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LG OLED55C24LA 55 inch OLED 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV Freeview Play Freesat £979 at Richer Sounds

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Richer Sounds LGOLED55c2 reduced from £1079 by £100 with VIP membership bringing price down to £979

Sign up to newsletter with VIP membership gives £10 gift code to add on top bringing total price to £969 plus delivery.

6 year guarantee included with RS and also includes 14 day match guarantee so if seen anywhere else cheaper they will match and beat by £10.
Richer Sounds More details at Richer Sounds
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    I have both the LG in 48 inch and the Lz1000 in 55. If you want the ultimate picture go the lz1000 if you want the best all-rounder then the LG. The LG is only a smidge less good on UHD but is probably better on hd. LG has the better sound and is probably the better value at current prices
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    What’s the difference between this and the OLED55C26LD variant?
    I believe LD has a swivel stand.

    LA - Black / dark grey back, surround and stand.
    LB - White / lighter silver surround & stand.
    LD - White / lighter silver surround & stand + swivel.
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    Is the c2 better than the cs?
    C2 Evo panel is also more energy efficient than the cs adds to the savings aswell. If energy prices keep going up as they have been could return cost of TV difference over 10 years
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    So they don’t include delivery on this price?
    Delivery is free for 3-5 day delivery but if you want faster I think it will cost you like £20 from memory
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    not sure why my deal was taken down but also available at same price from john lewis if you prefer them
    JL also have a better extended warranty, it covers screen burn-in as well as accidental damage. Too bad your deal was taken down.
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    Paid £100 more for it, delivery tomorrow. Can I contact RS to get the difference back, or do I have to cancel and order again?
    They’ll give the difference back they said they have a Black Friday price promise 
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    Thanks OP. I can’t decide between this or the OLED55CS from John Lewis for £850.

    The reason being I think the CS’ stand seems much more strong and stable and also I think the build quality may be better on the CS as it weighs about 8kg more than the C2 (which makes me think they’ve skimped on good quality materials).

    I don’t want my 4 year old to be able to push the TV over (unlikely but still a tiny possibility).

    I’d appreciate your thoughts and advice?
    The c2 was intentionally made with some 'compound' (read: plastic) parts instead of metal to make it lighter. Mine's significantly lighter than the 50” LCD it replaced. It feels sturdy on the stand though and swivels 20° to either side very nicely. The stand extends quite far in front and behind so I think it would be quite hard to push over.

    Edit to add: According to another comment swivel is only on the LD variant. I ordered mine online from Costco as an LB variant but they delivered an LD. (edited)
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    If I use the VIP code for £10 off the first order, would that invaladate going through Quidco?
    Yes it will the Quidco excludes any VIP offers
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    So tempted. How does delivery work, can you choose a time slot ?
    It's next working day delivery depending on day of dispatch etc and stock if you choose the normal delivery or 20 quid extra for next day.
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    They made sure to not beat the Costco deal to avoid the flood of price matching requests
    They don’t price match
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    Thanks Op just posted this deal and bought it! Very excited! Had to check and double check that this wasn’t the CS at this price. (edited)
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    Hmmm this or the s95b?
    I went with the C2 as better for gaming it all depends on what you plan to use it for both great TVs however. My old Samsung fell apart on me LED reflectors fell off in screen numerous times which I had to fix myself so lost faith in the quality build although the OLED Samsung would not suffer from this.
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    Is this the best value for money 55" 4k TV going right now? I don't usually go for Black Friday "deals" but this is tempting
    For me it was been waiting for a good month to get under the magic 1k mark at the end of the day there are better TVs out there
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    We have this. It’s a beautiful piece of technology. Ofc the picture is outstanding even at 1080, but what surprised me the most is the sound quality. It’s like we have a soundbar behind the tv.
    It’s made my SX & PS5 look and play beautifully. Paid £100 more, this is a no brain deal
    Thanks for sharing. Are you therefore saying no soundbar needed ? Big plus for me if that's the case 😁
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    Always said I would get one when it dropped below 1k. Ordered from Richer sounds with the VIP discount and the £10 off. Did pay £20 for the quicker delivery worked out at £988.95. Arrives tomorrow
  16. Avatar
  17. Avatar

    thanks for the post as was going to gamble on the 20% cashback coming through for the curry’s offer but noticed your post in time.
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    Great work on your first deal, @thet4nk1983 !
  19. Avatar
    Mine arrived today. Over the moon with it, fantastic picture and the speakers sound amazing
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    I've bitten at this price 😃
    Hopefully the other person you bit isnt too badly hurt
  21. Avatar
    There it is. Sub 1k. Thanks op
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    Do they email you a gift code for the newsletter?
    Yeah, its a unique code that gives you £10 off your first order.
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    Any deals on C2 65 inch? Or is the CS 65 a better value for money
  24. Avatar
    I think they have probably run out of stock now as it's now not showing as an item hope those that purchased got in time. (edited)
    Can appreciate things going out of stock but it's weird to just pull it completely from the website, very confusing.
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    Heat! Tempted by this, but also Lz1000 or Philips 856 (£799 on richer sounds). What's the one to go for?
    I have the c1 and it's absolutely phenomenal, you honestly will love it as this one is better.
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    Do they cover screen burn?
    In their t&C's not from static images but if there is other things then should be covered, However like any warranty it will how hard you fight RS I have had good experience with before so hopefully things will work out.
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    I just wished they kept the same stand from last year! They have the other stand on the 48" and the 65" but this one they gave it a new stand.
    Adds more height but it is as wobbly as heck!
    If you've got it on a table but some straps from Amazon they scree into the vesa holes.
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    This or the Sony BRAVIA XR55A80JU? About the same price…
    I’ve seen so many saying the Sony is much better for movies and tv but the C1 & c2 are better for gaming.
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    Great TV especially for gaming, takes a bit of settings tweaking to get the best out of it. Only downside for me is the stand which I think is pretty ugly.
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    Any deals on the 65 inch?
  31. Avatar
    Anyone getting 504 Gateway Timeout?
    Yes loads of us. Noted previously in the thread. Website is obviously getting hammered.
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    Is the half price sound bar a good deal, or is the price of the sound bar ridiculous for what it is in the first place?
    I was wondering the same thing. Techradar and AVForums have fairly glowing reviews of the more expensive one. I'm away this weekend but planning on doing some research of user videos on Sunday (looks like the deal runs until then). Would love to hear how those soundbars (S95QR in particular) compare to ones at a similar price point with the discount - £850, so in the £800-£1k range.

    The main negative in both reviews was price, so hopefully it's a good deal.
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    Tried price matching this with currys! Useless, wish I had waited for this deal! Never using currys again
    I have a price match on this price from Currys and am just home after collecting it. They refused RS but allowed the Sevenoaks deal with discount code.
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    Even RS below 1k now. Saves them a lot of time trying to price match everyone! Still think this will go 899 soon enough pending on how long the CS model sticks around.
    I'd be surprised if it went that low this side of Christmas though.
  35. Avatar
    Cheers OP !

    Just bought from JL ;-)
  36. Avatar
    Does this have the evo panel?
  37. Avatar
    Looks like this has been excluded from VIP pricing at the moment hopefully it’s back on Monday
  38. Avatar
    Maybe low on stock. Deal still shown online at Seven oaks. Not checked JL.
  39. Avatar
    Looks like the £100 off has stopped?
    John Lewis is same price
  40. Avatar
    Will richer sounds price match jl or sevenoaks
    In theory there is a slight difference in models numbers. Assuming they have stock. Should beat by £20. Sevenoaks have quite a few physical stores. I have both near me so I literally say I will walk down road and buy it. So £959 could be possible?
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