath my main monitor? Have been used to multi monitor setups for years and have had a single for about 2 years now so looking for a second one, desk space has been the main issue preventing that so far.. big monitor speakers either side of a 32in take up more space than I ever expected. (edited)
    I've ordered this monitor to sit beneath my two existing monitors (23" 1080p + 27" 4K). I think it's a fine choice as a second or third monitor provided you have the space for it.
  11. Avatar
    Ive got three of these connected to my pc. They are not the biggest but have a great picture and great for productivity.

    The 2560*1080 resolution is the same as the 29" lg monitor so this has better DPI. One annoying thing is windows thinks these are capable of audio and they will appear as an output device however they don't have speakers
    Indeed the volume control in the OSD and them showing up in windows is to pass the audio being sent by HDMI out of the 3.5mm headphone jack on the back of the monitor I guess its just another place to hook up some headphones but it is rather annoying having it in the list of audio outputs
  12. Avatar
    God! I bought used 29UM68 for 30 pounds before Covid- how is this so expensive still?
    Because it isn't used. Used monitors are usually corporate ones which have been left on 24/7 so are knackered. If course some aren't but most people who aren't skint pay a bit extra for better quality if you're going to be looking at it for hours every day.
  13. Avatar
    Don’t buy screen that doesn’t move up and down
  14. Avatar
    Does it have picture by picture feature?
  15. Avatar
    Often dipped down to £91 in August, might be worth keeping it in your basket for some weeks to see if it does again; always a gamble, though!
  16. Avatar

    Is this a good price for the specs or is the one listed better?
  17. Avatar
    Expired - Now £169.99